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The motives of the Kennedy assassination

As I mentioned in this article have been reported, the CIA agent E. Howard Hunt shortly before his death, the details behind the Kennedy assassination gebeichtet. He said that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, in a sprawling, complex and brilliant lunatic planned conspiracy, in which the Federal Bureau of Investigations led by J. Edgar Hoover, the Central Intelligence Agency led by David Atlee Phillips, the Secret Service, the United States Navy, General Curtis LeMay of the General Staff, the police of Dallas, the Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, the oil companies from Texas, the caste politician from Texas, the Mafia and the anti-Castro Cubans ... all as Mitbeteiligte included ERMORDET.

This incredible crimes have the course of history changed completely. The last 43 years would be very different otherwise expired. It would have been no Vietnam War, in which 57,000 Americans killed, 300,000 wounded and 2 million Vietnamese died. There would be no President Nixon, and given no Watergate scandal. And it would also have no two of Bush's, and thus no two wars in Iraq, with nearly 1 million dead.

Why did the New York Times in its issue dated 25 November 1963, the day Jack Ruby as a .38 caliber bullet in the abdomen by Lee Harvey Oswald fired, the following headline printed? "The murderer of the President was in the corridor of the prison by a citizen of Dallas shot." They wrote "The murderer of the president ..." and not the presumed murderer or accused murderers. Finally, only the courts condemn him as a murderer and until then would be the presumption of innocence is valid. But only 72 hours after Kennedy was killed, was at the New York Times have sure who the murderer was. This is evidence of complicity of this newspaper or involvement in the formation of the lonely legend offender Oswald, because there was nothing at that time. Oswald had until his assassination by its perpetrator Ruby knits and denied repeatedly said that he would only be a scapegoat at the crime scene and placed browned.

Who are the people behind the assassination and what are their motives?

LBJ has initiated the plan, oversaw the process and has most benefited. It ran counter to that time numerous corruption investigations because he was so incredibly corrupt and has delayed the hand over. He knew when the next elections would not Kennedy him more than vice-up. His political career and power would be at the end. He saw only one way out of the whole mess to come out, he had by the assassination of President Kennedy as a successor, and so would solve all problems. His totally sick Ergeiz was the main engine for the deed.

J. Edgar Hoover has joined Kennedy because he no longer wanted as FBI chief. As "Mister FBI and police America's mightiest of all escapades and women's stories of the Kennedys gave detailed dossiers, he wanted his post by such a" young Schnösel "not lose, and he has therefore supported the action.

The CIA leadership was out of the house on Kennedy's secret plans to disband, as proposed by Harry Truman. They had to protect their own existence, because no one can dare to destroy the CIA. This state is unassailable in the state and has developed resistance. They have, therefore, the whole action with the help of foreign contract killers.

The oil companies from Texas were angry over Kennedy's request to reduce Öl-Erschöpfungs-Subventionen lucrative. With their Ölmann LBJ would be at the helm again.

The mafia which helped JFK, the elections of 1960 to win, was beside himself because his brother Robert as justice minister did everything to destroy organized crime. The existence of a threat had ended.

The exiled Cubans were mad at JFK because of the "Bay of Pigs" fiasco, in which it accused them in the invasion of abandoned, and because they thought he had it to the Soviets sold to the Cuban missile crisis to defuse.

The mayor of Dallas Earle Cabell was also angry because his brother, Charles Kennedy, was forced by a CIA Deputy Director for the "Bay of Pigs" fiasco resign. He ordered a change in the route for the President's column in the last minute to JFK in the direct line of them.

The leadership of the Secret Service were also involved. They ordered the accompanying and for the protection parked agent shortly before the Daily Plaza where the shots came from the president limousine Refuge and the car to go alone. It was Kennedy above the many powerful enemies and their paid killers defenseless.

Thereafter, the Ford Motor Company commissioned the secretly shot holes in the limousine to mend and cover, which had proved it was the shots were fired from the front.

The chief of the Air Force Curtis LeMay, who with Kennedy because of the Cuban missile crisis had created, was there, laughed and smoked a cigar as at the autopsy carried out quickly in Maryland Bethesda Naval Hospital of the brain by another Kennedy was exchanged . This has destroyed the evidence that his brain by shots from the front has been destroyed and the Autopsiefotos according fake.

The whole Militärisch-Industrielle-Komplex was also involved, because war always means a lot of money. They wanted to be the war in Vietnam, but Kennedy would not, and this had in October 1963 signed a directive that the withdrawal of the 14,000 U.S. advisers from Vietnam said. Only Johnson could guarantee a war, so they did.

Lee Harvey Oswald was clearly the designated scapegoat for this murder. He worked for the FBI and the CIA for $ 200 a month. Only 10 days before the murder, he has his FBI Leitoffizier James Hosty before the forthcoming conspiracy warned, but the authorities did nothing. Oswald knew well that he is somehow conspiracy in a subordinate role involved, but he did not believe in a dream that his task is that of the "offender".

Oswald got the job in the book bearing (Texas School Book Depository) zugeschanzt and was in the right place at the right time, the victim lamb. His innocence alone is already proved by the fact that immediately after the first shots are alarmed by assault police to the house from which they had heard the bang and after only 90 seconds when Oswald calmly drinking a Coke detected in the cafeteria. In that short time it was impossible for Oswald alone fired the shots, the gun wegzulegen through the entire warehouse to run four floors in the stairwell down to run where other employees had seen him, coins out to look for them in the machines to plug, pick out a cola, they open to drink and then when the policemen were in completely calm and not to be out of breath before them with a questioning glance. The police have also why it is not for a perpetrator and kept it running.

As you can see in this photo, Oswald stood at the entrance of the building at Dealey Plaza as a spectator, at the moment where the Autokollone vorbeifuhr of President Kennedy. He is therefore the best alibi and the offender is impossible.

This perpetrators of these fake works were placed evidence and anonymous comments to the police on Oswald noted. The organizers of the assassination were so keen nor a "confession" by Oswald to get in, according to the testimony of Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Lyndon B. Johnson personally to the operating room in Parkland Hospital rang, where Oswald was fatally hit by the employees demanded they should have a deathbed confession from him to get out, but not succeeded.

The most important point to a covert operation is the right zuzuspielen history of the media so that the "real end" in the minds of the public as the first impressed. This is a fairy tale, as the conspirators want us to believe, in the world. The media are prepared text and photos fed and publish them one on one, without review. It runs from a prepared script, in order to deceive the public. This expiration of a media controller sees most clearly when you look at the front page of the Christchurch Star, 23 November 1963 allegations. The assassination of President Kennedy happened at 7:30 pm New Zealand time. To 8:50 pm Oswald was arrested, but only because of the murder of a policeman J D Tippit, and at 10:00 pm, the media informed. There were at that time no link between the Kennedy assassination and Oswald. That was until many hours later in the afternoon as the accused perpetrator.

How was it possible that the newspaper in far-off New Zealand at 12:00 noon in a detailed extra sheet issued, so only 120 minutes after the announcement of the arrest of Oswald because Tippit, where no one had accused him to have Kennedy killed? How could man in this short time it create a complete front page, including biography and photos of Oswald, with all the information about this unknown person, they first find out and put together, to write, in the lead sentence of machines to tap into the print shop to give the Newspapers print, shipped ready to make, and then extradite the readers of selling everything in such a short time? How could a newspaper in New Zealand already know everything about Oswald and that he was the murderer, if it's not even the police and the local media in Dallas knew? And how could it without a computer, without the Internet and without modern communication technology in the year 1963, this huge distance halfway around the world in such a short time bridged?

So something was possible only because the men behind the assassination of the media from around the world about the news agencies are already prepared with all the information supplied, with the exact details, photos, background information, and of course with the assertion that the lone assassin Oswald was it, and that even too fast and too soon! See more here.

The media are either without their knowledge or abused as the Times and the Post are also involved, through its silence, because they know the whole truth. But they still have after more than 43 years of terrible fear apparently, the American people the facts about the murder to present. To do this they conceal guilt.

When President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, sat his younger brother, Robert, the Minister of Justice of the United States, even at home in Maryland at lunch. J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI chief called him and said in a monotone voice: "I have a message for them. The President has been shot. "Hoover had been a long time since the invasion of the 37-year-old justice minister in his spot him evil. Although both of his superiors, he has the Kennedy brothers as a pair again as smugglers, which he is a dossier create a permanent monitoring and order should be considered. Twenty minutes later, Hoover called again and sent the crushing message: "The President is dead." And put simply. The tone of this message showed Robert, his political power was also dahingeschieden in one of the operating rooms of the Parkland hospital.

On this November afternoon, between shock, grief and anger, has constantly phoned Bobby Kennedy. He spoke with Roy Kellerman, the Secret Service Agent who in the limousine with the president sat. He spoke with Dave Powers and Kenneth O'Donnell, the political assistant of the President in the next car behind it sat, as the column in the Dealey Plaza einbog. All use the words "ambush" or "a number of shots" to describe what had happened. O'Donnell and several Secret Service agents told Bobby on that same day. "We were in a crossfire caught. It was a conspiracy. "

On this evening met Bobby Air Force One on the flight back from Dallas. He accompanied the corpse of his brother and his widow to the Bethesda Naval Hospital, where the controversial autopsy of American history took place. Even before the doctors had found out whether the President from the front or from behind was shot, said Bobby is not a "he" of his brother murdered, but there they were! " Thus, the U.S. Justice ministers from the first of the notes to a conspiracy believed.

To be clear, Robert Kennedy has never made any of the events Verschwörungstheorethiker visited. He sent his own investigators to go, including the capable Walter Sheridan, within 48 hours reported that Jack Ruby a "bunch of money" by the gangsters from Chicago had received, the connections to Jimmy Hoffa had the Mafia boss Bobby who have for years tried to bring into the prison. The widow Jacqueline and brother Bobby both believed that JFK with a "big political conspiracy" was assassinated. They have never as perpetrators Castro or the Russians suspected.

Bobby knew that more than three shots in Dallas on the president were fired and that he was the victim of a conspiracy, and public services such as the CIA and FBI is involved, but self-protection from the history of the individual offender Lee Oswald widespread. According to the observations of the two assistants to the President, both World War II veterans, they have certainly two shots from the Grassy Knoll from the motorcade. Although the FBI asked her narration in the name of national interest to change to the country not to be hurt, they have passed on their statement. Powers told the Warren Commission: "My first impression was that the shots came from the front and Köpfhöhe about, but I also had the feeling the noises came from the front of the bridge. I knew we are in an ambushed. "It is even the case that few, if any witness, the conclusions of the Warren Commission have confirmed.

Bobby knew that he and the other government members Robert McNamara, Ted Sorensen, Richard Goodwin, Dave Powers, Ken O'Donnell, Walt Sheridan of a "dark force" and surrounding it were "enemies within the system" were a coup d'did at Dallas. He could also not against the Vertuschungs- Weisswaschaktion and the Warren Commission. His aim was to wait and himself as a candidate for president, then by all means, the power and uncover the conspiracy behind to account. Unfortunately, he had no opportunity to do so because he was himself in promising position for the presidency on 6 In June 1968, in Los Angeles murdered.

At least by this coup, America has lost its innocence. Since governed höchstkriminelle a shadow government of this country. They have not only the power but they all know it will be a signal sent her looks, we can even the President of the United States kill us ... and nothing happens, we are so powerful!

The world has been through this horrendous crime. The good thing was destroyed and evil won.

Here are some of the film explains, and two super lectures by Dr. Michael Parenti (1) + (2)

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