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9 / 11 time - The second impact

Here is the continuation of my article 9 / 11 time - The first impact. The second plane came to Lower Manhattan to New York.

- 9:03-United Airlines Flight 175 crashes in 77th Until the 85th WTC2 floor of the south tower. It is a Boeing 767-222 with 56 passengers, seven flight attendants and two pilots on board. The machine was around 8:14 pm from Logan Airport in East Boston started on the road to Los Angeles. Alleged perpetrators of the airplane was contributed Marwan al-Shehhi. The flüchtenden people on the street and millions of television viewers around the world see it as a live "eyewitness."

- 9:03-air traffic controllers in Newark, New Jersey on the phone with New York Flugüberwacher and are asked flight 175 from the window to look. You see him and watch with horror as the last drops 5,000 feet and in the WTC unceremoniously. Rick Tepper (who also watched the first impact) recalls, "He was in a sharp right curve, steeply down and very quickly. And when he came up the Hudson ... he made a left turn and flew to downtown Manhattan to ... You could see he tried to deal with the tower in a line to take. Immediately prior to the impact in the tower, he was almost horizontal, and then just hit the building. "Newark immediately calls the FAA air surveillance center in Washington, says she and informed them that they are no planes in Newark more land up for machines from New York to keep away. It is the first step in the entire national airspace to close.
- 9:03-Bush enters the classroom by Sandra Daniels 2nd Class for a photo session in order for his school policy to advertise. Large numbers of the reporters traveling with the president, as well as local journalists, watching from the back of the room. Secret Service agents protecting the president are in the ceiling beams above the classroom. A total of 150 people in the area, 16 of which are children. Bush, the students presented and posing for photographs. The teacher then goes through some reading exercises.
- 9:03 - The WTC 7 building is evacuated after reported a third plane would be kidnapped, although this is neither the official and certainly not the public know.
- 9:03-Jim Pierce, the cousin of the President, sees the impact in the south tower from the nearby Millennium Hotel. He is head of AON Corporation, an insurance company that their offices in the 105th Floor of the South Tower. Actually, the conference took place there, but it was short notice to the Millennium Hotel relocated. Later, Pierce learned that 12 people were in the room where the meeting would actually take place, and only one survived.
- 9:03 - The National Military Command Center (NMCC) in the Pentagon see the people live the second turn on TV. According to Dan Mangino, an officer in the center, the staff at the first impact of a "terrible accident" is assumed. Only after the second impact "we knew it was a terrorist attack, and then became a corridor running higher and the phones started to ring. Brigadier General Montague Winfield had that day, the commander of an inexperienced officer. Although obviously an emergency situation existed, he came first at 10:30 am in the NMCC. Besides launching the NMCC only a telephone conference because of this "significant event" at 9:29 p.m. in response to the attack.
- 9:03 - The two F-15 pilots from Otis, which at this point 70 miles away from Manhattan over the Atlantic. The fighter pilot but have not released the abducted abzuschiessen machines. One of the pilots said later, even if we would have been right there, we would have not allowed because "only the President can launch a permit for a civilian aircraft." But Bush is at an event in Florida, and Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, both also can give the command, are not detectable during the crisis.
- 9:04-National Security Adviser Rice is currently serving with their employees in a meeting, as an assistant hands her a note with the information on the second turn. "This is a terrorist attack" and says she leaves the room to Vice President Cheney to go, and then later, together with him in the underground bunker in the White House to go.
- 9:04 - NORAD Northeast Defense Sector (NEADS) in Rome NY has just received a telephone call in which they report on the abduction of Flight 175 Mail, while the staff live pictures on the second turn on CNN. There is a real mess in the control room on the aircraft, whether it leaked is that they just watched. According tape recording you can hear the staff discuss, "Is this explosion part of what we see on TV? ... Gibts the possibility of a second kidnapping ... 1 ... 2 United Airlines aircraft? "Someone says," I think this is a recording, to be honest. "The term" recording "is the insertion of information during a simulated exercise. At least one military exercise on that day used the opportunity simulated aircraft on the radar screens to show.
- 9.05-NBC news correspondent Jim Miklaszewski is the corridor along in the Pentagon when he meets an employee. The official says he has no details about the attack. But he says there is a coordinated "if I do, I would today E-Ring away from (the outer ring of the Pentagon), as we turn next." According Miklaszewski, the officials had no specific information "it , was a gut feeling. "
- 9.05 - Richard Clark comes in the White House. A few minutes later, he found Vice President Cheney and National Security Adviser Rice in the office of Cheney. Cheney says to Clark: "It is an al-Qaeda attack and they like simultaneous attacks. It is not yet over. "The Secret Service calls them on in the underground bunker to go.

- 9:06-Andrew Card is the chief of staff of the President enters the classroom and whispers in his ear "A second plane has hit the other tower, America is under attack!" The first president is confused. He ended the visit not to be a leader of the nation to the attack, but still sit and read with the children for the next 10 minutes in the school. Having now clearly established America is under attack, the Secret Service is taking nothing for the president to safety. The eingeübte emergency plan, however, is now the President to protect and out of the danger zone, because after all this public appearance was long previously known and therefore an ideal target for terrorists. The Secret Service did not know if an airplane was on to them, they made ... or nothing because they just knew he was not in danger?
- 9:08 - The aufgestiegenen F-15 interceptor from Otis to be away from New York, 150 miles out of the sea and ordered sent there in a queue to go.
- 9:09 - The FAA control center reported there were 11 aircraft are not respond to radio or extraordinary routes to fly. NORAD Major General Larry Arnold claims that during the four hour ordeal "of the attacks, a total of 21 aircraft were hijacked as possible. Robert Marr, the chief of NEADS said "At a time said to me, it would be 29 Fugzeugentführung throughout the country."
- 9:10-Brian Clark, the vice president of Euro Brokers, whose offices in the 84th Floor of the South Tower, runs the stairs A house down, the only staircase from the bottom up through the top of the tower. He will be accompanied by Stanley Praimnath. They reach the 77th Or 78th Ground floor, where the stairwell has a crack, which allows them durchzuschauen. Clark sees no big fire. He said later: "I looked through the crack and saw flames. You only have flared quiet, no loderndes Inferno. There was also some smoke there, but the staircase was under pressure and the air pushed out. "Clark and Praimnath went further down the stairs and managed to save a few minutes before the tower zusammenstürzte.
- 9:10-Vice President Cheney and Condi Rice go in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) bunker under the White House.
- 9:13 - The aviation fuel in the south tower at this time is completely burned.
- 9:16-President Bush leaves the classroom and browsing in an adjacent room on the circuit TV. He telephoned with Vice President Cheney, and they agree that terrorists are behind the attack. He also spoke with Rice, with the Governor of the State of New York George Pataki, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. The spokesman Ari Fleischer of the President and communications director Dan Bartlett quickly write a speech for the President.
- 9:17 - The FAA includes all airports in New York.
- 9:18 - The FAA command center is a nationwide warning to all air traffic, while on the aircraft disappeared from the radar screen or not approved route changes eighth.
- 9:20 - The FBI in Washington is informed that American Airlines Flight 77, which leads from Washington Dulles International Airport started, was kidnapped. Special Agent Arthur Eberhart send 50 agents to the airport to investigate the kidnapping and to prevent another.
- 9:20-Transport Minister Norman Mineta comes to Cheney and Rice in the PEOC bunker under the White House.
- 9:21 - The New York Port Authority closes all bridges and tunnels in the city.
- 9:24-pilots of the Langley Air Force Base received the alarm in their jets to be set and ready to start.
- 9:24-93 is flying from the United Airlines based on the incident in New York informed and invited to the cockpit door lock. The pilot confirmed, it is the last contact with the plane.
- 9:24 - FAA Great Lakes regional operations center informed the FAA headquarters in Washington about the simultaneous loss of the radar signal and communication with the 77th flight This happens 30 minutes after it happened, and 15 minutes after they were informed.
- - 9:25 NORAD is informed by the FAA that Flight 77 "maybe" has been introduced and may fly to Washington.
- 9:25 - The two F-15 from Otis appear in New York after the queue across the Atlantic have left, and guard the airspace above the city.
- 9:26-Jane Garvey, the head of the FAA orders that no aircraft in the United States may launch more, and all in the air to land.
- 9:26-Vice President Cheney will be kept informed about Flight 77. As Mineta later reported, while the plane is flying in the direction of Washington, a young man in the room and says to Cheney, "The machine is 50 miles away." Mineta said then, the young man reported to Cheney constantly "The machine is 30 miles away." And then when it was called "The press is only 10 miles away," the young man asks "Do the orders still?" What Cheney herumwirft his head and says, "Of course, the commands nor have they heard something else!" Mineta said , "my understanding of this dialogue was more concerned with the firing command" during flight in 1977 further hindrance to the Pentagon flew.
- 9:28-CNN reported that, according to U.S. officials, the attack was carried out by terrorists.
- 9:28 - Richard Clarke, a video conference with senior managers, I asked the Chief of General Staff Richard Myers, "I suppose NORAD has interceptor and AWAC started? How many? Where? "What Meyers replied" It is not a pretty picture, Dick, we are in the middle of the Vigilant Warrior exercise, but Otis has two birds in New York and Langley high just two tries to bring about Washington "Clark then asked," How long they need to craft about Washington? "Myers replied" In 15 minutes? . "
- 9:28-A mutilated help is received from Flight 93. It is assumed Flight 93 is now also been kidnapped.
- 9:29-President Bush is still in school and holds a speech in front of 200 students and teachers. He refers to the current events and said, "Today we are experiencing a national tragedy. Two aircraft are in the World Trade Center, hit as a possible terrorist attack on our country. "The whole runs exactly at the time and location as publicly announced, although it will be the children and a possible attack of commodities. This appearance is the last thing the public sees the President, he appears to evening under.
- 9:30-Three F-16 fighter jets from Langley go Air Force base in the air. They would actually at full speed in excess of Mach 2 in just 6 minutes over Washington, early enough before Flight 1977 arrives there. In fact, however, they are only 30 minutes later there because they "mistakenly" over the Atlantic.
- 9:30-Clark calls in the PEOC bunker and says, "We need three things, first, the President must not return to Washington, secondly, he needs an escort of fighter jets, Air Force One protects and thirdly, we need the approval of the warrant firing . Do you understand? . " None of these, however, Bush flies without protection, and neither the President nor the Vice-President shall issue the permit firing.
- 9:30-Dulles Airport Surveillance Radar watched as an unidentified plane with 750 Km / h races to Washington and 30 miles away. Observers believe it is a military plane, not a civilian machine.
- 9:30-President Bush leaves the Booker Elementary School in Sarasota airport.
- 9:32-94 aircraft changed course to the east. Since it is not on radio calls answered, it is assumed there is kidnapped.
- 9:32 - The New York Stock Exchange closes trading.
- 9:33 - The FAA head Jane Garvey says the video conference, led by Richard Clark, that flight 77 kidnapped, and that all aircraft have received the command, to the nearest airfield to land.
- 9:33-a plane, allegedly Flight 77, penetrates the airspace of Washington, first over the Pentagon at an altitude of 2,000 meters, and then a long drawn steeply down toward 360 degrees of rotation, which is on the White House flies.
- 9:34-On the way to the airport tries President Bush to the White House and Cheney on a secure line contact, but all attempts fail. Even on the normal mobile companion can not call. Arriving at the Air Force One the same, although with all kinds of communication technology for such cases is equipped to work the phones. Conversely, the same way. The switchboard of the White House is not in a position to connect to the president's, he is completely isolated and without communications, which has never happened in history.
- 9:34 - The three F-16 from Langley are far above the Atlantic instead of Washington.
- 9:34 - The FAA informed NORAD, Flight 77 is possibly kidnapped.
- 9:35-in the middle of this attack decides General Ralph Eberhart, commander of NORAD, NORAD from his headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado to the NORAD operations center in Cheyenne Mountain to drive, which is only 12 miles away. Why he makes this journey and why he has full 45 minutes until now nobody knows. It was in this period unreachable.
- 9:35 - Craftsman office facility in the newly renovated Pentagon outer ring on the west side install get from the wife of a worker a call. She looks just the TV images of the attack in New York on CNN, and says she had a feeling that she would be in danger in the Pentagon. When the workers hear, the boss calls its 23 workers, all stand and lie down, and to leave the building.
- 9:35-Another plane is on Washington sightings which encircles the city. It is a big white machine as a 747 ausieht. The subsequent analysis of photographs and video recordings show it is a E-4B, the flying command post for emergency cases. When the Air Force One flying the White House, then the Pentagon E-4B of flying a plane with all kinds of electronic communication and control systems for the military. What made it exactly at this time about Washington?
- 9:36-93 aircraft changed course 180 degrees and now flies to the south in the direction of Washington.
- 9:36-Major General Larry Arnold, commander of the Continental United States NORAD Region, says "We are flying 93 and are ready abzuschiessen it."
- 9:37-a call the Emergency Operations Center will send some units of the fire brigade after Rosslyn Virginia, near the Pentagon. As it is a high-rise fire, there are nine different fire and Sanitätsfahrzeuge. When the first team arrives, it means the fire is cleared. This was by "pure coincidence" many firefighters and Sanitätskräfte equal to the Pentagon, when the impact happened.
- 9:37 - The air traffic controllers have 77 aircraft on the radar screen. Especially after radar contact was lost, the FAA headquarters informed "The airplane flies in a circle. It turns away from the White House. "The point on the screen disappears. The last known position is six miles from the Pentagon, and four miles from the White House. The aircraft is 750 Km / H fly.
- 9:37 - The Republican members Christopher Cox sits at Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in the Pentagon. They discuss missile defense and look at the TV pictures from New York, on Flight 77 without informed. Rumsfeld says to Cox: "Believe me, this is still not over. There will be an attack, and it can take us. "No sooner had Rumsfeld these prophetic words pronounced, there was an explosion.

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - the third impact" I will list everything from the third impact happened.

From this collection are the following questions: Who has been and why the interceptor from Langley sent across the Atlantic? It was Washington, like New York with the Jets Otis, defenseless. Why was the President not immediately brought to safety and he stayed for 30 minutes in the school schedule? Why had so many of the government members at the hour of the attack foreboding, which it would still happen, but then when they said we had no Vorwarnungen, knew of nothing and therefore could not prevent the attack? Why did it take to 9:28 CNN has the information, the perpetrators are terrorists, although no evidence existed to spark? Finally, it was up to this moment clueless, but suddenly knew everything. Was that the beginning of the legend in the public laid, and there were angry Arab Islamists?

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