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9 / 11 time - the third Einschlag

Here is the continuation of my article 9 / 11 time - The second impact. Flight controls about 77 Washington at the Pentagon.

- 9:37-American Airlines Flight 77 crashes on the first floor of the west wing of the Pentagon. It is a Boeing 757-223 with 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots on board. The machine was around 8:10 pm from Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. Started on the way to Los Angeles. Alleged perpetrators of the airplane was contributed Hani Hanjour.

- 9:37 - The impact and the resulting explosion destroyed the three outer rings of the Pentagon. It will be the offices of the army accounting, the command center of the Navy and the Defense Intelligence Agency Comptroller Office (The office which is the missing trillion to pursue funds should be) destroyed. It was exactly the side of the Pentagon hit, as only one in the last few years renovated and against bomb attacks strengthened. Due to the construction work are "only" 800 people in this part of the building, where normally 4,500 of a total of 25,000 Pentagon employees. It will die or 120 people are missing.
- 9:37 - The automatic air defense system the Pentagon is not actively protected and not the building, although such a courtyard installed. Also, the Secret Service does not use its soil-air Stinger missiles to the White House to protect, although the entire airspace over Washington is a closed area and one from New York knows there is an attack. Later, questions aloud why the bestbewachte building in the world, the military headquarters in the United States, with the high command of all the armed forces, which aims to protect the country, not in a position to protect themselves ... or is the defense has been deliberately turned off?
- 9:37 - The Route 77 aircraft which flew over Washington is very unusual. The "terrorists" made a big detour, a "flight" to Washington and set up the danger from downed be held on direct and quickest way to the east to overthrow, where the entire military leadership sat. At each tour of the Pentagon, is one explains where the generals and the defense minister's offices. The journalist Steve Vogel said later: "The hijackers are not the side of the building, where the military leadership to narrow room since 1942 is located. At the time of the attack was Defense Secretary Rumsfeld in his office on the third floor, just like everyone before him since predecessor Louis Johnson, a place of the public have always known. Also, the Chiefs of weapons genus are all on this side, and all command centers. An impact there would have been the entire military leadership and all centers except battle to make the U.S. military beheaded. Why do you choose the side chooses, which is unimportant, and even empty, is incomprehensible. "
- 9:37-A Air Force officer told CNN later, before the impact of the Pentagon, he was outside the building and he watched a helicopter circling. He disappeared behind the building where the landing area, and then he saw the explosion. Dick Cheney, later told NBC: "The first reports were that a helicopter had hit the Pentagon." He was reported either a plane or a helicopter loaded with explosives "is on its way to the White House.
- 9:37-Two policemen Pentagon's security service are just at the gas station Cisco (Navy Exchange today), just 1 / 2 miles before the Pentagon on refueling their vehicle. This eyewitness report later completely independent of each other, a plane would be on the northern side in a low-flying aircraft and then forget it would be an explosion in the Pentagon. "I was standing at the pump and saw how a big plane flew very low drüber. It was quite sure on the north side of the gas station. It was light and the windows were all drawn. " The official report says later, the Anflugweg would be on the south side of the gas station was a complete contradiction. The flight data recorder from the black box confirmed the details of the two policemen and refuted what the official 9 / 11 Commission as a fixed route. Other credible witness reports, the flight of the machine was on the north side and it is impossible that the light poles in front of the Pentagon through the machine umgeknickt. In addition, the altitude, according to the final black box is higher than what is officially reported. Thus, the machine would never embark into the ground floor, but the Pentagon would have flown drüber.
- 9:37-According to witnesses, a C-130 transport machine directly behind the first machine when she unceremoniously. It is amazing that this machine later in the proximity of Flight 1994 will be when these crashes. Eyewitnesses reported how close it was to Flight 77. The witness Kelly Knowles says, "as flight 1977 came over the other was close behind." Keith Wheelhouse says, "it just flew on Flight 77, as if on the radar only a plane should see to it while in the Pentagon to control. As Flight 77 went the other einschlug drüber and in the west away. "The USA Today reporter Vin Narayanan says," After the explosion, I jumped out of the car and saw a second jet in the air. " The USA Today editor Joel Sucherman, with a second plane, also Brian Kennedy, press secretary for deputies, and so it continues with many of the witnesses saw a second aircraft.
- 9:37 - There are many eye-witness account by a small plane saw, or a plane without windows or a cruise missile. The eyewitnesses who watched a Boing 767, interestingly, all the work in any way for the state or for the media. Until today, there is no video images with a Boing show the cracks in the Pentagon, although the entire Pentagon complex many surveillance cameras mounted. Why will we not show these pictures?
- 9:37-employees in the Pentagon by the explosion to the ground and then Cordite smell, the smell of explosives. Terry Morin, a former pilot in the Marines sat in his office in BMDO old Navy Annex "I saw a flash and then a fireball. There was a big explosion and then the noise of a typical Echo Tetonation. I felt the air pressure and then the dust and Luftstoss . For former military, it sounded as if a 1,000 kilo bomb a 1 / 2 miles away went off. " Gilah Goldsmith said "We saw a big black cloud and then it smelled like gunpowder or Cordite."
- 9:37 - The three F-16 is still not on Washington, and nobody knows why. At this time, they are 150 miles away, farther than the distance from its base in Langley of 129 miles.
- 9:37-At the Andrews Air Force Base, which lies immediately to Washington, the pilots crisis situation, but they are still on the ground and waiting for commands. Because the recharge of the missiles so long, until they fly in an hour go without missiles there.
- 9:37 - Richard Clark gets a note from the head of the Secret Service. The memo says "Radar shows aircraft on track here. I will evacuate the White House. "The Secret Service knows this, because they are a direct connection with the FAA and everything was seen on the radar screens in Washington happens. Only the note comes too late. Flight 77 is already set. At the same time an assistant to Clark: "A plane has hit the Pentagon." He replied: "I can Rumsfeld still on the screen, it may not be the whole building is damaged. No emotion please. We must stay focused. "He befielt an assistant:" Find out where the interceptor. I want combatively air surveillance over every major city. Now! "
- 9:37 - The Pentagon National Military Command Center (NMCC) is on the other side of the building where the impact took place. Therefore feels the military personnel there allegedly nothing. Although the primary nerve center of the American defense should be, from which all the forces of the United States in the world monitored and controlled, says the present officer Steven Hahn later, "I was not aware that we were hit until I have the News heard on television. "
- 9:37 - The DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic in the Pentagon building has devices for the treatment of masses of injured (MASCAL) had just taken from the camp that morning because an inventory clerks. Major Lorie Brown, the senior sister, can be the disaster plan expeditiously implement after the impact. She says later, "It all fit so well on this day. It was such a coincidence. It was amazing how everything happened. "
- 9:38 - The Minister of Defense Rumsfeld runs out of his office. It is therefore for over 20 minutes untraceable. The White House, the military leadership, all trying to reach it. An official in the Situation Room of the response to the attack is coordinated angry later this disappearance in such a critical time condemn and say, "He has left his post, the country was attacked and where was the man of the defense of the country should be guided? Not here! It was irresponsible abzuhauen. "
- 9:39-Vice President Cheney is calling on President Bush, on his way to the airport Sarasota, and he reported that the White House as a "target". Bush says he wants to return to Washington, but Cheney recommended him not to do it "until we find out what the hell is going on here."
- 9:39 - The reporter Jim Miklaszewski reported on NBC News, "I would like to alert anyone now, but apparently is here ... I felt just a moment before, as when an explosion took place here in the Pentagon. We are in E-Ring. We have a window in the direction of Potomac (River). After the explosion, I heard nothing more. I see the people from the building. "
- 9:40 - The FAA Headquarters reports, it could be 10 aircraft at the moment kidnapped.
- 9:40 - As part of the NORAD maneuver is at this stage a simulated kidnapping. As the scenario is a political hijacking goal with Cuba, where they can ask for asylum. This kidnapping is part of the many simulations to be run that day. Major Kevin Nasypany, chief of the NEADS Mission has planned this exercise thinks the report on the abduction of Flight 11 is because "someone the exercise has begun too early."
- 9:42-Only a few minutes after the Pentagon attack, the FBI suburbs, and over the investigation. First, they immediately confiscated all video records of the 80 surveillance cameras in the Pentagon and nearby buildings, such as gas station, hotel and traffic monitoring.
- 9:43 - The motorcade of President Bush arrives at the airport in Sarasota and stops next to Air Force One. Bush learns impact of increases in the Pentagon and the plane immediately. Bush remains short of Einganstür and beckoning photographers.
- 9:43 - The E-4B, the big white plane, the flying command headquarters of the U.S. military, which has long been on Washington circles, is seen for the last time and leave the airspace.
- 9:45 - The White House will be evacuated because the reports on the circular plane, the people in fear staggered.
- 9:45 - Richard Clark initiated the government's contingency plans. Important state entities, especially in what the successor of the president, will be sent to a secret place.
- 9:48 - The Capitol in Washington is evacuated. The Congress has just sit on, but the room is almost empty. Senator Tom Daschl later reported "a policeman rushed in and said, We will be attacked. I must bring them immediately away. ' "The Senate Speaker Dennis Hastert, third in succession to the presidency, and others, are rausgeführt and with a helicopter to a secret bunker flown.
- 9:49-All Air Force bases receive the command of Clark, interceptor on the most important cities. Until this command is implemented, and the machine does it take off until 11:00 pm.
- 9:50-After 40 minutes of the city has spent WTC disaster, refers Mayor Rudolph Giuliani a small office at the Barclay Street 75, about two streets away from the WTC7, in the hope there's command center will be established. Its command center in WTC7 building has been evacuated 9:30. With him are Police Chief Bernard Kerik and disaster chief Richard Sheirer. Giuliani contacted the White House and spoke with Chris Henik, Deputy Director for Policy of the President.
- 9:50 - Geschmolzenes Metal flowing from the 80th Floor of the South Tower, although the entire aviation fuel burned after a few minutes.
- 9:50-a whole series of reports about further terrorist attacks hit. The Foreign Ministry would be by a car bomb. A fire in the shopping center Capital Mall An explosion in the Capitol and the headquarters of the newspaper USA Today. All prove to be false messages.
- 9:52 - The firemen Orio Palmer and Ronald Bucca reach the 78th Floor of the south tower just below where Flight 175 hit. They reported via radio headquarters, "We see only two small fire stations, we can delete these two units." This statement by firemen suburb shows that there were no signs of a severe damage to the building or it would be unstable and could collapse. The fires were very small and easy to remove. Palmer's report contradicts the allegations later, "the extreme fire" had zusammenstürzen the tower.
- 9:55-Vice President Cheney issued the launching permit.
- 9:55-two AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft are to exercise operations from the coast of Florida and Washington. When they reach the news about the attacks, my first goal is to establish simulations.
- 9:55 - The three F-16 from Langley finally come about Washington. You get the vague command to the White House.
- 9:55 - The navigation system of Flight 95 is in the cockpit from Los Angeles to Washington as a destination converted. Thus, the FAA air traffic controllers where the machine that will, with the possible arrival time of 10:28 pm.
- 9:56-Air Force One raises without protection and without escort that the pilot knows where it will go. Only an hour later appear to protect hunters. The machine is initially steep upward and after reaching the cruising altitude then fly in a circle. The President still has trouble connecting to the White House and the military commands.
- 9:57-Cheney and Bush discuss what to do and whether the firing command is approved by the President. He says, "You bet!" .
- 9:58 - Although no evidence exists that comes from the OEM Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, the message that the south tower zusammenkrachen soon. The firemen observe how high government officials fluchtartig leave the lobby, "such as if they knew more than us, they were all suddenly gone."
- 9:58-Almost all people in the offices of the south tower, have until that date to leave the building, which were in a position. Only 11 people are still under the floors of the impact. There are 619 people who either captured, injured or already dead, and the auxiliary forces on the way to the top.
- 9:59-Large quantities of gold in the basement rooms of the WTC stored and some of it will be at this morning wegtransportiert. Weeks later, when the teams are clearing large trucks under the WTC5 and some cars, which are fully covered with gold. The vehicles are compressed, but there are no corpses are found, so it takes, they were abandoned before the first tower zusammenstürzte.
- 9:59 - WTC6 explosions through the building and beat out all the windows.
- 9:59-At ground level in the South Tower, a large fireball after an explosion sightings. "The doors were rausgeschlagen riessiger and a fireball exploding through the diesel tanks was shot from the high elevator shafts, which devoured everything in the way." The police officer Will Jimeno in the corridor to the north tower was reported on the "Suddenly, the Heat began to be shaken and riessigen I saw a fireball explode on the street "Ronald DiFrancesco is the last person it creates from the south tower. When he was in the direction of Liberty Street is turned "I saw a huge fireball." He runs to the exit when he subsequently by an explosion on the other side of the road hurled.
- 9:59 - Very many witnesses have reported strong shocks and tremors of the whole building to churn. Wait earthquake registering exactly at the time of the shock strength 2.1. People look up and see the explosions anywhere in the building in order to go off. Shouting they run away and seek protection, then begin the unthinkable ...

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - the south tower collapses" I will list everything from the overthrow of interconnection WTC2 happened.

At the time of Einschlags in the Pentagon are three machines in the air, the alleged Flight 77 and two military machine, the C-130 and the E-4B, both for electronic warfare. The allegation of the military that they had not vehindern this attack, because they are not seen flying in 1977, is a lie. It seems more likely that the attack was intentional, the Verteiding was down (as it confirmed Mineta) and the machine (whatever it is a war) in the Pentagon went through Begleitflugzeuge remotely.

We see in New York, WTC2 was not severely damaged, the fire was small and the fire department has it under control. Then the tower by massive explosions from top to bottom thoroughly ... The only come from a targeted blast.

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