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The Lockerbie evidence was faked

The Board of Directors of Swiss firm Mebo, Edwin Bollier, has told journalists that one of its employees the Scottish investigating authorities with a stolen time fuze has been issued, then at the trial by the public prosecutor as evidence has been presented, with the assertion he would be in the rubble of parts aircraft have been found.

The firm Mebo manufactures electronic equipment for the security forces and is the manufacturer of the allegedly Zeitzünders which the explosive on board the PanAm-Maschine over the Scottish Lockerbie had ignited.

In fact, the employee Ulrich Lumpert now admitted that the device which he Scottish investigating authorities, he is stolen by the company and not part of the delivery was in 1980 went to Libya. (TA)

"The evidence has been manipulated and used to create a link between Libya and the bombing's" Bollier said the journalists.

For the record, Pan Am flight 103 exploded over the Scottish town of Lockerbie on 21 In December 1988, in which 270 people came to life, which is considered the greatest terrorist attack in British history.

The former Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed Al-Megrahi was by a Scottish court to 27 years in prison for his involvement in the attack.

Lumpert was witness to these proceedings and had it declared a fraction of the timer, which ignited the explosion was recognized to have.

The Monday edition of Le Figaro reported that he now faces a Swiss court an affidavit conclude his statement and then withdrawn from.

"I have the prototype of the MST-13 Zeitzünders stolen ... and did this without permission on 22 June 1989 a Scottish policemen, who officially investigated the Lockerbie affair," said Lumpert in its new statement reported Le Figaro.

"When I realized that the MST-13 was used incorrectly, I have decided to keep the mouth because it is very dangerous for me would have been," he added.

Lumpert not explained the motives behind his action.

This new development according to Le Figaro supports the thesis that the investigation was manipulated in order to accuse Libya, during the first traces of a pro splinter group had noted.

As you can see on the webpage can Mebo, says Bollier, also as a witness was then asked: "What the Commission is not mentioned is that the MST-13 fragments which they have shown in me, twice, and were not manipulated by the type MST come 1913, which were delivered to Libya. Although my statement went on record that they have deliberately suppressed. "(Mebo)

The sentencing of the former Libyan agent remains controversial and in the meantime, is a Scottish appellate Commission after three years of study of the evidence concluded that there is a miscarriage and Megrahi may appeal. (NZZ)

It has long circulate the rumors that the British authorities under massive pressure from the CIA and the American government were to do everything possible to Libya with the Lokerbie assassination associate them.

In the 80 years the government Regan tried everything to Libya as a rogue state's largest ever hinzustellen. Just as the Bush administration with Iraq, and more recently with Iran. It will be manufactured and manipulated evidence, depending on the political strategy to be the world public a plausible reason to give these countries to be attacked in order to make them supple.

As a reminder, on April 15, 1986, the United States with over 100 aircraft from aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea and bases in England, bombed the capital Tripoli and besides countless civilians, including the 15-month-old adopted daughter of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi killed and two of his sons injured .

The same tactics and a possible imminent attack with massive bombing, the Bush administration now with Iran. (SR)

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