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Insider trading and profit with 9 / 11

Besides the many facts about the 11th September happens and forgotten, like the anthrax attacks which I have reported here, is also the story about the insider trading of before 9 / 11 took place another example. There were obviously people or institutions in advance of the terrorist attack and knew everything that information used to have to share transactions active, in order to make big profits. The burning question is, who knew decision, and has the knowledge of falling prices only certain shares affected by the attack were used to make a large profit?

Here is a list of suspicious transactions in the weeks before 11 September 2001 were made:

There were unusually high amounts of 5-year U.S. Treasury notes traded, a transaction alone was worth five billion dollars. These securities are then especially well if a world crisis occurs and the stock market crash.

In the weeks before 11 September, on all stock markets in the world unusually high amounts of put options traded, mainly for the shares of American Airlines, United Airlines, various insurance companies and banks, all of which will later damage to the attack came. A put option is a bet that the value of a share is falling. A total of 15 billion dollars traded!

There were the shares of insurers Munich Re, Swiss Re and AXA sold in large quantities, so it was covered with prices expected to take all insurers with the World Trade Center have to do and in one case to pay damages. Now it is known that Larry Silverstein, who just six weeks before the attacks, the leaseholder of the World Trade Center complex, and these specially insured against terrorist attacks, a total of 7.5 billion dollars from the insurance was paid. A fabulous profits for him and a big loss for the insurance.

The trading of put options by the company head office in the WTC towers had adopted a week earlier drastically. So from Morgan Stanley, where else, on average, 27 put options were traded per day increased this to 2'157. At Merrill Lynch similarly, from 252 per day to 12'215. It looks like panic selling from the only one makes when one insider information about an imminent negative event.

Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg Business News said: "This would be one of the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind if it was a coincidence-This would be the most unusual Zufalle the history of mankind if it is a coincidence."

This insider trading was settled over many countries, including the Frankfurt stock exchange. Although the securities regulators specialized computer systems, which monitor the market and any deviation Register, was "officially" nothing found. Why? The secret services have sophisticated systems with which they monitor the financial markets. Why was never published whoever behind this is insider trading?

Is it that, according to initial investigations on people jointed, which then any further investigation be nipped in the bud? So was the vice president of the New York Stock Exchange before David Doherty Advocate General of the CIA. And the trading in shares of United Airlines was on the Alex Brown Inc. a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, which until 1998 A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard Board, which has a year as the Executive Director of the CIA number three. Interestingly rose Mayo Shattuck III, chairman of the department in the last year with office in the World Trade Center on 12 In his September 30 million dollars severe three-year contract.

No investigative authority, either in the United States or elsewhere, has the insider trading so far publicly investigated, or even somebody arrested. This, despite the fact that it is possible to such perpetrators back. As happens the biggest terrorist attack of all time, 3,000 people are dying and nobody cares about them and who is accustomed to money earned. Also in the 9 / 11 Commission Report is not a word about the insider trading, but this report is a pure cover anyway, and a farce.

Interestingly, the British Financial Services Authority Bin Laden and his Gefolgsmänner on suspicion of insider trading acquitted. If it is not Bin Laden, who then had advance knowledge? Who else had the certainty that the attacks will be successful, and thus the certainty that the speculative profit brings? Made it obviously those who have benefited, as I have described here. Conversely, this proves that Bin Laden was responsible for 11 September is not responsible.

Until today, this case is completely open and there is no interest of the judiciary in America this very important issue to be resolved. The whole thing was just exactly how the anthrax attacks, covered up and swept under the carpet. This is another proof that the 11th Selbstinszenierter September a terrorist attack was, and the American people and the world were completely lied.

I would like to point out that in the last James Bond movie "Casino Royal" the producers of this issue on the insider trading at 9 / 11 as a guide for the film history have taken. The villain wants 100 million dollars to invest and put options bets on the falling price of a company plane for a gigantic profit to make. Why is the villain of this profit so sure? Because he was the prototype of the maiden flight crash will be and therefore surely knows, the stock will fall. James Bond gets the job of M to prevent this. The wording of the dialogue between MI6 boss M and James is: "When the stock market after 9 / 11 analysis, the CIA discovered large sales of shares airlines. As the shares on 12 September fell to the ground lots, someone has made a fortune so. " James thwarted the crash course, and then the story goes to the next round of poker.

This is to allow producers of the James Bond movie viewers obviously we send a message. Such hidden messages about the many lies what 11 September is often concerns. The knowledge can not only be open on this, because this subject is taboo. Each of the reasonably informed mitdenkt and white but, 11 September have certain criminal elements of the U.S. government and the Militärisch-Industriellen-Komplexes itself, and the Arabs in the shoes well. As I have described here, Bin Laden has nothing to do with 9 / 11 to do so, it is also long dead, and here I proved that "al-Qaeda" does not exist. Those who favor open the antennas, receives these messages. For many others, the complete truth about them over. Yes, as I always remember that most people are totally blind and deaf and run like sheep through life, believing each Scheiss their politicians and the media tell.

Incidentally, this dialogue on the insider trading at 9 / 11 from the airline version of Casino Royal out. Why is censored and why the passengers may not know this truth? Obviously, there is a plot by the public about the true background of 9 / 11 in the dark to keep.

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