четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

U.S. missile defense is a provocation

The Austrian Defense Minister Norbert Darabos, the US-Pläne to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe as a "provocation." In an interview with the Austrian newspaper "Die Presse" (Thursdays) of SPÖ-Politiker appealed to the government to abandon the project. The United States should work with those who rejected the project, a compromise.

"It has no sense, a missile defense system in Europe," said Darabos. This would only unnecessarily old debates of the Cold War fueled. "There are old ghosts to manage change adequately, we had actually already distributed."

The USA wants as part of its defense system in Poland Abfangraketen station and a radar station built in the Czech Republic. Russia has strongly protested against the plans and threatened with counter-measures. U.S. figures serves the planned defense system of possible missile attacks from so-called rogue states like Iran or North Korea. It is not directed against Russia. (Yahoo)

Comment: Finally logs from a Western politicians and the opinion says Bush and truth on this subject. Where to stay because the Germans and the other politicians of the "big" countries that represent the security interests of Europe and also say something? But they kuschen yes, as always, was when Washington wants.

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