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Russian Mafia

... Or who is Platon Elenin?

It is interesting, as always, one of the criminals Bush family for nearly all large stores dirt in the world is involved, or how the global gangster meet and help each other. The same joins to the same. As I look at the story of a Russian Mafia godfathers times have appeared, the Bush family name. What a surprise.

But it is not a question of the relationship between the Bush family and the crime show, plus one could write several books, the important thing in all of detail also, but the Russian Mafia. But even here there is a connection. Because calculated the youngest brother of George W. Bush, Neil Bush, has business relations with the biggest gangsters suspected of Russia, the oligarchs Boris Berezovsky and Bush Junior is often in the VIP box of Berezovsky in the Emirates Stadium, home of the British football club Arsenal F. C., have been spotted.

Who is Boris Berezovsky, or how it after a name change now means Platon Elenin?

Boris Berezovsky Abramovich, 61, which is the term "oligarch" in the public actually has dominated and he is the worst of this group of bloodsuckers. Born in Moscow in 1946, he was the only child of a factory worker and a nurse. He received his PhD in mathematics and physics, reaching a research position in the well-known Institute of Control Sciences in Moscow. He was declared having no brilliant scientists, but an ambitious and talented maker, Organisierer speakers and the network worked.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he is spontaneous and discovered capitalism. He started first in software and then to import cars. His First Million Berezovsky made by the sale of assets of the state-owned car company AutoVAZ. He created the company LogoVAZ, the exclusive rights as a dealer by AutoVAZ got in the vehicles over a business getürktes first exported and then re-imported. The cars were never even moved, but they earned only with the paper shifts $ 1,500 per car.

In May 1994, Berezovsky was the head of the notorious Automobile All-Russia Alliance "А VV А" and the initiator of the "national car project." But that was just a snowball criminal system and the shares of this non-existing factory, were sold to the people. Overall, the investors lost $ 50 million. Obviously, some people were so angry at him, and he survived several assassination attempts, including a car bomb which his chauffeur header.

Then he took over the lead in the Russian airline Aeroflot, the Sibneft oil company, controlled by the Russian aluminum industry and acquired the largest and most influential television channel ORT in Russia. All of these business opportunities have been him by the close connection to the corrupt Boris Yeltsin allows, in which he staateigenen holdings for almost nothing got done, after payment of the bribes, and these values could sell expensive. This resulted in a billion asset to the Russian people clearly has been stolen.

How is it for personal enmity between Putin and Berezovsky come to us in recent years with the Pulonium-Affäre employed?

As in 2000, Putin came to power, with the support of Berezovsky, has this pretty quickly corrupt transactions and the sale of the home, state assets, Yeltsin reversed his predecessor. Putin is a strong Russian patriot and apparently not corrupt. He wanted the people's assets back the Russians to return to them by the Yeltsin government and the gangsters was stolen.

Naturally, the oligarchs who by this corruption have accumulated enormous wealth, this is not accepted without resistance. Putin, but with hard Banda's prevailed, the criminals first asked to return the assets voluntarily, and when they did not, accused. They were expropriated, are either in prison or had landed flee. So too Berezovsky, depending on absetzte England.

Since Berezovsky is planning an attempt after another to Putin to topple and injure. It is fought by all means, including murder. "I am planning a new Russian revolution" Berezovsky said from his London exile on 13 April 2007. "We have to use force in order to change this regime," he said. With an estimated investment of more than 1 billion euros, he certainly has the financial means to do so.

Now we can better understand what really goes on behind the scenes and everything Berezovsky tried to discredit Putin on. The poisoning of polonium-210 by Alexander Litvinenko, and the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, under this light, which is damaging to the image of Putin and who benefits from such a Schmierkampagne? There are obviously the enemies of Putin ordered these murders.

Therefore, even Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman said: "According to our laws, this call is a crime, and we hope that the British government that criminals, the overthrow of the Russian government plans to not granted asylum and extradite him." The British Foreign Minister Jack Straw has therefore also before the British Parliament said: "The violence prompted by a foreign government to topple is totally unacceptable" and he warned Berezovsky, he would lose his asylum status. The Russian authorities will have an extradition request, but by a British court rejected because Berezovsky asylum status enjoys.

Berezovsky has in the meantime his name to Platon Elenin changed, Russian for Plato and the last name of his wife, and has a British and Israeli passport with the name even. In addition to the funding of a claim and overthrow Berezovsky has in the past six years spent "the positive image of Putin to destroy" to him wherever possible as a dangerous anti Democrats represent. He led this campaign by the influential newspaper Kommersant in Moscow, whose control until last year he had.

After these statements want Berezovsky, the Russian authorities on the murder of Litvinenko interview, "I believe our Attorney General has many questions to Berezovsky" Peskov said. "His words are very interesting, and it is a sensitive issue."

Russian prosecutors have this Monday 10 suspects arrested in connection with the murder of the journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and said the killing was planned from abroad and controlled by anti-Kremlin forces, in order to discredit Russia.

The order is murder last year of Politkovskaya, a harsh critic of President Vladimir Putin, had a storm of international outrage triggered, but the critics unverholen vemuteten behind Putin. So it should be in any suspension.

The General Prosecutor Yuri Chaika told reporters that their investigation showed that Politkovskaya by organized crime was killed, which led by a Chechen, and five former police officers. He said the group would be at two other high degree murders have been involved, the Erschiessung in 2004 by the U.S. Reporter Paul Klebnikov and Vice Chief of the Central Bank Andrei Kozlov.

But the Attorney General said, a trace of the murder and other crimes Politkovskaya lead to antagonize the Kremlin abroad to live in exile. Asked whether he meant Boris Berezovsky says he grinned and refused to answer it. "The person who gave the command to kill Politkovskaya is abroad," Chaika told reporters. "Our investigations lead us to the conclusion that only people living abroad had an interest Politkovskaya to kill."

Apart from the alleged perpetrator as a client for killings by Putin to discredit and topple, are against further Berezovsky earlier arrest warrants.

The Russian Prosecutor-General accused Berezovsky of fraud, the non-return of foreign exchange from abroad and money laundering. Furthermore, he accused the Russian Samara region in the years 1994 and 1995 by $ 2 billion to have cheated. With all these accusations, it is very surprising why the British authorities to grant Berezovsky political asylum and extradition against him.

If he is not in London and the overthrow Schmierkampagne ausheckt against Putin, on the whole, the western media are obviously reingefallen and voluntarily redistribute, spends Berezovsky, and now he means yes Platon Elenin, his time in the $ 30 million holiday home in Cap d'Antibes in France.

On July 12, 2007, a Brazilian judge issued an arrest warrant issued against Berezovsky, because of his involvement in money laundering through the Media Sports Investments Group. He is accused of the financier of MSI had to be and the arrest warrant was forwarded to Interpol.

Obviously, we have someone here before and nothing reluctant to everything, just like the Bush gangsters gang, so they come together to "transactions." The same joins to the same. The good question is, again, who protects him and why is he not arrested when so many international arrest warrants against him exist?

Already in 1996, Forbes Magazine has an article with the headline "Godfather of the Kremlin" published where the author Paul Klebnikov, Berezovsky as a mafia boss during the Yeltsin era described all his enemies to him through murder were dropped. Berezovsky sued the magazine, and after a long trial, the parties agreed and the item was withdrawn. Advanced Klebnikov but the article into a book, "Godfather of the Kremlin" which Berezovsky but not before the court. Klebnikov was the editor of Forbes magazine in Russia, and was ... what a coincidence ... 9 July 2004 in Moscow killed.

A Biography on Berezovsky, the Russian film "Oligarkh" English "Tycoon" (2002), the widerum on the book "Bolshaya Paika" English "The Big Slice" of Yuli Dubov based, which is an authentic report about his life, because Dubov a partner of Berezovsky and President of LogoVAZ.

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