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Gross 7,000 people leave Britain a week

Not only Beckham's England have turned their backs and in Hollywood found a new home. Gross Britain is a mass exodus of people because of the crime and desolation faced. The largest Visa counseling agency in the country has announced that applications for exit in the last 7 months rose sharply, by 80% to 4,000 per week. 10 years ago, there were only 300 per week.

Most people wander into one of the Commonwealth countries, such as Australia, Canada and South Africa. They are mostly young, well-trained employees and artisans in age between 20 and 40 Many give as a reason for emigration, the bad public schools, rising real estate prices and housing costs, the name of the crime and the tax increases. This exodus has a negative impact on communities. A visa for abroad to obtain costs about Ł 1,500 for the right candidate. There are plumbers, electricians, construction workers and doctors, the most sought. The only obstacle for emigrants from UK is a Strafeintrag, sickness, old age or if one had immigrated from a Third World country.

Liam Clifford, a former immigration officer has globalvisas.com Einmannshow than 12 years ago. Now he employs 60 people and will soon offices in South Africa and Australia to open. Mr. Clifford says: "It is absolutely phenomenal. People want easy away where they can create and most of it. Ironically, the main reason for the departure overwhelmed social services here because of the high number of immigrants after Gross Britain. The people seek a higher standard of living in other countries, because even the idyllic villages in Britain suffer from the large immigration.

A good education is a big advantage, but also the English language. The entry into most countries is difficult without knowledge of English. The British government is taking nothing for the people to do good. Some tell us that they are fed up in this country to live. Even businessmen say they have enough. You say: "I can not my children in the right schools send, but already abroad. 'Most people are patriotic and want not gone. They have even big afraid. But they say they have to do.

It is a disgrace that the leadership of the country does not recognize that it is not enough to make the good people in the country. Many are very young and they are not lazy. Only they see no future for themselves here. They want to get married, buy a house, but they may not realize it. Again and again people say they do not want to be seen as racists, but the unbridled immigration is driving them out. "

According to a study by the Statistics Office, in 2005 about 352'000 people Gross leave Britain, which is a strong increase means, because in 1995 it 245'000 per year. Most of which approximately 150,000 are from the areas of London and the south-east of England.

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