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"Bin Laden" at APEC summit

Sydney is a bürgerrechtsfreie zone and the whole downtown is transformed into a cage, with Drahtzäunen tanks and roadblocks. Residents can no longer work, to go shopping or her favorite restaurant and pub visitors, including tourists, it is not allowed to snap photos. The extreme security measures in a police state recall are in force, just because George W. Bush for the APEC summit, the Asian-Pacific Economic Forum has come.

Nevertheless, it "Bin Laden" managed through all security barriers and get through to the hotel where Bush lives advance.

Since looked Security checks of Politgipfels old, as members of an Australian comedy troupe is a daring string permitted. They had that in a motorcade with three big cars and two motorcycles and a Canadian flag through the security checks of the summit can go without to be stopped. Listen to the hotel where U.S. President George W. Bush is accommodated, the column stopped by the police. And since then climbed into a white Gewant and a long beard "Osama Bin Laden."

The gag the Australian authorities should be embarrassing, because for the summit so far sharpest security measures have been implemented. The police then took the Force. "There is no particular reason why we have chosen Canadian flag. We have simply chosen a country, the police probably not too much under the microscope would take, "said Comedy Actor Chris Taylor. "Furthermore, it should be a country that is not more than three vehicles in his escort had, in contrast to the 20 catapults dirt, Bush brought along."

Bush and many Australian politicians were in the Komedy-Sendung "The Chaser's War on Everything" has often verarscht. Here the video on the fun:

Are the nuclear bombs for Iran?

Why such a stir because of the B-52 from the B-52 Air Force base in Minot North Dakota and then take off on the B-52 Air Force Base in Barksdale Louisiana lands? This is so exciting, as when a postman in uniform from a post office runs. And how can anyone of a B-52 observed as they take off note this has nuclear missiles on board? It makes no sense.

Therefore, I have an old friend, a retired B-52 pilot, and asked him. What he told me is a compelling case for a circumstantial evidence. My buddy, let him Jack D. Ripper hot, it reminded me that the only reason why weapons affixed to a plane, when one goes on alert, or if the weapons to a certain place move.

Then he told me something that I still did not know.

The Barksdale Air Force base as a starting point for operations in the Middle East. Wow, why would we Nuclear Cruise Missiles on the Barksdale base? I can not imagine we need them for Iraq. Why we want nuclear weapons on the basis handy, the Middle East operations?

His final point was to note that anyone from the inner circle appears to information about these planes carry nuclear bombs has percolate. A B-52 in the Barksdale lands is a unwichtiges event. A B-52 with atomic bombs landed is something else.

Now there may be an innocent explanation. I would not. What is quite certain that the pilots are not at the last minute decided to have some atomic bombs anzuschnallen and a trip to make. We have some tough questions and answers. What the hell happened here? Has anyone in Barksdale tried to indirect way the American people to give a signal that the Bush administration wants Iran with nuclear weapons to attack? I do not, but it is a question that we must make. (Larry Johnson)

This fits with my report of a Insiderin on an aircraft carrier here.

According to this page, a B-52 following number of nuclear weapons bear:
12 Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACM), or
20 Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM), or
8 atomic bombs.

Paul McCartney - Loney Hearts Club

At the annual GQ Magazine "Men of the Year" awards ceremony on 4 September in London is the Ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his family have been spotted without accompaniment. But he had very nice ladies table as neighbors, like "The Body" photo model Elle Macpherson, the Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia.

Wow, how does he do that only to look so young at 65 years? The man is not really him. No wonder he is a music legend, and "single" is now a popular conversation partner and pulls the pretty women. The 1 billion euros estimated assets helps too, of course.

9 / 11 time - the third Einschlag

Here is the continuation of my article 9 / 11 time - The second impact. Flight controls about 77 Washington at the Pentagon.

- 9:37-American Airlines Flight 77 crashes on the first floor of the west wing of the Pentagon. It is a Boeing 757-223 with 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots on board. The machine was around 8:10 pm from Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. Started on the way to Los Angeles. Alleged perpetrators of the airplane was contributed Hani Hanjour.

- 9:37 - The impact and the resulting explosion destroyed the three outer rings of the Pentagon. It will be the offices of the army accounting, the command center of the Navy and the Defense Intelligence Agency Comptroller Office (The office which is the missing trillion to pursue funds should be) destroyed. It was exactly the side of the Pentagon hit, as only one in the last few years renovated and against bomb attacks strengthened. Due to the construction work are "only" 800 people in this part of the building, where normally 4,500 of a total of 25,000 Pentagon employees. It will die or 120 people are missing.
- 9:37 - The automatic air defense system the Pentagon is not actively protected and not the building, although such a courtyard installed. Also, the Secret Service does not use its soil-air Stinger missiles to the White House to protect, although the entire airspace over Washington is a closed area and one from New York knows there is an attack. Later, questions aloud why the bestbewachte building in the world, the military headquarters in the United States, with the high command of all the armed forces, which aims to protect the country, not in a position to protect themselves ... or is the defense has been deliberately turned off?
- 9:37 - The Route 77 aircraft which flew over Washington is very unusual. The "terrorists" made a big detour, a "flight" to Washington and set up the danger from downed be held on direct and quickest way to the east to overthrow, where the entire military leadership sat. At each tour of the Pentagon, is one explains where the generals and the defense minister's offices. The journalist Steve Vogel said later: "The hijackers are not the side of the building, where the military leadership to narrow room since 1942 is located. At the time of the attack was Defense Secretary Rumsfeld in his office on the third floor, just like everyone before him since predecessor Louis Johnson, a place of the public have always known. Also, the Chiefs of weapons genus are all on this side, and all command centers. An impact there would have been the entire military leadership and all centers except battle to make the U.S. military beheaded. Why do you choose the side chooses, which is unimportant, and even empty, is incomprehensible. "
- 9:37-A Air Force officer told CNN later, before the impact of the Pentagon, he was outside the building and he watched a helicopter circling. He disappeared behind the building where the landing area, and then he saw the explosion. Dick Cheney, later told NBC: "The first reports were that a helicopter had hit the Pentagon." He was reported either a plane or a helicopter loaded with explosives "is on its way to the White House.
- 9:37-Two policemen Pentagon's security service are just at the gas station Cisco (Navy Exchange today), just 1 / 2 miles before the Pentagon on refueling their vehicle. This eyewitness report later completely independent of each other, a plane would be on the northern side in a low-flying aircraft and then forget it would be an explosion in the Pentagon. "I was standing at the pump and saw how a big plane flew very low drüber. It was quite sure on the north side of the gas station. It was light and the windows were all drawn. " The official report says later, the Anflugweg would be on the south side of the gas station was a complete contradiction. The flight data recorder from the black box confirmed the details of the two policemen and refuted what the official 9 / 11 Commission as a fixed route. Other credible witness reports, the flight of the machine was on the north side and it is impossible that the light poles in front of the Pentagon through the machine umgeknickt. In addition, the altitude, according to the final black box is higher than what is officially reported. Thus, the machine would never embark into the ground floor, but the Pentagon would have flown drüber.
- 9:37-According to witnesses, a C-130 transport machine directly behind the first machine when she unceremoniously. It is amazing that this machine later in the proximity of Flight 1994 will be when these crashes. Eyewitnesses reported how close it was to Flight 77. The witness Kelly Knowles says, "as flight 1977 came over the other was close behind." Keith Wheelhouse says, "it just flew on Flight 77, as if on the radar only a plane should see to it while in the Pentagon to control. As Flight 77 went the other einschlug drüber and in the west away. "The USA Today reporter Vin Narayanan says," After the explosion, I jumped out of the car and saw a second jet in the air. " The USA Today editor Joel Sucherman, with a second plane, also Brian Kennedy, press secretary for deputies, and so it continues with many of the witnesses saw a second aircraft.
- 9:37 - There are many eye-witness account by a small plane saw, or a plane without windows or a cruise missile. The eyewitnesses who watched a Boing 767, interestingly, all the work in any way for the state or for the media. Until today, there is no video images with a Boing show the cracks in the Pentagon, although the entire Pentagon complex many surveillance cameras mounted. Why will we not show these pictures?
- 9:37-employees in the Pentagon by the explosion to the ground and then Cordite smell, the smell of explosives. Terry Morin, a former pilot in the Marines sat in his office in BMDO old Navy Annex "I saw a flash and then a fireball. There was a big explosion and then the noise of a typical Echo Tetonation. I felt the air pressure and then the dust and Luftstoss . For former military, it sounded as if a 1,000 kilo bomb a 1 / 2 miles away went off. " Gilah Goldsmith said "We saw a big black cloud and then it smelled like gunpowder or Cordite."
- 9:37 - The three F-16 is still not on Washington, and nobody knows why. At this time, they are 150 miles away, farther than the distance from its base in Langley of 129 miles.
- 9:37-At the Andrews Air Force Base, which lies immediately to Washington, the pilots crisis situation, but they are still on the ground and waiting for commands. Because the recharge of the missiles so long, until they fly in an hour go without missiles there.
- 9:37 - Richard Clark gets a note from the head of the Secret Service. The memo says "Radar shows aircraft on track here. I will evacuate the White House. "The Secret Service knows this, because they are a direct connection with the FAA and everything was seen on the radar screens in Washington happens. Only the note comes too late. Flight 77 is already set. At the same time an assistant to Clark: "A plane has hit the Pentagon." He replied: "I can Rumsfeld still on the screen, it may not be the whole building is damaged. No emotion please. We must stay focused. "He befielt an assistant:" Find out where the interceptor. I want combatively air surveillance over every major city. Now! "
- 9:37 - The Pentagon National Military Command Center (NMCC) is on the other side of the building where the impact took place. Therefore feels the military personnel there allegedly nothing. Although the primary nerve center of the American defense should be, from which all the forces of the United States in the world monitored and controlled, says the present officer Steven Hahn later, "I was not aware that we were hit until I have the News heard on television. "
- 9:37 - The DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic in the Pentagon building has devices for the treatment of masses of injured (MASCAL) had just taken from the camp that morning because an inventory clerks. Major Lorie Brown, the senior sister, can be the disaster plan expeditiously implement after the impact. She says later, "It all fit so well on this day. It was such a coincidence. It was amazing how everything happened. "
- 9:38 - The Minister of Defense Rumsfeld runs out of his office. It is therefore for over 20 minutes untraceable. The White House, the military leadership, all trying to reach it. An official in the Situation Room of the response to the attack is coordinated angry later this disappearance in such a critical time condemn and say, "He has left his post, the country was attacked and where was the man of the defense of the country should be guided? Not here! It was irresponsible abzuhauen. "
- 9:39-Vice President Cheney is calling on President Bush, on his way to the airport Sarasota, and he reported that the White House as a "target". Bush says he wants to return to Washington, but Cheney recommended him not to do it "until we find out what the hell is going on here."
- 9:39 - The reporter Jim Miklaszewski reported on NBC News, "I would like to alert anyone now, but apparently is here ... I felt just a moment before, as when an explosion took place here in the Pentagon. We are in E-Ring. We have a window in the direction of Potomac (River). After the explosion, I heard nothing more. I see the people from the building. "
- 9:40 - The FAA Headquarters reports, it could be 10 aircraft at the moment kidnapped.
- 9:40 - As part of the NORAD maneuver is at this stage a simulated kidnapping. As the scenario is a political hijacking goal with Cuba, where they can ask for asylum. This kidnapping is part of the many simulations to be run that day. Major Kevin Nasypany, chief of the NEADS Mission has planned this exercise thinks the report on the abduction of Flight 11 is because "someone the exercise has begun too early."
- 9:42-Only a few minutes after the Pentagon attack, the FBI suburbs, and over the investigation. First, they immediately confiscated all video records of the 80 surveillance cameras in the Pentagon and nearby buildings, such as gas station, hotel and traffic monitoring.
- 9:43 - The motorcade of President Bush arrives at the airport in Sarasota and stops next to Air Force One. Bush learns impact of increases in the Pentagon and the plane immediately. Bush remains short of Einganstür and beckoning photographers.
- 9:43 - The E-4B, the big white plane, the flying command headquarters of the U.S. military, which has long been on Washington circles, is seen for the last time and leave the airspace.
- 9:45 - The White House will be evacuated because the reports on the circular plane, the people in fear staggered.
- 9:45 - Richard Clark initiated the government's contingency plans. Important state entities, especially in what the successor of the president, will be sent to a secret place.
- 9:48 - The Capitol in Washington is evacuated. The Congress has just sit on, but the room is almost empty. Senator Tom Daschl later reported "a policeman rushed in and said, We will be attacked. I must bring them immediately away. ' "The Senate Speaker Dennis Hastert, third in succession to the presidency, and others, are rausgeführt and with a helicopter to a secret bunker flown.
- 9:49-All Air Force bases receive the command of Clark, interceptor on the most important cities. Until this command is implemented, and the machine does it take off until 11:00 pm.
- 9:50-After 40 minutes of the city has spent WTC disaster, refers Mayor Rudolph Giuliani a small office at the Barclay Street 75, about two streets away from the WTC7, in the hope there's command center will be established. Its command center in WTC7 building has been evacuated 9:30. With him are Police Chief Bernard Kerik and disaster chief Richard Sheirer. Giuliani contacted the White House and spoke with Chris Henik, Deputy Director for Policy of the President.
- 9:50 - Geschmolzenes Metal flowing from the 80th Floor of the South Tower, although the entire aviation fuel burned after a few minutes.
- 9:50-a whole series of reports about further terrorist attacks hit. The Foreign Ministry would be by a car bomb. A fire in the shopping center Capital Mall An explosion in the Capitol and the headquarters of the newspaper USA Today. All prove to be false messages.
- 9:52 - The firemen Orio Palmer and Ronald Bucca reach the 78th Floor of the south tower just below where Flight 175 hit. They reported via radio headquarters, "We see only two small fire stations, we can delete these two units." This statement by firemen suburb shows that there were no signs of a severe damage to the building or it would be unstable and could collapse. The fires were very small and easy to remove. Palmer's report contradicts the allegations later, "the extreme fire" had zusammenstürzen the tower.
- 9:55-Vice President Cheney issued the launching permit.
- 9:55-two AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft are to exercise operations from the coast of Florida and Washington. When they reach the news about the attacks, my first goal is to establish simulations.
- 9:55 - The three F-16 from Langley finally come about Washington. You get the vague command to the White House.
- 9:55 - The navigation system of Flight 95 is in the cockpit from Los Angeles to Washington as a destination converted. Thus, the FAA air traffic controllers where the machine that will, with the possible arrival time of 10:28 pm.
- 9:56-Air Force One raises without protection and without escort that the pilot knows where it will go. Only an hour later appear to protect hunters. The machine is initially steep upward and after reaching the cruising altitude then fly in a circle. The President still has trouble connecting to the White House and the military commands.
- 9:57-Cheney and Bush discuss what to do and whether the firing command is approved by the President. He says, "You bet!" .
- 9:58 - Although no evidence exists that comes from the OEM Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, the message that the south tower zusammenkrachen soon. The firemen observe how high government officials fluchtartig leave the lobby, "such as if they knew more than us, they were all suddenly gone."
- 9:58-Almost all people in the offices of the south tower, have until that date to leave the building, which were in a position. Only 11 people are still under the floors of the impact. There are 619 people who either captured, injured or already dead, and the auxiliary forces on the way to the top.
- 9:59-Large quantities of gold in the basement rooms of the WTC stored and some of it will be at this morning wegtransportiert. Weeks later, when the teams are clearing large trucks under the WTC5 and some cars, which are fully covered with gold. The vehicles are compressed, but there are no corpses are found, so it takes, they were abandoned before the first tower zusammenstürzte.
- 9:59 - WTC6 explosions through the building and beat out all the windows.
- 9:59-At ground level in the South Tower, a large fireball after an explosion sightings. "The doors were rausgeschlagen riessiger and a fireball exploding through the diesel tanks was shot from the high elevator shafts, which devoured everything in the way." The police officer Will Jimeno in the corridor to the north tower was reported on the "Suddenly, the Heat began to be shaken and riessigen I saw a fireball explode on the street "Ronald DiFrancesco is the last person it creates from the south tower. When he was in the direction of Liberty Street is turned "I saw a huge fireball." He runs to the exit when he subsequently by an explosion on the other side of the road hurled.
- 9:59 - Very many witnesses have reported strong shocks and tremors of the whole building to churn. Wait earthquake registering exactly at the time of the shock strength 2.1. People look up and see the explosions anywhere in the building in order to go off. Shouting they run away and seek protection, then begin the unthinkable ...

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - the south tower collapses" I will list everything from the overthrow of interconnection WTC2 happened.

At the time of Einschlags in the Pentagon are three machines in the air, the alleged Flight 77 and two military machine, the C-130 and the E-4B, both for electronic warfare. The allegation of the military that they had not vehindern this attack, because they are not seen flying in 1977, is a lie. It seems more likely that the attack was intentional, the Verteiding was down (as it confirmed Mineta) and the machine (whatever it is a war) in the Pentagon went through Begleitflugzeuge remotely.

We see in New York, WTC2 was not severely damaged, the fire was small and the fire department has it under control. Then the tower by massive explosions from top to bottom thoroughly ... The only come from a targeted blast.

ORF1 shows 9 / 11 MYSTERIES

On Thursday, September 6, 2007, the Austrian Television at 22:25 pm, the well-known documentary "9 / 11 MYSTERIES - DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTERS." Who receives ORF1 should necessarily the view. Here is the link to the program notice.

There must be a yes praise, when this state TV times an alternative vision of what the 11th September concerns about the transmitter sends. Unlike Kabel1 who reunited with her subjects evening and with the film on 11 Flug93 At 20:15 redistribute the propaganda lie. But we know who Pro7/Sat1/Kabel1 heard.

All articles about what is really on 11 September happened are here.

Blair and Bono on Megayacht

It grants is yes nothing else. After his job as a British minister premium surrendered, Blair sneezed his holidays on the Cote A'zur on the yacht a billionaire. On board is the wife Cherie and their two children, and U2 singer Bono.

Cherie Blair was not enough to get Anwesendheit Bono, as the two in St Jean Cap Ferrat a peace einweihten Well, the name 'Coexist'. As things stand, the two have literally taken. She pushed constantly to him, hugged him, looked him anhimmelnd and kissed him on the cheek.

Whether Toni Blair was jealous, we know not, but he had enough distraction in the form of Bikini supporting beauties, which lasziv rekelten on board.

The Blair and Bono are at the invitation of the billionaire Bernard Anault at its mega yacht Amadeus.

But the holiday bonus of the former minister is officially over and it is now on its way to Israel to deal with premium Minister Ehud Olmert as the new Middle East peace ambassador to operate.

What? Bono is not one of those to us at the G8 summit in Rostock and then at the "Live Earth Save the Planet" concert talk to the conscience, because of the CO2 Climate Killer? And Blair is not a "left" of the Labor Party of the concerns of the workers and lower strata represent?

Now these two are on a mega yacht a billionaire in all imaginable luxury on the safe so much fuel consumed in a short trip to St. Tropez, as in unsereins whole life with the car pass. What a CO2 foot impression is this?

Well, as you can see it again, water preach and drink wine itself. We wish them a different way of life aufschwätzen and a bad conscience delude themselves and behave privately these guys are not "environmentally friendly." These models are all hypocrites.

TIMZ - There is a war going on outside

The rapper irakisch-amerikanische TIMZ has a politischgeladenes Music Video, which attracted international attention since it appeared on YouTube.

Fake photos led war on Iraq

To the list of the lies of Bush / Cheney are fake photos

In a town meeting in Bloom Charlton Pa. This week, the Republican members Paul Kanjorski told that shortly before the Congress in October 2002 for the use of force against Iraq vote (Iraq War Resolution), a top CIA official selected MPs submitted three photos, which allegedly Iraqi unmanned drones have shown. Kanjorski said he was told that the drones are capable of nuclear, biological or chemical material, and up to 1,600 kilometers of the west or east coast of the United States to penetrate into the country.

Kanjorski said he and five other congressmen in the room was told that the drones could be on cargo load and in the USA. Both Condoleezza Rice and President Bush, constantly migrated from the information space and purely out during the briefing.

Kanjorski said it was the second time that he called the White House for a briefing. He was opposed to the President the authorization to go to war to pull and said he would have his opinion, not after the first briefing changed ... until he has seen these pictures. He said: "I thought Iraq would not be a threat." This second Briefing changed everything. After he had left the meeting, Kanjorski said he was willing to authorize the President to give it wanted to, because the drones "a imminente meant danger."

Kanjorski said he went to John Murtha, a retired Marine colonel. "Murtha was' very white 'him when I talked about the drones, as a former intelligence officer he believed this information would be secret."

A few years later, Kanjorski says, he learned that the photos a "God damned lie", apparently by CIA photographers in the desert in the south-west of the USA. The story of drones was already longer than exposes counterfeiting, but the media have never reported.

In October 2002, President Bush said in Cincinnati: "Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles to be used for chemical or biological weapons over large areas to distribute." He said he would be concerned "that Iraq is seeking ways to drones against the United States. "In this same speech, he claimed" Iraq possesses missiles with a range of hundreds of miles, far enough to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and other countries, where more than 135'000 American civilians and soldiers live and work. "Bush claimed more" surveillance photos show that the regime is building factories for chemical and biological weapons. "These allegations of the President were all wrong.

Senator Bill Nelson said that when the President held this speech, the intelligence analysts already this threat rejected as unfounded. Nelson said no analyst would have "something which looks like a drone, this capability has found." The drones which Iraq had been very small and primitive, and we were not able to Tel Aviv and certainly not the USA .

Nelson said in the Senate in January 2004, that the information which the government had presented was the main reason for him and others for the authorization of the preventive attack against Iraq to vote.

9 / 11 time - The second impact

Here is the continuation of my article 9 / 11 time - The first impact. The second plane came to Lower Manhattan to New York.

- 9:03-United Airlines Flight 175 crashes in 77th Until the 85th WTC2 floor of the south tower. It is a Boeing 767-222 with 56 passengers, seven flight attendants and two pilots on board. The machine was around 8:14 pm from Logan Airport in East Boston started on the road to Los Angeles. Alleged perpetrators of the airplane was contributed Marwan al-Shehhi. The flüchtenden people on the street and millions of television viewers around the world see it as a live "eyewitness."

- 9:03-air traffic controllers in Newark, New Jersey on the phone with New York Flugüberwacher and are asked flight 175 from the window to look. You see him and watch with horror as the last drops 5,000 feet and in the WTC unceremoniously. Rick Tepper (who also watched the first impact) recalls, "He was in a sharp right curve, steeply down and very quickly. And when he came up the Hudson ... he made a left turn and flew to downtown Manhattan to ... You could see he tried to deal with the tower in a line to take. Immediately prior to the impact in the tower, he was almost horizontal, and then just hit the building. "Newark immediately calls the FAA air surveillance center in Washington, says she and informed them that they are no planes in Newark more land up for machines from New York to keep away. It is the first step in the entire national airspace to close.
- 9:03-Bush enters the classroom by Sandra Daniels 2nd Class for a photo session in order for his school policy to advertise. Large numbers of the reporters traveling with the president, as well as local journalists, watching from the back of the room. Secret Service agents protecting the president are in the ceiling beams above the classroom. A total of 150 people in the area, 16 of which are children. Bush, the students presented and posing for photographs. The teacher then goes through some reading exercises.
- 9:03 - The WTC 7 building is evacuated after reported a third plane would be kidnapped, although this is neither the official and certainly not the public know.
- 9:03-Jim Pierce, the cousin of the President, sees the impact in the south tower from the nearby Millennium Hotel. He is head of AON Corporation, an insurance company that their offices in the 105th Floor of the South Tower. Actually, the conference took place there, but it was short notice to the Millennium Hotel relocated. Later, Pierce learned that 12 people were in the room where the meeting would actually take place, and only one survived.
- 9:03 - The National Military Command Center (NMCC) in the Pentagon see the people live the second turn on TV. According to Dan Mangino, an officer in the center, the staff at the first impact of a "terrible accident" is assumed. Only after the second impact "we knew it was a terrorist attack, and then became a corridor running higher and the phones started to ring. Brigadier General Montague Winfield had that day, the commander of an inexperienced officer. Although obviously an emergency situation existed, he came first at 10:30 am in the NMCC. Besides launching the NMCC only a telephone conference because of this "significant event" at 9:29 p.m. in response to the attack.
- 9:03 - The two F-15 pilots from Otis, which at this point 70 miles away from Manhattan over the Atlantic. The fighter pilot but have not released the abducted abzuschiessen machines. One of the pilots said later, even if we would have been right there, we would have not allowed because "only the President can launch a permit for a civilian aircraft." But Bush is at an event in Florida, and Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, both also can give the command, are not detectable during the crisis.
- 9:04-National Security Adviser Rice is currently serving with their employees in a meeting, as an assistant hands her a note with the information on the second turn. "This is a terrorist attack" and says she leaves the room to Vice President Cheney to go, and then later, together with him in the underground bunker in the White House to go.
- 9:04 - NORAD Northeast Defense Sector (NEADS) in Rome NY has just received a telephone call in which they report on the abduction of Flight 175 Mail, while the staff live pictures on the second turn on CNN. There is a real mess in the control room on the aircraft, whether it leaked is that they just watched. According tape recording you can hear the staff discuss, "Is this explosion part of what we see on TV? ... Gibts the possibility of a second kidnapping ... 1 ... 2 United Airlines aircraft? "Someone says," I think this is a recording, to be honest. "The term" recording "is the insertion of information during a simulated exercise. At least one military exercise on that day used the opportunity simulated aircraft on the radar screens to show.
- 9.05-NBC news correspondent Jim Miklaszewski is the corridor along in the Pentagon when he meets an employee. The official says he has no details about the attack. But he says there is a coordinated "if I do, I would today E-Ring away from (the outer ring of the Pentagon), as we turn next." According Miklaszewski, the officials had no specific information "it , was a gut feeling. "
- 9.05 - Richard Clark comes in the White House. A few minutes later, he found Vice President Cheney and National Security Adviser Rice in the office of Cheney. Cheney says to Clark: "It is an al-Qaeda attack and they like simultaneous attacks. It is not yet over. "The Secret Service calls them on in the underground bunker to go.

- 9:06-Andrew Card is the chief of staff of the President enters the classroom and whispers in his ear "A second plane has hit the other tower, America is under attack!" The first president is confused. He ended the visit not to be a leader of the nation to the attack, but still sit and read with the children for the next 10 minutes in the school. Having now clearly established America is under attack, the Secret Service is taking nothing for the president to safety. The eingeübte emergency plan, however, is now the President to protect and out of the danger zone, because after all this public appearance was long previously known and therefore an ideal target for terrorists. The Secret Service did not know if an airplane was on to them, they made ... or nothing because they just knew he was not in danger?
- 9:08 - The aufgestiegenen F-15 interceptor from Otis to be away from New York, 150 miles out of the sea and ordered sent there in a queue to go.
- 9:09 - The FAA control center reported there were 11 aircraft are not respond to radio or extraordinary routes to fly. NORAD Major General Larry Arnold claims that during the four hour ordeal "of the attacks, a total of 21 aircraft were hijacked as possible. Robert Marr, the chief of NEADS said "At a time said to me, it would be 29 Fugzeugentführung throughout the country."
- 9:10-Brian Clark, the vice president of Euro Brokers, whose offices in the 84th Floor of the South Tower, runs the stairs A house down, the only staircase from the bottom up through the top of the tower. He will be accompanied by Stanley Praimnath. They reach the 77th Or 78th Ground floor, where the stairwell has a crack, which allows them durchzuschauen. Clark sees no big fire. He said later: "I looked through the crack and saw flames. You only have flared quiet, no loderndes Inferno. There was also some smoke there, but the staircase was under pressure and the air pushed out. "Clark and Praimnath went further down the stairs and managed to save a few minutes before the tower zusammenstürzte.
- 9:10-Vice President Cheney and Condi Rice go in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) bunker under the White House.
- 9:13 - The aviation fuel in the south tower at this time is completely burned.
- 9:16-President Bush leaves the classroom and browsing in an adjacent room on the circuit TV. He telephoned with Vice President Cheney, and they agree that terrorists are behind the attack. He also spoke with Rice, with the Governor of the State of New York George Pataki, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. The spokesman Ari Fleischer of the President and communications director Dan Bartlett quickly write a speech for the President.
- 9:17 - The FAA includes all airports in New York.
- 9:18 - The FAA command center is a nationwide warning to all air traffic, while on the aircraft disappeared from the radar screen or not approved route changes eighth.
- 9:20 - The FBI in Washington is informed that American Airlines Flight 77, which leads from Washington Dulles International Airport started, was kidnapped. Special Agent Arthur Eberhart send 50 agents to the airport to investigate the kidnapping and to prevent another.
- 9:20-Transport Minister Norman Mineta comes to Cheney and Rice in the PEOC bunker under the White House.
- 9:21 - The New York Port Authority closes all bridges and tunnels in the city.
- 9:24-pilots of the Langley Air Force Base received the alarm in their jets to be set and ready to start.
- 9:24-93 is flying from the United Airlines based on the incident in New York informed and invited to the cockpit door lock. The pilot confirmed, it is the last contact with the plane.
- 9:24 - FAA Great Lakes regional operations center informed the FAA headquarters in Washington about the simultaneous loss of the radar signal and communication with the 77th flight This happens 30 minutes after it happened, and 15 minutes after they were informed.
- - 9:25 NORAD is informed by the FAA that Flight 77 "maybe" has been introduced and may fly to Washington.
- 9:25 - The two F-15 from Otis appear in New York after the queue across the Atlantic have left, and guard the airspace above the city.
- 9:26-Jane Garvey, the head of the FAA orders that no aircraft in the United States may launch more, and all in the air to land.
- 9:26-Vice President Cheney will be kept informed about Flight 77. As Mineta later reported, while the plane is flying in the direction of Washington, a young man in the room and says to Cheney, "The machine is 50 miles away." Mineta said then, the young man reported to Cheney constantly "The machine is 30 miles away." And then when it was called "The press is only 10 miles away," the young man asks "Do the orders still?" What Cheney herumwirft his head and says, "Of course, the commands nor have they heard something else!" Mineta said , "my understanding of this dialogue was more concerned with the firing command" during flight in 1977 further hindrance to the Pentagon flew.
- 9:28-CNN reported that, according to U.S. officials, the attack was carried out by terrorists.
- 9:28 - Richard Clarke, a video conference with senior managers, I asked the Chief of General Staff Richard Myers, "I suppose NORAD has interceptor and AWAC started? How many? Where? "What Meyers replied" It is not a pretty picture, Dick, we are in the middle of the Vigilant Warrior exercise, but Otis has two birds in New York and Langley high just two tries to bring about Washington "Clark then asked," How long they need to craft about Washington? "Myers replied" In 15 minutes? . "
- 9:28-A mutilated help is received from Flight 93. It is assumed Flight 93 is now also been kidnapped.
- 9:29-President Bush is still in school and holds a speech in front of 200 students and teachers. He refers to the current events and said, "Today we are experiencing a national tragedy. Two aircraft are in the World Trade Center, hit as a possible terrorist attack on our country. "The whole runs exactly at the time and location as publicly announced, although it will be the children and a possible attack of commodities. This appearance is the last thing the public sees the President, he appears to evening under.
- 9:30-Three F-16 fighter jets from Langley go Air Force base in the air. They would actually at full speed in excess of Mach 2 in just 6 minutes over Washington, early enough before Flight 1977 arrives there. In fact, however, they are only 30 minutes later there because they "mistakenly" over the Atlantic.
- 9:30-Clark calls in the PEOC bunker and says, "We need three things, first, the President must not return to Washington, secondly, he needs an escort of fighter jets, Air Force One protects and thirdly, we need the approval of the warrant firing . Do you understand? . " None of these, however, Bush flies without protection, and neither the President nor the Vice-President shall issue the permit firing.
- 9:30-Dulles Airport Surveillance Radar watched as an unidentified plane with 750 Km / h races to Washington and 30 miles away. Observers believe it is a military plane, not a civilian machine.
- 9:30-President Bush leaves the Booker Elementary School in Sarasota airport.
- 9:32-94 aircraft changed course to the east. Since it is not on radio calls answered, it is assumed there is kidnapped.
- 9:32 - The New York Stock Exchange closes trading.
- 9:33 - The FAA head Jane Garvey says the video conference, led by Richard Clark, that flight 77 kidnapped, and that all aircraft have received the command, to the nearest airfield to land.
- 9:33-a plane, allegedly Flight 77, penetrates the airspace of Washington, first over the Pentagon at an altitude of 2,000 meters, and then a long drawn steeply down toward 360 degrees of rotation, which is on the White House flies.
- 9:34-On the way to the airport tries President Bush to the White House and Cheney on a secure line contact, but all attempts fail. Even on the normal mobile companion can not call. Arriving at the Air Force One the same, although with all kinds of communication technology for such cases is equipped to work the phones. Conversely, the same way. The switchboard of the White House is not in a position to connect to the president's, he is completely isolated and without communications, which has never happened in history.
- 9:34 - The three F-16 from Langley are far above the Atlantic instead of Washington.
- 9:34 - The FAA informed NORAD, Flight 77 is possibly kidnapped.
- 9:35-in the middle of this attack decides General Ralph Eberhart, commander of NORAD, NORAD from his headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado to the NORAD operations center in Cheyenne Mountain to drive, which is only 12 miles away. Why he makes this journey and why he has full 45 minutes until now nobody knows. It was in this period unreachable.
- 9:35 - Craftsman office facility in the newly renovated Pentagon outer ring on the west side install get from the wife of a worker a call. She looks just the TV images of the attack in New York on CNN, and says she had a feeling that she would be in danger in the Pentagon. When the workers hear, the boss calls its 23 workers, all stand and lie down, and to leave the building.
- 9:35-Another plane is on Washington sightings which encircles the city. It is a big white machine as a 747 ausieht. The subsequent analysis of photographs and video recordings show it is a E-4B, the flying command post for emergency cases. When the Air Force One flying the White House, then the Pentagon E-4B of flying a plane with all kinds of electronic communication and control systems for the military. What made it exactly at this time about Washington?
- 9:36-93 aircraft changed course 180 degrees and now flies to the south in the direction of Washington.
- 9:36-Major General Larry Arnold, commander of the Continental United States NORAD Region, says "We are flying 93 and are ready abzuschiessen it."
- 9:37-a call the Emergency Operations Center will send some units of the fire brigade after Rosslyn Virginia, near the Pentagon. As it is a high-rise fire, there are nine different fire and Sanitätsfahrzeuge. When the first team arrives, it means the fire is cleared. This was by "pure coincidence" many firefighters and Sanitätskräfte equal to the Pentagon, when the impact happened.
- 9:37 - The air traffic controllers have 77 aircraft on the radar screen. Especially after radar contact was lost, the FAA headquarters informed "The airplane flies in a circle. It turns away from the White House. "The point on the screen disappears. The last known position is six miles from the Pentagon, and four miles from the White House. The aircraft is 750 Km / H fly.
- 9:37 - The Republican members Christopher Cox sits at Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in the Pentagon. They discuss missile defense and look at the TV pictures from New York, on Flight 77 without informed. Rumsfeld says to Cox: "Believe me, this is still not over. There will be an attack, and it can take us. "No sooner had Rumsfeld these prophetic words pronounced, there was an explosion.

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - the third impact" I will list everything from the third impact happened.

From this collection are the following questions: Who has been and why the interceptor from Langley sent across the Atlantic? It was Washington, like New York with the Jets Otis, defenseless. Why was the President not immediately brought to safety and he stayed for 30 minutes in the school schedule? Why had so many of the government members at the hour of the attack foreboding, which it would still happen, but then when they said we had no Vorwarnungen, knew of nothing and therefore could not prevent the attack? Why did it take to 9:28 CNN has the information, the perpetrators are terrorists, although no evidence existed to spark? Finally, it was up to this moment clueless, but suddenly knew everything. Was that the beginning of the legend in the public laid, and there were angry Arab Islamists?

We will attack Iran, in great style

Here is a report of DailyKos, where the friend of a female officer, on an aircraft carrier is based, tells the following:

I have a friend, an LSO on an aircraft carrier attack group, which the planning and preparation for a deployment in the Strait of Hornuz made. (LSO: Landing Signal Officer, she directs the aircraft to land on a carrier) They told me, we will attack Iran. She said that all plans for the Air Force operations and missions are completed. This means that all targets are selected, sorted by priority and as a mandate to the respective planes, bases, aircraft carriers, guided missile cruisers, etc. have been distributed.

I asked her why she told me this? Your answer is really amazing:

(The following is a list of their eight years of service in the Marines and how they then moved to the Navy and is now on a large aircraft carrier performed their service ... I will cite only the essential)

There is something rotten in the Navy and the Marines in their eyes. Always willing to suspend the danger, Marines rarely issues, unless it is a case of tactics or honor. But something seems wrong to run. Young and experienced officers start to grumble, rolling her eyes in the corridors. The effort of the stakes starts everyone to meet and it penetrates every day in every interview the officers of the Navy and Marines in a managerial position.

"I know it sounds crazy of a naval officer," she said, "But we are all waiting for the end of this government. Today, the simple commands from above and there is no questioning. I have more than one senior commanders see disappear, and three weeks later he replaced. That is really strange. It is therefore strange, because all the disappeared have asked whether we have a massive attack on Iran should be performing. "

"We are not stupid. Most members of the fleet are well enough to know what in the world there. We also realize that each of any doubt, the danger of a long military career, pulled away at war. It is important to note that most people are happy, in the war against terror. The point is, what we see out here because we are supposedly the big Strategy. But when talking to the official from the government, you may not know that the Iranians do not speak Arabic and do not have the foggiest how the Iranians live, then you think twice whether these officials of the government at all competently. "

I asked her about the attack, such as limited and so on.

"I think this is not limited. We ship and distribute any Tomahawk missile which we have in stock. I think there is a massive and very suddenly happen to thousands of destinations. I do not believe Americans will know when it will happen until it happens. And whatever the consequences are, they will have to live with. I am sure if my father knew I speak with someone from a news organization that we are a secret attack to start, then it would be a betrayal. But something in me says I should tell one way or another. "

I asked them why they have become so cynical.

"I am only recently become cynical. I think no one is in a position to prevent this. Bush is something of an emperor. He is commanding and Cruise Missiles are flying, the aircraft are flying and people are dying, and only a few of us here why can to make it a good idea. Of course, many of us 08/15 lecture on democracy in the Middle East hold. But if you ask the pilots, whether they are a clear idea about the purpose of this attack, is the answer as from one of the think tanks and strategy papers read. But it is not like Kosovo or as we helped the tsunami victims. There was all you say in one sentence what we have done. "

"That is missing here. A real meaning and purpose. What is missing is the answer to what the hell are we doing out here, a country with so much firepower to threaten? Yesterday evening in the cafeteria, a cadet asked what right we have a country to order that they not allowed to build nuclear weapons? I think the table was suddenly damned quiet. Not because the man a question, the taboo was, but because he is a good question. Indeed, followed by a discussion afterwards on deck, as some of our group smoked a cigarette. The discussion was intelligent, but also with muted voice. It is as if we are not allowed to ask the man always before a fight. It is as if the average soldier, sailor and the whole political line simply implements. "

They then had to hang up. They adopted with the words, they believe the attack is a decided matter. "It is only a matter of time before their orders arrive, and they struggle to stop and to be alert level red switch." She said, "You are already on the practice for the capture of aircraft on deck, practice on the flight maneuvers and for the air combat, and train air superiority. "

She seemed lost. For the first time in my life I have seen next to the shoes, unsure why she makes something. She knows there is something rotten in the naval command and they, like many of their colleagues, hope the elections bring someone new, a new situation, or something.

"Yes. We will attack Iran, in great style. The whole political discussions which are now run only decoration, or even a diversion. I was below deck in the hangars and weapons warehouses happens. And I have a feeling mulmiges how it will end. "
(Update: The article was withdrawn DailyKos! ! ? ? Because he reveals secrets?)

A confirmation of their statement is this report from The Times:

Pentagon plans "Three days lightning war" against Iran

The Pentagon has completed plans for massive air attacks on targets in Iran 1,200 to the Iranian military capacity in three days to destroy, according to a security expert in Washington.

Alexis Debat, the Director of terrorism and national security in the Nixon Center, said last week that the US military strategists for needle stitches on the Iranian nuclear plants to prepare, "You are responsible for the complete destruction of the Iranian army," said he.

Debat spoke at a meeting organized by The National Interest, a conservative journal on foreign policy. He told the "Sunday Times" that the U.S. military has come to the conclusion: "Whether one or needle stitches makes a full military attack, the reaction of Iran is the same." It is, as he added, a "very legitimate strategic calculating. "

President Bush has his rhetoric against Iran intensified last week, in which he accused Tehran has the Middle East "under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust." He warned that the United States and its allies to confront Iran, "before it is too late."

See the new article "Are the atomic bombs for Iran?"

AC / DC-Highway to Hell

I admit, I am an old rocker and AC / DC is my favorite band, so here's a stiff breeze on the ears. Bon Scott was probably the best lead singers of all time (RIP 1980) and the small Angus Young is the ingenious guitar player. So as a school uniform he wore me earlier, when I lived in Melbourne, Australia, and went to school there. Long live rock and roll!

Highway To Hell

Brian DePalmas new film about Iraq

DePlama shocked Venice with pictures which the media is not showing

The critics of the war in Iraq have long condemned the media because the death and the violence in this conflict weisswaschen in which they refuse the heinous pictures of the reality there is taking place to publish. Now, a famous filmmaker images which show the media not want taken to proceed with an anti-war film to do something about it.

The latest work by Brian DePalma, as a director of well-known films like "Scarface," "The Untouchables" and "Carrie" fame, called "Redacted" or German "Retuschiert" and was even for the first time at the Venice Film Festival in . DePalma spoke to reporters and said "this war images will be discontinued."

The film, for example, shows abhorrent Greultaten the U.S. troops, as the Massenschändung and killing a 14-year-old girl and four members of her family in March 2006. De Palma had already been times in 1989, a film about the rape of a Vietnamese girl by U.S. soldiers, "Casualties of War" in which Sean Penn and the young Michael J. Fox, the lead actor.

"All the pictures we in the media about the war are seen, or cleaned and retouched" said DePlama in Venice. "We can only hope that these pictures that I show the public aufrüttelt enough so that the Congress MPs vote against the war. "

DePalma uses images that he fetched from the Internet, including home videos of the soldiers, who were never seen before. There is also footage from reports and the use of fictitious scenes to some legal problems to circumvent what all unusual for a "docu-drama".

"The film is an attempt to the reality happening in Iraq closer to the Americans," he said after the presentation in Venice.

"At the time of the Vietnam War, we have pictures of the suffering of the people speaking, we traumatized by our actions and have killed, the soldiers have seen the wounded or dead back sacks. None of these we see today. "

It's all available on the Internet, you can find it when it is searching, but the mass media does not show it. The media are in fact a part of the political and economic establishment. "

"When I was looking for the pictures, I asked the media to give me the pictures it published not allowed."

"Everything you see in the film is based on an event that really happened. But when I was there in the script with purely took, I got a note from the prosecutor with the words, you can not use because it is authentic and we therefore may be sued. "

New: De Palma won the prize for best director for his film "Redacted" in Venice!

9 / 11 time - The first impact

Here is the continuation of my article 9 / 11 time - The attack date. The first plane came to Lower Manhattan to New York.

- 8:46-American Airlines Flight 11 crashes in 92nd Until the 98th WTC1 floor of the north tower. It is a Boing 767-223ER with 81 passengers, 9 flight attendants and two pilots on board. The machine was around 7:59 pm with delay of Logan Airport in East Boston started on the road to Los Angeles. Alleged perpetrators of the plane was headed Mohamed Atta.

- 8:46 - The Naude brothers are in town to film a documentary about the New York Fire Department to make this film a fire brigade use in the vicinity of the WTC. When they fly a plane drüber hear they directed the camera high and the impact of filming in the north tower. They are the only recordings exist from this the event. The images are then in the evening for the first time on CNN to see. President Bush has questions later on, because of what he has done this time, repeatedly told the story, he would have been the first impact watched live on TV before he entered the school in Florida had gone. But this is not technically possible, unless a live transmission has been specially designed for him by other cameras.
- 8:46 - The FAA makes a connection to the Secret Service to the White House on all events information. A few days later told Vice President Dick Cheney: "The Secret Service has an agreement with the FAA. They had a live circuit after the first impact into WTC ... "He ended his statement abruptly in mid-sentence.
- 8:46 - The Secret Service has secretly Stinger air defense missiles in their offices in WTC7 building stored, in the event of a visit by the President in New York to enable him against air attacks. The secret is making, but to this day nothing to with the existing missiles, the aircraft abzuschiessen abducted and the buildings in New York and also in Washington to protect them.
- 8:47 - Mike Pecoraro, a technician, the part of service personnel in the WTC complex, worked in the engine room on the second floor of the north tower when it was hit. He says "There were nothing but rubble. We are talking here of hydraulic presses to weigh 50 tons, easy go! "Then he runs into the underground garage and sees" There were no walls more, only debris on the floor and you could see nothing. "When he runs again in the second basement floor he sees a 300-pound heavy fire protection doors made of steel and concrete on the ground, and rausgerissen verrunzelt "as an aluminum foil." It said it looked like it was in 1993 when a bomb started in the basement and he said it would be another bomb attack happens. When he was on the ground floor lobby went up, he saw massive damage "The whole lobby was black with soot, elevator doors were no longer there. The marble cladding on the walls was gone. 20 times 10 feet wide marble slabs simply gone. Shards of glass were everywhere, the revolving doors were all destroyed, and glass panes away. "
- 8:48-CNN is the first television station in the world of its program interrupts and begins on the attack with live images to report.
- 8:48 - The mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani is now on the first turn informed while he was having breakfast in the Peninsula Hotel on the 55th Street sits. Only when the second plane at 9:03 unceremoniously he leaves the hotel and runs south to his $ 13 million command center expensive in the 23rd WTC7 floor of the extra cases of disasters has been set up.
- 8:48 - The New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for all disasters, including terrorist attacks. Their offices are located in the 23rd WTC7 floor of the building. It is a great day in OEM, because the staff is used to come and spread for the planned major exercise TRIPOD, a terror exercise together with the FEMA for the next day planned. The building fluctuates as the north tower is taken. First, the OEM believes boss John Odermatt a surface-to-air missile has hit the north tower until he informed a plane would reingeflogen. To 9:30, the OEM and the whole WTC7 building cleared, allegedly because another plane to New York is on its way.
- 8:48-US Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta currently holds a breakfast meeting with his counterparts from Belgium, to discuss the airline to speak in the presence of FAA head Jane Garvey. His assistant interrupts the meeting and reports on the impact of the WTC. While Garvey immediately leave the meeting, the meeting will Mineta. Mineta Only when the impact of the second aircraft witnessed live on TV, he breaks the meeting. The White House is calling on him and demanded he be immediately from the leadership over there, that he was in the underground bunker of the WH and moves around 9:20 pm arrives.
- 8:49 - The Canadian Air Force Major General Rick Findley is responsible for NORAD Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado control center. His phone rings and he is called on the images of CNN on the television to look at.
- 8:50 - The CIA Director George Tenet just eats breakfast with his mentor, former Senator David Boren (D), and says to him: "I am concerned about a possible attack by the al-Qaeda network of Osama Bin Laden. "He is a CIA Bodyguard interrupted him a mobile phone in the hand pushes. Tenet is on the attack against the WTC. Boren says later: "I was concerned that the messenger of the term, attack 'used." Tenet is the phone back and then Boren says: "Do you think this is the handwriting of Bin Laden anywhere on it." He was very quiet, Boren said. He said he would be in 15 minutes in the CIA headquarters and was what people in the Crisis Center at colony.
- 8:50-New York and Boston air traffic control come to the conclusion, Flight 11 has hit the WTC buildings. This message goes through the entire air traffic control network in the United States like a wildfire. They informed NORAD that Flight 11 hit the north tower.
- 8:50 - Last contact with the 77th flight Six minutes later the pilot reacts rather than instruction.
- 8:50-Flight 175 makes a 180 degree turn and fly to New York.
- 8:50 - The company Flight Explorer in Fairfax Virginia begins immediately, the radar data from the FAA to use the position of the planes hijacked in real time to show. This company sells a software with the man over the Internet exactly the position of a plane and the route which it is flown live view. Although at that time 4,000 machines in the air, Flight Explorer without problems, the flight path of the four hijacked machines identified. This is very surprising, because the authorities say later, they had no aircraft on the radar can find, because the transponder was turned off. The company immediately created graphics and animated videos, which can then by all major television channels and via the Internet during the reporting appears to be.
- 8:52-Two fighter jets F-15s highlight of the Otis Air National Guard Air Force Base. That was six minutes after they were ordered to hunt Flight 11 (which was already reingestürzt), 26 minutes after the radar surveillance aircraft was clear in 1911 was abducted and 39 minutes after the radar controller recent contact with flight 11.

- 8:53-Major Don Arias, in charge of public relations at NORAD, calling his brother, who in the 84th Floor of the South Tower works. He tells him, a second plane is hijacked and on the way to New York. His brother calls suggest to all colleagues to leave the building and rescue them because of it.
- 8:55 - The motorcade of the President comes in the Booker Elementary School. Captain Deborah Loewer, head of the "Situation Room" of the White House, learns from the first impact, is running for president and informed him about it.
- 8:56-Flight 77 disappears from radar screens and is no longer visible.
- 8:57 - The aviation fuel which by flying into buildings invaded in 1911, is at this point almost completely burned.
- 8:59 - The chief of the Port Authority Police in WTC calls for the evacuation of the towers. He says: "As soon as we can, I want to evacuate the building, building 1 and Building 2, until we herausfinde what the cause is." Thirty seconds later, he repeated his command, but this time all the buildings in the WTC complex to be evacuated.
- 8:59 - During and before the whole catastrophe, a very large flow of credit transactions on computer systems in the WTC. The study of 32 hard disks found in the rubble of the WTC was to show that unusual large sums of money through the computers were hunted, even when the disaster took place. Experts reported later: "There is the suspicion that some people had prior knowledge about the approximate time of Flugzeugeinschläge so it sums of more than $ 100 million to transfer out. They believed the recording of transactions would not be understandable after the major computer would be destroyed. "
- 9:00-a loudspeaker announcement in the South Tower announced, the building is safe and the people could return to their offices back. This announcement is repeated until shortly before the second impact, and is the reason for hundreds of unnecessary deaths. A survivor remembers that security officials had also said: "Our building is secured. You can return to your floor. If you except breath since taking a break in the cafeteria. "
- 9:00 - The head of the Department for anti-terrorism, Richard Clark, is three street from the White House, when he was the voice on the crisis gets. He runs to his car and says: "Enables the CSG on secure video. I am in less than 5 minutes there. "The CSG is the Counter Terrorism Security Group, composed of the heads of various security departments.
- 9:00-In Washington, the Riz Carlton Hotel Investors Conference of the Carlyl Group. The guest of honor is Shafig Bin Laden, the brother of Osama Bin Laden.
- 9:00 - The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak premium weilt currently in London and will be interviewed live by the BBC, as the program with the message from New York is interrupted. While the whole world is completely on the head gestossen the TV pictures look, Barak pulls a prepared speech. He commented for 30 minutes to transfer with the words, how dangerous the Islamic countries and the terrorists. He pointed to the so-called "rogue states", which would be all the enemies of Israel. With this speech prepared Barak made the impression that he knew before the attacks would be exactly at this time.
- 9:00 - The Headmaster of Sarasota Elementary School, Gwen Tose-Rigell is in a room set up to work with President Bush to speak. She recalled: "He said a scheduled plane has just hit the World Trade Center, and we will, however, continue to make, we go now to the reading hour as planned." One of the reporters present later reported: "He could have easily the Emma E. Booker Elementary School immediately have to leave, the Air Force One to go and be away from his Sarasota, without delay. "
- 9:01-Flight 175 is a ungekennzeichneter point on the radar screens of Flugüberwacher the FAA New York Center on Long Iceland. A controller is on with shock and called: "No, it will not land. He goes out! "Another colleague screams," Oh my God! He flies in the direction of the city ... Oh my God! He manages to Manhattan! "The controller speculate what the target might be, one said it could be the Statue of Liberty. Another, Jim Bohleber, looking at his radar screen and the loud calls Sink speed of the machine every 12 seconds, whenever the screen is auffrischt. "There are 6,000 feet per minute ... Now there are eight ... Now 10 ... "

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - The second impact" I will list everything from the second impact happened.

Again, we see there was prior knowledge of the event and it wanted even people from benefiting financially. The technician Pecoraro, the statement by Rodriguez confirmed that it is great damage in the basement there. How could a private company that hijacked airplanes to locate and track better than the military? Who has the two interceptor out of the sea into a queue ordered them directly to New York? Thus, they could not protect the city and came much too late. Was that the intention?

The Lockerbie evidence was faked

The Board of Directors of Swiss firm Mebo, Edwin Bollier, has told journalists that one of its employees the Scottish investigating authorities with a stolen time fuze has been issued, then at the trial by the public prosecutor as evidence has been presented, with the assertion he would be in the rubble of parts aircraft have been found.

The firm Mebo manufactures electronic equipment for the security forces and is the manufacturer of the allegedly Zeitzünders which the explosive on board the PanAm-Maschine over the Scottish Lockerbie had ignited.

In fact, the employee Ulrich Lumpert now admitted that the device which he Scottish investigating authorities, he is stolen by the company and not part of the delivery was in 1980 went to Libya. (TA)

"The evidence has been manipulated and used to create a link between Libya and the bombing's" Bollier said the journalists.

For the record, Pan Am flight 103 exploded over the Scottish town of Lockerbie on 21 In December 1988, in which 270 people came to life, which is considered the greatest terrorist attack in British history.

The former Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed Al-Megrahi was by a Scottish court to 27 years in prison for his involvement in the attack.

Lumpert was witness to these proceedings and had it declared a fraction of the timer, which ignited the explosion was recognized to have.

The Monday edition of Le Figaro reported that he now faces a Swiss court an affidavit conclude his statement and then withdrawn from.

"I have the prototype of the MST-13 Zeitzünders stolen ... and did this without permission on 22 June 1989 a Scottish policemen, who officially investigated the Lockerbie affair," said Lumpert in its new statement reported Le Figaro.

"When I realized that the MST-13 was used incorrectly, I have decided to keep the mouth because it is very dangerous for me would have been," he added.

Lumpert not explained the motives behind his action.

This new development according to Le Figaro supports the thesis that the investigation was manipulated in order to accuse Libya, during the first traces of a pro splinter group had noted.

As you can see on the webpage can Mebo, says Bollier, also as a witness was then asked: "What the Commission is not mentioned is that the MST-13 fragments which they have shown in me, twice, and were not manipulated by the type MST come 1913, which were delivered to Libya. Although my statement went on record that they have deliberately suppressed. "(Mebo)

The sentencing of the former Libyan agent remains controversial and in the meantime, is a Scottish appellate Commission after three years of study of the evidence concluded that there is a miscarriage and Megrahi may appeal. (NZZ)

It has long circulate the rumors that the British authorities under massive pressure from the CIA and the American government were to do everything possible to Libya with the Lokerbie assassination associate them.

In the 80 years the government Regan tried everything to Libya as a rogue state's largest ever hinzustellen. Just as the Bush administration with Iraq, and more recently with Iran. It will be manufactured and manipulated evidence, depending on the political strategy to be the world public a plausible reason to give these countries to be attacked in order to make them supple.

As a reminder, on April 15, 1986, the United States with over 100 aircraft from aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea and bases in England, bombed the capital Tripoli and besides countless civilians, including the 15-month-old adopted daughter of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi killed and two of his sons injured .

The same tactics and a possible imminent attack with massive bombing, the Bush administration now with Iran. (SR)

The poor Hedge Fund Manager

Do not worry about the Titans to the capital

You have sleepless nights and certainly makes you worry how the hedge fund managers because of the scarcity of credit mortgage crisis and the ensuing storm survive. These people think it will be difficult now, since they are so much build on loans to their gambling on the global financial markets to finance. Many are sitting on a pile of the securities backed by mortgages, whose value was in the cellar. Some funds are on trips and Moody's credit analysts ago warned of the high probability that some large funds will soon collapse.

Here are some information, so that the poor guys not to worry.

As we Kenneth Griffin, head of Citadel Investment Group, in its desire castle of Versailles to marry may be some years before and last year performed $ 1.2 billion einsackte, an amount which even Marie Antoinette would make great eyes. Now that the heads because of the mortgage crisis roll, is the image of Blaublüter in the financial world has become a little dull. But unlike the ill-fated queen and her Louis XVI, is expected by Griffin, that he will survive and even with a plus out. He is already in a low-flying aircraft at a weak rivals go and has its values and nabbed it is difficult weakened the shares of other companies to buy. Incidentally, he Kunstmätzen than $ 60.5 million for a Paul Césanne acquired, then the painting "False Start" by the artist Jasler Johns for $ 80 million in the same month and $ 19 million to the Art Institute of Chicago donated. Not bad!

Now comes Steven Cohen, whose SAC Capital Fund increased by 6% in the first three weeks of August fell to one of its worst months ever. Furthermore, Cohen now with even a rumschlagen bad news coming from the Congress. They want the tax deductibility of mortgage interest for stately residences abolished. Among the weak excuse of climate protection, the Democrats are behind the owners of large houses ago, with more than 280 square meters of living space. The Villa Cohen of the Gregorian stick in Greenwich, Connecticut, has a living area of almost 3,000 square meters, which are not included with its own skating hall Zamboni, an art gallery, a theater, a tennis court and a beauty salon. Cohen was his least $ 1.2 billion on warm rain from last year still enjoy. At one of his shopping spree, he has the Marilyn Monroe picture of Andy Warhol "Turquoise Marilyn" for $ 80 million locker times taken away.

James Simons reign as the Topverdiener of hedge fund managers could be short-lived. Last year he bagged astronomical $ 1.5 billion. Since watching the wage bank UBS chief Marcel Ospel with Fri 24 million, one of the largest banks in the world, as a tip. This year, the value of its large funds remained unchanged, compared to the 21% increase in 2006. Well, it should be really bad for Simons, then he can still be regarded as numbers freak to his former employer, the Pentagon, back where his brain to the numerical code used crack earlier.

The average income for the 20 highest paid hedge fund managers last year was amazing $ 657.5 million. Without another thing to have to earn, they would surely the next 60 years to survive and have enough money for their villas, accommodations, car parks, yachts and private jets to be entertained, which they bought before the bubble bursting. You can also boast, in the year 2006 more than 18 times as many to have (deserved no place here) as the 20 most highly heads of major corporations, and 22'225 times as much as the average wage of a U.S. worker. Schlucker arms!

Even if their revenues fall, the hedge fund manager a loophole in the tax system to exploit that allowed them to be taxed less than the normal people. Because a large part of their income is in the form of fund-profits, such as capital gains and only 15%, instead of 35% as ordinary income treatment. Some class fighter in Congress want to plug this hole, but fortunately for the hedge fund managers, there is a strong opposition to this project. Na, had pig!

The heads of corporations fear Börsenquotierten before the shareholders at the annual meetings. Cheeky questions, angry cries "you earned too much" anything can happen. Sometimes the shareholders choose not as they should. Unbelievable as that! Hedge-fund managers on the other hand, not the horde of shareholders accountable about how they proceed and how much they earn, they need not even the Securities Supervisory Authority reported. A paradise!

So, therefore, dries your crocodile tears for their hedge fund managers have encapsulated. While hundreds of thousands of their families at home and 10,000 lose their job, as a result of the mortgage crisis, at least the criminal types which have inflated air bladder very well paraphernalia.

9 / 11 time-attack anniversary

Here is the continuation of my article 9 / 11 foreknowledge-time. It is the morning of the 11th September 2001. What happened everything before the first plane into the towers krachte.

- 6:00-Staff of the largest instant messaging company in the world Odigo received a warning two hours before the attack. The Odigo Inc. is an Israeli company and has its headquarters two streets away from the WTC.
- 6:00-President Bush wakes in the Colony Beach Tennis Resort on Longboat Key in Florida. Ground-to-air missiles are on the roof of the hotel as a defensive measure mounted. He makes up for his morning jog.
- 6.30-Lieutenant Colonel Dawne Deskins and others begin their day at NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) in Rome, NY. NORAD leads in the last few days wochenlanges major maneuvers by which "Vigilant Guardian." It is an exercise which "a crisis in the North American Air Defense, as a simulated air war, and as a defense against a simulated attack against the United States." The radar screens of air traffic control are full of simulated attack aircraft as "enemies" look like authentic.
- 6:30 - The number of military maneuvers to take place everywhere these days, the whole combat aircraft in all directions have spread far away, there are only a few interceptor available to the entire eastern United States to defend.
- 6:47 - The alarm system in the WTC7 building will be to "test" status, and thus, all the alerts received ignored. In this building are the New York offices of the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, the Military Intelligence, the Securities Supervisory Authority and the state command of Mayor Gulliani its anti-terrorist headquarters.
- 8:00-Pakistan ISI intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed breakfast in the Capitol with the chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Senator Bob Graham (D) and Representative Porter Goss, a 10-year-old veteran CIA.
- 8:00 - The U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld holds a breakfast in the Pentagon, along with Senator John Mica and other senators, as well as Chief of the Army Thomas White, and other chairmen of all weapons. It Rumsfeld said of the round: "The U.S. military since the fall of the Berlin Wall in the 90gern been greatly reduced. In the next two, four or six months ... is an event in the world happen which will be so shocking that people are again reminded how important it is a strong healthy Defense Ministry, which is the peace and stability on the world ensures. "
- 8:00-WTC owner Larry Silverstein should actually in his office in the 88th Floor begin its work, but he has a "can not" date doctor during his skin and is therefore not in the office.
- 8:00 - The Israeli Prime Minister comes into the studio at the BBC in London for a TV interview that he has a prepared text in which he later read out.
- 8:00 - Father Bush has with his wife in the White House overnight. He was in Washington for the annual shareholders' meeting of the Carlyl Group, a company that specializes in arms companies to invest. One of the co and business partner of Bush is Shafig Bin Laden, the brother of Osama Bin Laden.
- 8:10-President Bush travels to Booker Elementery School in Sarasota Florida for a public appearance, with the children on reading disabilities and how reading can improve mood.
- 8:13 - The last radio message routine flight between 11 and the ground control will be held, then we hear nothing more from the cockpit and the engine obeyed instructions not more. All attempts on emergency pilots fail to reach and shortly thereafter the transponder sends no signal. The machine leaves the prescribed course. None of the pilots of the four hijacked machines that day followed the emergency procedures and switches immediately to the kidnapping of a prescribed distress.
- 8:21-Boston flight monitoring determines that Flight 11 is hijacked.
- 8:24-Boston radar observed as flight 11, a 100 degree change of course and, after flying south. They reported the abduction of 11 flights to all other flight controls, the FAA and all within the normal jurisdiction.
- 8:28 - The FAA headquarters, a conference call with the radar stations from Boston, New York and Cleveland to discuss the situation.
- 8:30-Gerard Arpey chief of the American Airlines is about the kidnapping of Flight 11.
- 8:30 - The coordinator between FAA and the military responsible for the hijackings, Security Director Mike Canavan, weilt in Puerto Rico and is not reachable. He has no deputies appointed during his absence.
- 8:30-Captain Charles Leidig assumes the responsibility to the NMCC, National Military Command Center, the Pentagon, the headquarters responsible for all the attacks and the situation all weapons for a coordinated response to temporarily Brigadier General Montague Winfield. This has explicitly on the day asked him to this day. This was an inexperienced newcomer to the entire military crisis management of hijackings of 11 September.
- 8:30 - The joint FBI / CIA Anti-Terror Task Force for exactly such a case has not been established in Washington, but was to practice maneuvers to California. This was at the CIA and the FBI reached no one to take measures to prevent the abduction action.
- 8:30-Another major military maneuvers employed staff, which has been running days. It is a large-scale exercise "Global Guardian" by the U.S. Strategic Command (Stratcom), in cooperation with the U.S. Space Command and NORAD.
- 8:30 - The offices of the company March & McLennan, Lewis Paul "Jerry" Bremer are in 95th And 96 Floor of the WTC1, the exact floors where Flight 11 later unceremoniously. Bremer is the person who Bush as the first administrator of occupied Iraq until June 2004. And Bremer was previously the right-hand man of Henry Kissinger. Only everything coincidence?
- 8:30-From the 150 employees of Fuji Bank, only 20 appear on this day to work. The bank occupies the floors 79 to 82 in WTC 2, exactly the floors which was later taken by Flight 175. If they were forewarned? It is also interesting that in two floors of the towers, in which the nose of the aircraft einschlugen, were both computer rooms, packed with electronics and Notstrombatterien in which no one worked. There the goods tracking device?
- 8:34-Boston air traffic control, the Otis Air National Guard Base in Cape Cod to Boston, because there are two interceptor. Five minutes later, they are in the air without with NORAD before this committee. They do not know what the real enemy targets or simulated, because the whole maneuver the run.
- 8:37-11, flying in the air space of New York. The air traffic control asked the pilots of Flight 175 on this road to respect and avoid, but without informing him that hijacked Flight 11. A minute later, Flight 175 himself kidnapped.
- 8:38 Boston-Although NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) of a real abduction notified, the military said its radar screens before it is a simulation, because of the many maneuvers taking place.
- 8:39-11 flying over the Indian Point nuclear power plant, about 30 miles north of New York City. An attack that had everything in a radius of 50 miles contaminated and 7% of the population of the United States, 20 million people at risk and would be a "better" goal.
- 8:42-93 aircraft launched from Newark International Airport in the direction of San Francisco without having to be, though already two planes hijacked.
- - 8:43 NORAD is also informs flight 175 is probably been kidnapped.
- 8:45-Boston Radar Control, which Flight 11 and 175 monitors, receives an anonymous telephone bomb threat was even more chaos in radar personnel caused. Later, in Cleveland Radar Center an anonymous bomb threat, the Flight 93 monitor.
- 8:46 - The caretaker of the WTC is in the basement of the North Tower, and experienced a huge explosion IN ITSELF before the first airplane flight 11 above unceremoniously. William Rodriguez has been working for 20 years on the World Trade Center and is responsible for the cleaning of the entire staircase of the towers. He speaks with his head straight for the B-1 basement when he witnessed the following: "I heard this massive explosion under me, in the Basement B-2 or 3 The floor vibrated. We were all highly hurled to the ceiling fell on us and then started in the office at all to scream. A few seconds later there was another explosion very far above what the building from side to side let fluctuate. Later we learned that this was the impact of Flight 11 in the 93rd Floor. A man came into the cellar rennend office and cried ... Explosion! Explosion! ... His skin hanging in shreds down. I can see the difference whether an explosion from above or from below, and I am quite sure, first, there was a bottom of the cellar and the later blast from the top of the aircraft impact. "

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - The first impact" I will list everything from the first impact happened.

We see, it was also obvious foreknowledge about what happen in the morning. The radar surveillance was by the many maneuvers, and the bomb threats totally confused and had lost the overview. The eastern United States was represented by the withdrawal of the interceptor to maneuvers defenseless. What a coincidence. Bin Laden has either the information received that day would be the best for an attack, or it was intentionally wegbefohlen all machines. Who could this lead? Only the insiders knew everything.

The most amazing statement of an eyewitness is that of William Rodriguez, in which he says that there was an explosion in the basement BEFORE Fluzeugeinschlag and large damage in the basement. Thus, the presumption according to the foundation of the building was targeted by a blast at a collapse prepared.