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Repeats America Rome destruction?

Around Washington, there is a broad ring road called the Beltway. There are two United States, one inside the Beltway, where the people live who govern the country, and the other on the outside, the whole rest of the United States. In ancient Rome, it was just so, it was also surrounded a sacred boundary, known as the pomerium.

If you look at the rise and fall of Rome at it, one must ask, is America experiencing the same fate? Rome is not set as most people think, a sudden collapse, but it was more of a reconstitution in the history of about 200 years was continuing.

Today, as then, there is an assumption because the empire is impressive and omnipotent, it will be so forever weiterexistieren. Even the Americans believe governments in the day of the triumph over all enemies will be coming soon. The Romans have the same thought, because the last marked coins had been saying that the "Roma Invicta" Rome is invincible.

There is the same dependence of the empires of military strength and the same ever increasing difficulty enough soldiers hirable. Rome needed more and more "barbarians" and the United States more and more foreigners and mercenaries. Exactly like Rome, America lives in the fat of the totally beyond his means, work to make the others, the provinces must always deliver more goods, the vassal protect the borders of the empire and it will be permanently wars for resources and the suppression of the insurgents led .

Another alarming parallel is the self-inflicted wound, the fire of Rome by Emperor Nero to blame the Christians in the shoes to push them to be monitored and people are afraid of this "enemy" to stir, with the aim to the dictator, and to the absolute power. Just as it is with the 11th September, a selbstinszinierter attack on himself, with the Arabs and Muslims as guilty of the enemy and we must be afraid, for the "war on terror" to be able to lead, as the president absolute power and to the security of State to establish.

There is the same gap between rich and poor. In Rome more, because it no middle class there. Only in the USA is the elite much more destructive at work because they themselves are incredibly rich and everyone else is still poorer. The rich live in their fully shielded, secure, perfect ghettos, with private golf courses in a kind of Disneyland, while the majority of the people two to three jobs just needs to eat on the table, no health insurance, and from hand to mouth alive. Therefore, one can still believe in democracy when the opposition and the inequality in the society so big?

To the people happy and keep away from the problems, the Roman emperors in the vast masses "Circus Maximus" with games, especially racing cars, maintained while they are in the Amphitheatern like the Colosseum in Gladiator fights and Tierhetzen ergötzten. Besides, the quantity of the organizers of the games also free food. Just as it is today, the giant leisure industry consisting of film, television, shows, sports are all geared to entertain the people, to divert, in an illusion to seduce ... Bread and games since then.

There is another parallel what the private sector, in which that in the United States more and more the role of the state over, including what the universities, hospitals and the whole culture. How then, are the noble donors, the billionaires and millionaires quite hot on their name in stone gemeisselt war. In Rome, it was also where the rich for the temples, baths, the stadiums and for the excessive celebrations have paid.

As a consequence, the resulting sense of community eroded. In the United States, as in Rome, public projects as gifts for the rich received, it is the public should not be excluded or to shape responsible.

Just like in Rome, this inequality and divide the nation aussereinander reissen. There are therefore three horror scenarios with America as it continues. There is the fortress America, in which the world is kept at a distance. There is the city-state in the nation in cities to split the then autonomously and manage themselves, like the ancient Italian city-states. And there is still the possibility of fascist dictatorship Group, where more tasks to the state corporations will be transferred, and then the country permanently.

The fourth option would, of course, still, we fused the original American virtues, which the Constitution and founding fathers of the nation meant.

The Americans are not very happy as the condition of the country. You see the injustice, the total Abgehobenheit the elite, politicians, the Group handlebars, with the common people have nothing to do. You see the decay of the state, the continuous lies, corruption and greed, the loss of any morality.

There is a growing anger in the society, because they see, no matter who is elected, there will always implemented the same policy, which is only good for the corporations. The anger expressed by the fact that more and more people to self-help one attack, but even after adjustments and reforms call. There must be something huge change, because there seething in the American society.

The elite has recognized this. Either give them the pressures and the country is once again a democracy, or they will have to suppress the people. I personally do not believe that the elite reforms. The tendency to introduce the police state is already in full swing. That the United States is transforming into a dictatorship is almost close enough to touch, and unfortunately very likely. Only then will the masses under control.

Let us hope that there will not be an America, and we see it as we always have, peaceful, free, democratic and an example for the world. Unfortunately, it is now exactly the opposite. It is warlike, aggressive, arrogant, arrogant, dictatorial, and destructive think the whole world and have to dominate. If the United States is down, then it was like Rome, with all pay, not just the Romans themselves.

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