четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Iran Demands yen instead of dollars for oil

The U.S. Dollar drops and drops in value against other currencies, especially against the euro, and now even more, since Iran is paying for its oil from Japan in yen.

Iran has sent a letter to Japanese refineries cleverly, signed by Ali A Arshi, the head of crude marketing and export of the Iranian Oil Company, according to a breakout by Bloomberg. The letter demanded the payment in yen "for all future Iranian oil supplies", valid with immediate effect.

The Japanese Ölzahlungen to Iran were up 12% to about 10 billion euros last year.

Iran has its dollars gradually redeployed into other currencies, mainly because the United States to Iran with the freezing of all accounts threatened US dollars, as a response to Iran's nuclear plans. The three major oil Iran, Venezuela and Russia are all in their currency reserves from dollars into euros to convert.

This latest decision of Iran brings even more pressure on the dollar, where it is sufficiently concerned about the decline of the U.S. economy, because of mortgages and real estate crisis and the bankruptcy increasingly hedge funds.

I would like to remind you that the main reason why Iraq was attacked was that Saddam Hussein had decided from the year 2000 only the Iraqi oil for Euros for sale and no longer accept dollars. That was actually his death sentence from the perspective of the Americans, because no one is allowed with impunity to doubt the dollar hegemony or upset. Only now is the dam no longer hold and many Ölländer move away from the dollar.

Thus, the crash of U.S. currency inevitable, because the value of the dollar has been in the last 35 years, only artificially by the compulsion of loyalty to the high oil. The free ride for the Americans, the only on the world oil have got nothing, since the introduction of the euro to an end. See more here. The United States can only exacerbated by wars and occupation uphold this monopoly, so the US troops are everywhere in use.

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