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U.S. market share of the domestic car manufacturers in the previous 50%

The market share of the American auto manufacturers from Detroit is in their own country for the first time in the history below 50% in July decreased. Auto Data Corp., a company which car sales down statistically, the market share of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors in the United States at 49.5%, including the foreign brands which are in their possession, such as Saab, Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar . Without this, the market share of the auto manufacturers from Detroit even only 48.1%

This loss of market share comes in a month in which the sales figures for all car manufacturers declined, except for Nissan. When GM is the decline -22.3% compared to July 2006, at Ford, he -19.1% and -8.4% for Chrysler. Even Toyota Motor Corp.. What a strong increase in this year, has reported a decline of -7.4% compared to the record month of July 2006.

The fact that foreign car manufacturers more than half the U.S. market control means little to consumers, but can the psyche of the Detroit manufacturer with a Knacks, says Mr. Toprak of Autodesk Data Corp..

Analysts explain this drop in car sales to the high gasoline prices, the value of real estate like Everlast, higher mortgage payments on variable interest rates and cautious customers.

Toyota has more vehicles sold in July as Ford, whose truck sales were flat due to high discounts granted, but the car sales fell by -11.8%. Throughout the year, Ford still leads with 11'561 vehicles to Toyota, and thus continue to No.2 in the USA. GM is still the largest car manufacturers, although sales to -9.4% for the year decreased.

Nissan has the negative trend for July resisted, and its sales increased by 1.7%, thanks to the Versa and Altima models Coupe. The sales of Nissan, in the year by 4.2%.

But for most companies, the bad news. Sales of Ford were up -12.2%. Honda reported its sales fell by 7% in the last month, but at 1.7% for the year. DaimlerChrysler reports its figures in July -9.1% and -2.3% for the year.

Due to the high fuel prices and the rise in interest burden by mortgages on real estate consumers have less money to buy cars. The high number of forced auctions houses on the market is a sign that consumers in the United States is bad and difficult times ahead.

It still fits this message ...

Ford is calling back 3.6 million cars

Because of a defect in the cruise control which may trigger a fire, calls the car manufacturer Ford back all vehicles between 1992 and 2004 were built. In 2005, Ford has already conducted a recall, in which six million cars were affected.

Dan Jarvis spokesman for Ford says, "Customers were still concerned about the long-term operation of the cruise control system, and about the safety of their vehicles. We have some reports of fire. "

Besides America are 177'000 vehicles in Canada, Mexico and Europe also affected.

Jarvis says there were no fatalities, injuries or accidents because of the defect. This is the sixth Recall which affects 10.4 million cars since 1999 due to problems with the automatic speed regulation, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Owners of the vehicles are from the 13th August recall calls they receive and can be the vehicles to the dealers bring to the cruise control off, in October to spare parts arrive and can be fitted.

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