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The poor Hedge Fund Manager

Do not worry about the Titans to the capital

You have sleepless nights and certainly makes you worry how the hedge fund managers because of the scarcity of credit mortgage crisis and the ensuing storm survive. These people think it will be difficult now, since they are so much build on loans to their gambling on the global financial markets to finance. Many are sitting on a pile of the securities backed by mortgages, whose value was in the cellar. Some funds are on trips and Moody's credit analysts ago warned of the high probability that some large funds will soon collapse.

Here are some information, so that the poor guys not to worry.

As we Kenneth Griffin, head of Citadel Investment Group, in its desire castle of Versailles to marry may be some years before and last year performed $ 1.2 billion einsackte, an amount which even Marie Antoinette would make great eyes. Now that the heads because of the mortgage crisis roll, is the image of Blaublüter in the financial world has become a little dull. But unlike the ill-fated queen and her Louis XVI, is expected by Griffin, that he will survive and even with a plus out. He is already in a low-flying aircraft at a weak rivals go and has its values and nabbed it is difficult weakened the shares of other companies to buy. Incidentally, he Kunstmätzen than $ 60.5 million for a Paul Césanne acquired, then the painting "False Start" by the artist Jasler Johns for $ 80 million in the same month and $ 19 million to the Art Institute of Chicago donated. Not bad!

Now comes Steven Cohen, whose SAC Capital Fund increased by 6% in the first three weeks of August fell to one of its worst months ever. Furthermore, Cohen now with even a rumschlagen bad news coming from the Congress. They want the tax deductibility of mortgage interest for stately residences abolished. Among the weak excuse of climate protection, the Democrats are behind the owners of large houses ago, with more than 280 square meters of living space. The Villa Cohen of the Gregorian stick in Greenwich, Connecticut, has a living area of almost 3,000 square meters, which are not included with its own skating hall Zamboni, an art gallery, a theater, a tennis court and a beauty salon. Cohen was his least $ 1.2 billion on warm rain from last year still enjoy. At one of his shopping spree, he has the Marilyn Monroe picture of Andy Warhol "Turquoise Marilyn" for $ 80 million locker times taken away.

James Simons reign as the Topverdiener of hedge fund managers could be short-lived. Last year he bagged astronomical $ 1.5 billion. Since watching the wage bank UBS chief Marcel Ospel with Fri 24 million, one of the largest banks in the world, as a tip. This year, the value of its large funds remained unchanged, compared to the 21% increase in 2006. Well, it should be really bad for Simons, then he can still be regarded as numbers freak to his former employer, the Pentagon, back where his brain to the numerical code used crack earlier.

The average income for the 20 highest paid hedge fund managers last year was amazing $ 657.5 million. Without another thing to have to earn, they would surely the next 60 years to survive and have enough money for their villas, accommodations, car parks, yachts and private jets to be entertained, which they bought before the bubble bursting. You can also boast, in the year 2006 more than 18 times as many to have (deserved no place here) as the 20 most highly heads of major corporations, and 22'225 times as much as the average wage of a U.S. worker. Schlucker arms!

Even if their revenues fall, the hedge fund manager a loophole in the tax system to exploit that allowed them to be taxed less than the normal people. Because a large part of their income is in the form of fund-profits, such as capital gains and only 15%, instead of 35% as ordinary income treatment. Some class fighter in Congress want to plug this hole, but fortunately for the hedge fund managers, there is a strong opposition to this project. Na, had pig!

The heads of corporations fear Börsenquotierten before the shareholders at the annual meetings. Cheeky questions, angry cries "you earned too much" anything can happen. Sometimes the shareholders choose not as they should. Unbelievable as that! Hedge-fund managers on the other hand, not the horde of shareholders accountable about how they proceed and how much they earn, they need not even the Securities Supervisory Authority reported. A paradise!

So, therefore, dries your crocodile tears for their hedge fund managers have encapsulated. While hundreds of thousands of their families at home and 10,000 lose their job, as a result of the mortgage crisis, at least the criminal types which have inflated air bladder very well paraphernalia.

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