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Rumors of war between Syria and Israel

Well-informed circles in Washington fear a war between Syria and Israel this summer. The sources say that the Syrian intelligence reports which receives a direct attack Israel in the Golan Heights and is expected to prepare them for a war.
Dennis Ross, a former U.S. Middle East mediator, was in an Israeli newspaper quoted as saying "there is a risk of war between Syria and Israel this summer." Ross told YnetNews "no one has made a decision, but the Syrians are preparing for a war before . "

According to the former employees of the U.S. Foreign Ministry "Syria has Hezbollah to less teeth rearmed ... why they have to pay a price." This, he said, the Bush government should "weaken the Syrian economy" using "carrot and stick" with Damascus clearly.

The New York Sun quoted an unnamed Baath official with the words "If Israel is not the strategic Golan Heights to September admits, Syrian guerrillas immediately afterwards, resistance operations" against settlements on the Golan. " He said "Damascus is preparing for retaliation before and to a larger war with Israel in August and September. . "

The official warning to "Syria has the capacity hundreds of bullets fired at Tel Aviv as a first salvo in a conflict." He said that Damascus very many questions to Washington has sent because of the return of the occupied Golan heights, either through negotiation or through war. The Syrian territory by Israel in the Six Day War in 1967 conquered. Since 1974, the limit under UN supervision.

The position of Syria's statements by the Chinese Minister premium has been reinforced. Wen Jiabao said on Tuesday that his country is entitled to Syria on the Golan Heights. (JP)

The Syrian Vice premium for economic Abdullah Dardari said Jaiabo confirm China's commitment at all levels of relations with Syria.

In the meantime, Dardari Jiabao, and a contract for the construction of a major oil refinery with capacity of 70,000 barrels of oil per day to process, with a value of $ 1 billion.

The Austrian Major General Wolfgang Jilke, commander of the UN forces that the ceasefire in the Golan Heights between Israel and Syria, monitor, expressed his concern about the increased tensions. He showed the finger mainly on Israel, because it is the routine in this area has broken and intense acts there. (Yn)

Some analysts believe that Syria, the outcome of the war between Hezbollah and Israel last summer closely followed and that a new strategy has emerged.

In the meantime, the Syrian authorities and their workers, the citizens are in Lebanon until July 15 recommended return, leading to further speculation about an imminent conflict has resulted.

Then there is the imminent war against Iran. According to recent reports, Israel's Minister of Strategic Affairs said that he would have the green light from the United States and the EU, the attack Iranian nuclear facilities. "When we deal with military operations against Iran start, then us Europe and the United States support," said Avigdor Lieberman after a meeting with NATO and EU officials. Lieberman said that the Western powers recognize the danger of the Iranian nuclear threat against Israel, wrote the Israel Today magazine. But the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan "to prevent the leaders of the countries in Europe and America itself may decide to use violence to the nuclear installations in Iran to destroy," and therefore they send the message that Israel "stop the threat itself. "

And presidential candidate Ron Paul, in an interview in the Alex Jones Show say there is a "real danger" of a terrorist attack or inszinierten a provocation stalks in the Gulf of Tonkin. At the same time, he warned against a major collapse of the U.S. economy, triggered by the bombing of Iran and the closure of the Persian Gulf.

It seems, as to what really necessarily war. I want the reader to my article indicates, the calm before the storm, and the USA and Israel attack Iran complete plan where I describe as what Big brews together, and a new war in the Middle East will be prepared.

The Neocons and Republican politicians "pray" for a new attack to the people again pro "war on terror" to mobilize. How perverted have to be something to be desired. And Yesterday Upper group leader Chertoff (head of the American SS and Gestapo, I mean Department of Homeland Security, but black uniforms, they have both) in an interview said that he would have such a gut feeling, a new terrorist attack would happen soon. (CT)

Such foreboding we already know, such as the anthrax attack after 11 September, where the White House in the run-up already with the antidote deal. But how could they know "terrorists" will strike unless it were their own. That means that this notice by Chertoff to us to a stop next selbstinszinierten prepare. This is then used to the impending war justified.

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