четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

The United States again betrayed a partner

The United States, the Kurdish PKK since its invasion of Iraq and as allies. Now that the threat to Turkey, Iraq einzumarschieren to combat the PKK to leave the United States and the Kurds are with the Turks make common cause to eliminate PKK leadership. Again, a "partner" of the United States betrayed, depending on how it politically and strategically opportune.

In recent years, there has been increased evidence that the CIA and the Israelis PKK fighters supported, equipped and trained, to Iran in the terrorist attacks carried out to the government to destabilize it. Now President Bush has completely crazy the approved plan, together with Turkey, a secret war, the leader of the Kurdish rebel group in northern Iraq to murder. A former assistant to Dick Cheney has the Congress in Washington informed.

Within a few days after the visit by Under Secretary of State for Defense Policy Eric Edelman in the Capitol, the journalist Robert Novak wind by the plan, and get this published. It came out that Edelman boasted so, the plan involviere U.S. special forces which the Turks to help the leadership of the Kurdish PKK in the mountains on the border between Iraq and Turkey to "behead".

When the legislature the madness of the U.S. operation questioned, even join a guerrilla war, Edelman assured it would be a success. The role of the United States would run and hidden in a publication categorically denied. Some members of Congress said this strategy would be risky, especially if the United States is already in the mire of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan stuck.

Edelman replied that the plan is a "fool-proof thing" and that there would not be much time for implementation. Some parliamentarians have expressed Bendenken about it when the dirty work of the Turks, there were unforeseen consequences and the United States would be even more isolated in the world.

The Turks have long argued that the PKK which the independence of the Kurds in Turkey will, by the Iraqi Kurds supported, which close allies of the United States. They would certainly not pleased watch if the U.S. campaign against its Kurdish compatriots.

A few months ago, Turkey, the EU and the United States with the threat alert, in which a massive troop deployment on the border completed. Turkish generals spoke of the 200,000 troops in Iraq could einmarschieren.

The reaction of the Iraqi Parliament and the Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq was very fast. They warned that an invasion by Turkey would be a breach of sovereignty and mean resistance. It looks as if the USA as Turkey has convinced by the invasion clear if they become a common US-Türkischen dirty war against the PKK, using the U.S. air power and high-tech reconnaissance, together.

The U.S. involvement in a secret war from the viewpoint of parliamentarians a dangerous game. In addition, Turkey has never been the close relationship between the United States and the Kurds like to have seen what the U.S. troops have helped to overthrow Saddam. They are even more concerned that the Kurds in Kirkuk in a huge Ölreservoir sit. If the civil war in Iraq to fully unfold, it might Kurdistan in northern Iraq, a rich, self-contained unit, just off Turkey.

The problem is even more complicated. Israel supported the Iraqi Kurds and does everything to train militiamen there. Israel sees the Kurds as a bulwark against Iran and against Turkey, which may in the future will be governed by Islamists.

No wonder the parliamentarians in Washington rather uneasy about the tendency of the Cheney-Bush government, the foreign policy happy with Geheimoperationen and bloody military actions.

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