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What we do not know about Hiroshima were

General Douglas MacArthur, after the dropping of two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki entering from the south western Japan for all journalists banned, so that no one on the incredible destruction and the suffering report. The whole media were so obedient to the battleship USS Missouri from the coast to discuss the surrender of Japan to report.

One month after the bombing, but two reporters the command of MacArthur boldly disregarded and on the road to the two cities destroyed. Mr. Weller, the Chicago Daily News, took a rowing boat and the train to reach devastated Nagasaki. The independent journalist Wilfred Burchett also took the step after a 30-hour odyssey in the chared Hiroshima to come.

Both men experienced a nightmare locally. Mr. Burchett sat on a ruin with his Baby Hermes typewriter, and his report began with the following words: "In Hiroshima, 30 days after the first atomic bomb destroyed the city and shocked the world, people are still dying mysterious and terrible. People by the gigantic explosion were not injured, now dying for unknown reasons of something what you just mentioned as atomic plague. "He typed his words more, which helped us to follow today:" Hiroshima does not look like a bombed city. It looks as if a monster they rolled flat and would have completely swept away. I write these facts as unemotional as possible in the hope that this is a warning to humanity. "

The article by Mr. Burchett with the headline "The Atomic Plague - The Atomic Plague" was on 5 September 1945 in the London Daily Express. The story caused a worldwide sensation and a PR disaster for the U.S. military. The official history of the US the bombing of nuclear weapons, the civilian victims of the lethal effect of the continuing radioactive contamination completely and belittles them as "Japanese propaganda" dismissed.

When the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter George Weller and the 25.000 words long horror story about his experiences in the Nagasaki Militärzensoren submitted, General MacArthur ordered immediately to kill this story, and the manuscript was never returned.

Recently, Mr. Anthony Wellers son a copy of this report, suppressed by the documents found his father. He died in 2002. Since he no American publisher for the report was his father, Anthony Weller this to the Mainichi Shimbun, a Japanese daily newspaper. In 2006 he published a book, "First into Nagasaki." Now we can see the eyewitness report was nachlesen.

"That totally flat and depressed zerschmolzene skeleton of the Mitsubishi arms factory shows what an atomic bomb to steel and concrete can cause, but what the atomic force on human flesh and bones causes, lies hidden in two hospitals in Nagasaki." Mr. Weller wrote. "A month after the bombs exploded, we see the atomic bomb as a mysterious disease, which can not be treated as completely unknown and there is no diagnosis for it. It kills people have migrated here. Men, women and children with no outward signs of injury are dying daily in hospitals, some after having three or four weeks in herumgelaufen faith, they were away. "He described the symptoms of the disease with hair loss, bleeding under the skin, which looked like measles, open lips, diarrhea with blood, swelling of the throat, a reduction in white and red blood cells. And then suddenly high fever. Shortly before the death of severe bleeding in the stomach and intestines.

After the report of Mr. Weller by the US authorities was suppressed, they have tried to counter the report, in which the "messengers" have attacked. General MacArthur ordered that Mr. Burchett expelled from Japan, and his camera disappeared during a hospital stay in Tokyo. Furthermore, the US military accused him under the influence of Japanese propaganda. For years, the U.S. media as the Japanese "yellow monkeys half", "baboons", "dog", "rats", "vipers", "cockroaches" and, above all, as "sadists" insulted. Since the war could not suddenly opponents casualties.

The U.S. military will have their own secret propaganda weapon. They have their man in the Times used to counter reports to write. The science journalist William L. Laurence of The New York Times was on the payroll of the Pentagon.

Four months, Mr. Laurence press reports for the military on the nuclear program in verharmlosender way. He was also communications for President Harry Truman and Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson laws. He was even so rewarded, in which he featured on the plane was that the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. This experience he later described as "religious reverence."

Three days after publication of Mr. Burchett shocking report, Mr. Laurence has a cover story published in the Times where he denied that the radiation sickness would kill the people. His story included this startling comment: "The Japanese continue to disseminate propaganda in order to bring about the impression that we had the war not won in a fair manner, in order to surrender sympathy and milder conditions for themselves to reach. Therefore, the Japanese described the symptoms are not true. "

Mr. Laurence has the Pulitzer Prize for his report on the atomic bomb and will be brave papageienhaftes spreading lies of the state was the main reason why half a century, did not have the deadly effect of the atomic bomb was reported. It is really high time that the Pulitzer-Commission this Verharmloser the Hiroshima disaster and the newspaper The New York Times, the undeserved price declines again.

After more than 60 years, the censored report by Mr. Weller a burning indictment, not only for the inhumanity of the atomic bomb, but it also shows how dangerous it is when journalists are embedded in the military and close to the government, in order to the world to lie and deceive.

On 9 August 1945 at 11:02 pm threw an American B-29 bomber, Bockscar, an atomic bomb called Fat Man on Nagasaki. They died of 27'000 approximately 200,000 inhabitants immediately. By the end of 1945 another 70,000 to radiation sickness. Every year more people died and until today, the number of casualties at about 150,000 dead.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the Japanese surrender as quickly as possible to force before the Soviet Union during the war with Japan, thus occurred in the Manchurai, North China and Japan einmarschieren itself. This tactic worked well. The Allies had at the Yalta Conference in April 1945 agreed that Russia until 8 August Japan should declare war. After the first nuclear explosion in July successful in the desert of Nevada expired, Truman, Stalin convinced that the date for its war on ticket 15 August. That allowed the Manhattan Project or the first two atomic bombs ready to put what then on 6 And 9 August on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped. Japan will then formally on 14 August 1945 capitulation.

The atomic bombs had therefore only one purpose, the Soviet Union, China, Japan and Asia to hold out for the United States as the sole winner in the power. Militarily, it was not necessary, the two cities with atomic bombs to destroy. Truman has even rejected the possibility that Japanese observers at the tests in Nevada allowing, or the bomb on an uninhabited Japanese island to demonstrate, and he rejected it from the residents of the two cities to warn in advance for a possible evacuation.

Truman's intention was to the maximum destruction and terror to create, to the power of the United States to demonstrate to the Soviets from the Pacific to hold and not about the lives of U.S. soldiers to rescue. The myth of the atomic bombs were a necessary evil is a lie. The U.S. General Staff was agreed that Japan would within the next few weeks anyway capitulate. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a criminal act of the U.S. government and we should never forget that.

There were many ungeheurliche war crimes in 2nd WK, but the mass killing of hundreds of thousands of people in a flash, and the slow death by the hundreds of thousands of other radioactive contamination, and the years of damages with miscarriages, deformities in subsequent generations, all effective as a single weapon and everything just for a demonstration the military strength of the United States, is a unique crime that alone for now.

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