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Will mankind capitalism survive?

What has been condemned communism for decades ... and capitalism in the colorful paints beautifully spoken. And now that capitalism over communism "triumphs", as this is the definitive proof of the accuracy of this system and as the best for the welfare of mankind. But is it really so?

Personally, I feel no party or ideology drawn. For me, political party programs and the teaching tool to manipulate and enslave people to be just as religions. These constructs are for me only been artificially created by the people to divide apart, against each other and in order to stir up hatred. My values consist of honesty, justice, humanity, responsibility, critical thinking, open-mindedness, equality, compassion and many teachings of Jesus Christ.

These two isms are so overloaded with cliches, it makes almost no sense to use it, especially the word communism. From small to us is an automatic reflex against "all socialist and communist" drummed into. Why is the elite so keen on us against this "disease" to vaccinate, where it is they themselves as a counter-model was invented? Because in completely rotten core of capitalism, which is most manifest in the USA, to exploitation, hyper-competitive ability, extreme individuality, the survival of the Fittesten, the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, profit goes beyond everything, Has stands on the people, greed and selfishness.

The worst of this "pyramid scheme", which is morally better than masks that it inevitably leads to wars, because it insatiable new markets, and many more resources, cheap labor. Why else is a country like the United States with "only" 350 million people of the 6.5 billion on Earth, a trillion dollars per year for a military capacity, which destroy thousands of the planet, with more firepower than all other countries and kujoniert 130 countries with its military occupation? The United States maintains a pretty facade designed as a "world champion of democracy", but actually install and support them immediately rücksichtlose tyrants, without moral doubts commit mass murder to them as "Collateral" declare when sovereign states dare resistance to the economic rape and pillage to .

Capitalism is indeed the cancer of the human race on this earth has infected and we just suffer an advanced stage of the ulcer. The money rules the world, the financial system is all giant monopolies expand the assets konzentrier in fewer and fewer hands, more and more imperialist wars are led to the markets and to expand the mineral resources to obtain and insatiable, greed-driven, abstossende perversion raped and destroys the earth.

Our politicians, no matter where in the western world, even go and ask her even more liberalization, so they want all the reins back to capitalism, all the social achievements completely removed and the market economy a totally free rein, with the assertion of the world go there a better because of it. Of course, this Entfesslung massively from the background by the cynical elite, the powerful plutocrats and the profitgierigen Group dictators controlled, encouraged and welcomed. But we want back into a feudal world where there are no unions, no labor laws, no unemployment benefits and pension and other social protections more? Where we are again 12 hours a day six days a week, workers no longer have rights, can be dismissed immediately, dangerous working conditions, by miserable wages from hand to mouth living and the monopolistic business practices, the environment is totally destroyed?

History has shown that a completely free market is a free pass for sociopaths to the world a ball and a large part of humanity to oppress and exploit. There is this sick attitude of capitalists, they would have the right, the whole world in the ass to fuck to their quest for power and profit to be able to follow freely, but only a distraction from their existential agony and empty spirituality. As long as there are two systems, which compete, capitalism has a quasi - "human" side. At that time it was called the "social market economy". This social aspect is completely but then, the mask is stored, and now is the wicked grimace came to light because of capitalism and won the sole winner. Now he can no longer stand. It is globalized, rationalize, restructure, and it will be outsourced forced to accept ... and when it does not suit, you have no choice, then there are millions of Chinese, Indians or Mexicans in the job now for a fraction of the wages are prepared to .

How hypocritical, undemocratic, inhumane and criminal capitalism is seen in the massive support of all the dictators in Europe. The Überkapitalisten in the United States have dealings with the Nazi regime until 1942, until the "Trading with the Enemy Act," the law has prohibited it. Especially the grandfather of George W. Bush, Prescott Bush, Hitler has financed most of its power and take profits. It was his banker. Similarly, Mussolini and Franco helped the democratically elected governments and to overthrow fascist dictatorships to establish. But this policy of supporting dictatorships, since 2 WK until today. In all these years, the CIA over 70 state pranks, removal of democratically elected governments, to the assassination of President organized and executed. Any attempt by the country an "own way" was to go to be nipped in the bud. Cuba, Chile, Iran, Vietnam, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua are just a few of the examples of interventions by the United States.

Naturally, the capitalists always a shortage of consumer goods as evidence of the failure of communism fetched to its license to pillage and conquer the world can be justified. It begs the question whether this hyper-consumption absolutely desirable and healthy. Besides, one must not forget that the alternative systems never get a real chance, because they were the aggressive U.S. capitalism completely surrounded, besieged Regiment, boykotiert and starved. Added to this was the ruinous arms race of the Cold War, the western arms companies obscene profits at the expense of the taxpayer provides, while the Soviet Union into a wrong priority Military and thereby ignoring the wishes of the people aufzwang. Any attempt by the system to break monopoly and alternatives to capitalism was immediately try to be nipped in the bud or severely hampered. But is totally morally bankrupt system, which is only greed, selfishness and self-pacification propagated better? Why get people like Castro and Chavez no real chance? How many of these countries have since attacked and overrun with war?

Anyone who looks reasonably can remember but this aggressive, everything verschlingende, inhuman, avariciously, destructive and artificial life in which we move, only to more and more consumer based, is not to maintain, not sustainable and makes us not happy. We no longer remember how we are reduced to slaves, more than half of the years for the state to work for the taxes, then we work for the financial system for the interest and debt, and the rest of the time we work for the corporations to to buy the things we do not need to stick a life to lead us are not happy and we can not afford to be forced to become even more money so that our ego even more "satisfying", at the expense of everything third World and the entire planet.

Once I get this ugly system from all sides, I find it not to believe that a critical thinking, decent person this predator capitalism further support. But it must be clear to all that this exploitation of the world will soon end and then the system collapses. The cheap oil with which everything works, and on all the so-called progress is based, is finite. Alone only if the price is doubled or quadrupled what is clear, then there are many things which we are not accustomed longer possible. Everything we do and have based on oil, cheap oil, our food, transportation, heating, electricity, chemicals, medicines, everything. Therefore, it is also fought wars and everywhere. The engine of the capitalist system is driven by cheap oil. If it is too expensive and rare, it remains the dolly. The oil was then still exist, only for the military, and perhaps the industry will remain safe no more for private consumption.

Therefore, we must consider whether we have now where it is, one or two passages in his life and stick zurückschaltet this may change. Ensuring idea how dependent we make and how to reduce this dependency. This system compels us other countries and peoples to exploit them and to conquer auszuplündern. We must be in a third world war and kill people so that we are our selfish and perverted form of society in the fat of the land. That can it really is not. Peace will only be a reality if the greed for more and more stops. Will you continue to use slave, and the harsh and artificial support system, or a more humane and natural way of life take? Will you continue from the media, the advertising and propaganda can influence what we think, say, do and buy? The most important would ever be the first step in a change in attitude and a new-knowledge.

We should recognize that consumption is not a substitute for affection, friendship and love. You can not buy. The cohesion of the family who care about the generations, the friendship with neighbors and acquaintances, solidarity and assistance among themselves is much more important than anything else. What in the narrow circle is correct, also between countries, peoples and races. No one is better than the other, we all have the same right to happiness. Capitalism will split us, but to individuals and egoists make us off against each other. He has his tempting sides, he lures us with sophisticated advertising for consumer products, to buy ... buy this one ... otherwise you are not happy. It makes us dependent and addicted to satisfy our egos. It is hard to resist him. Only he demanded its price, is a monster unersättliches the growing and increasingly eating wants everything devours what it is ... the whole world, and even ourselves at the end.

Therefore asks you, I will survive capitalism, in the intellectual, moral and physical sense?

"It's not important to the people of the third world to give more, but they have less to steal." Jean Ziegler

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