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We will attack Iran, in great style

Here is a report of DailyKos, where the friend of a female officer, on an aircraft carrier is based, tells the following:

I have a friend, an LSO on an aircraft carrier attack group, which the planning and preparation for a deployment in the Strait of Hornuz made. (LSO: Landing Signal Officer, she directs the aircraft to land on a carrier) They told me, we will attack Iran. She said that all plans for the Air Force operations and missions are completed. This means that all targets are selected, sorted by priority and as a mandate to the respective planes, bases, aircraft carriers, guided missile cruisers, etc. have been distributed.

I asked her why she told me this? Your answer is really amazing:

(The following is a list of their eight years of service in the Marines and how they then moved to the Navy and is now on a large aircraft carrier performed their service ... I will cite only the essential)

There is something rotten in the Navy and the Marines in their eyes. Always willing to suspend the danger, Marines rarely issues, unless it is a case of tactics or honor. But something seems wrong to run. Young and experienced officers start to grumble, rolling her eyes in the corridors. The effort of the stakes starts everyone to meet and it penetrates every day in every interview the officers of the Navy and Marines in a managerial position.

"I know it sounds crazy of a naval officer," she said, "But we are all waiting for the end of this government. Today, the simple commands from above and there is no questioning. I have more than one senior commanders see disappear, and three weeks later he replaced. That is really strange. It is therefore strange, because all the disappeared have asked whether we have a massive attack on Iran should be performing. "

"We are not stupid. Most members of the fleet are well enough to know what in the world there. We also realize that each of any doubt, the danger of a long military career, pulled away at war. It is important to note that most people are happy, in the war against terror. The point is, what we see out here because we are supposedly the big Strategy. But when talking to the official from the government, you may not know that the Iranians do not speak Arabic and do not have the foggiest how the Iranians live, then you think twice whether these officials of the government at all competently. "

I asked her about the attack, such as limited and so on.

"I think this is not limited. We ship and distribute any Tomahawk missile which we have in stock. I think there is a massive and very suddenly happen to thousands of destinations. I do not believe Americans will know when it will happen until it happens. And whatever the consequences are, they will have to live with. I am sure if my father knew I speak with someone from a news organization that we are a secret attack to start, then it would be a betrayal. But something in me says I should tell one way or another. "

I asked them why they have become so cynical.

"I am only recently become cynical. I think no one is in a position to prevent this. Bush is something of an emperor. He is commanding and Cruise Missiles are flying, the aircraft are flying and people are dying, and only a few of us here why can to make it a good idea. Of course, many of us 08/15 lecture on democracy in the Middle East hold. But if you ask the pilots, whether they are a clear idea about the purpose of this attack, is the answer as from one of the think tanks and strategy papers read. But it is not like Kosovo or as we helped the tsunami victims. There was all you say in one sentence what we have done. "

"That is missing here. A real meaning and purpose. What is missing is the answer to what the hell are we doing out here, a country with so much firepower to threaten? Yesterday evening in the cafeteria, a cadet asked what right we have a country to order that they not allowed to build nuclear weapons? I think the table was suddenly damned quiet. Not because the man a question, the taboo was, but because he is a good question. Indeed, followed by a discussion afterwards on deck, as some of our group smoked a cigarette. The discussion was intelligent, but also with muted voice. It is as if we are not allowed to ask the man always before a fight. It is as if the average soldier, sailor and the whole political line simply implements. "

They then had to hang up. They adopted with the words, they believe the attack is a decided matter. "It is only a matter of time before their orders arrive, and they struggle to stop and to be alert level red switch." She said, "You are already on the practice for the capture of aircraft on deck, practice on the flight maneuvers and for the air combat, and train air superiority. "

She seemed lost. For the first time in my life I have seen next to the shoes, unsure why she makes something. She knows there is something rotten in the naval command and they, like many of their colleagues, hope the elections bring someone new, a new situation, or something.

"Yes. We will attack Iran, in great style. The whole political discussions which are now run only decoration, or even a diversion. I was below deck in the hangars and weapons warehouses happens. And I have a feeling mulmiges how it will end. "
(Update: The article was withdrawn DailyKos! ! ? ? Because he reveals secrets?)

A confirmation of their statement is this report from The Times:

Pentagon plans "Three days lightning war" against Iran

The Pentagon has completed plans for massive air attacks on targets in Iran 1,200 to the Iranian military capacity in three days to destroy, according to a security expert in Washington.

Alexis Debat, the Director of terrorism and national security in the Nixon Center, said last week that the US military strategists for needle stitches on the Iranian nuclear plants to prepare, "You are responsible for the complete destruction of the Iranian army," said he.

Debat spoke at a meeting organized by The National Interest, a conservative journal on foreign policy. He told the "Sunday Times" that the U.S. military has come to the conclusion: "Whether one or needle stitches makes a full military attack, the reaction of Iran is the same." It is, as he added, a "very legitimate strategic calculating. "

President Bush has his rhetoric against Iran intensified last week, in which he accused Tehran has the Middle East "under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust." He warned that the United States and its allies to confront Iran, "before it is too late."

See the new article "Are the atomic bombs for Iran?"

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