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Are the nuclear bombs for Iran?

Why such a stir because of the B-52 from the B-52 Air Force base in Minot North Dakota and then take off on the B-52 Air Force Base in Barksdale Louisiana lands? This is so exciting, as when a postman in uniform from a post office runs. And how can anyone of a B-52 observed as they take off note this has nuclear missiles on board? It makes no sense.

Therefore, I have an old friend, a retired B-52 pilot, and asked him. What he told me is a compelling case for a circumstantial evidence. My buddy, let him Jack D. Ripper hot, it reminded me that the only reason why weapons affixed to a plane, when one goes on alert, or if the weapons to a certain place move.

Then he told me something that I still did not know.

The Barksdale Air Force base as a starting point for operations in the Middle East. Wow, why would we Nuclear Cruise Missiles on the Barksdale base? I can not imagine we need them for Iraq. Why we want nuclear weapons on the basis handy, the Middle East operations?

His final point was to note that anyone from the inner circle appears to information about these planes carry nuclear bombs has percolate. A B-52 in the Barksdale lands is a unwichtiges event. A B-52 with atomic bombs landed is something else.

Now there may be an innocent explanation. I would not. What is quite certain that the pilots are not at the last minute decided to have some atomic bombs anzuschnallen and a trip to make. We have some tough questions and answers. What the hell happened here? Has anyone in Barksdale tried to indirect way the American people to give a signal that the Bush administration wants Iran with nuclear weapons to attack? I do not, but it is a question that we must make. (Larry Johnson)

This fits with my report of a Insiderin on an aircraft carrier here.

According to this page, a B-52 following number of nuclear weapons bear:
12 Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACM), or
20 Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM), or
8 atomic bombs.

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