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Fake photos led war on Iraq

To the list of the lies of Bush / Cheney are fake photos

In a town meeting in Bloom Charlton Pa. This week, the Republican members Paul Kanjorski told that shortly before the Congress in October 2002 for the use of force against Iraq vote (Iraq War Resolution), a top CIA official selected MPs submitted three photos, which allegedly Iraqi unmanned drones have shown. Kanjorski said he was told that the drones are capable of nuclear, biological or chemical material, and up to 1,600 kilometers of the west or east coast of the United States to penetrate into the country.

Kanjorski said he and five other congressmen in the room was told that the drones could be on cargo load and in the USA. Both Condoleezza Rice and President Bush, constantly migrated from the information space and purely out during the briefing.

Kanjorski said it was the second time that he called the White House for a briefing. He was opposed to the President the authorization to go to war to pull and said he would have his opinion, not after the first briefing changed ... until he has seen these pictures. He said: "I thought Iraq would not be a threat." This second Briefing changed everything. After he had left the meeting, Kanjorski said he was willing to authorize the President to give it wanted to, because the drones "a imminente meant danger."

Kanjorski said he went to John Murtha, a retired Marine colonel. "Murtha was' very white 'him when I talked about the drones, as a former intelligence officer he believed this information would be secret."

A few years later, Kanjorski says, he learned that the photos a "God damned lie", apparently by CIA photographers in the desert in the south-west of the USA. The story of drones was already longer than exposes counterfeiting, but the media have never reported.

In October 2002, President Bush said in Cincinnati: "Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles to be used for chemical or biological weapons over large areas to distribute." He said he would be concerned "that Iraq is seeking ways to drones against the United States. "In this same speech, he claimed" Iraq possesses missiles with a range of hundreds of miles, far enough to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and other countries, where more than 135'000 American civilians and soldiers live and work. "Bush claimed more" surveillance photos show that the regime is building factories for chemical and biological weapons. "These allegations of the President were all wrong.

Senator Bill Nelson said that when the President held this speech, the intelligence analysts already this threat rejected as unfounded. Nelson said no analyst would have "something which looks like a drone, this capability has found." The drones which Iraq had been very small and primitive, and we were not able to Tel Aviv and certainly not the USA .

Nelson said in the Senate in January 2004, that the information which the government had presented was the main reason for him and others for the authorization of the preventive attack against Iraq to vote.

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