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9 / 11 time-attack anniversary

Here is the continuation of my article 9 / 11 foreknowledge-time. It is the morning of the 11th September 2001. What happened everything before the first plane into the towers krachte.

- 6:00-Staff of the largest instant messaging company in the world Odigo received a warning two hours before the attack. The Odigo Inc. is an Israeli company and has its headquarters two streets away from the WTC.
- 6:00-President Bush wakes in the Colony Beach Tennis Resort on Longboat Key in Florida. Ground-to-air missiles are on the roof of the hotel as a defensive measure mounted. He makes up for his morning jog.
- 6.30-Lieutenant Colonel Dawne Deskins and others begin their day at NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) in Rome, NY. NORAD leads in the last few days wochenlanges major maneuvers by which "Vigilant Guardian." It is an exercise which "a crisis in the North American Air Defense, as a simulated air war, and as a defense against a simulated attack against the United States." The radar screens of air traffic control are full of simulated attack aircraft as "enemies" look like authentic.
- 6:30 - The number of military maneuvers to take place everywhere these days, the whole combat aircraft in all directions have spread far away, there are only a few interceptor available to the entire eastern United States to defend.
- 6:47 - The alarm system in the WTC7 building will be to "test" status, and thus, all the alerts received ignored. In this building are the New York offices of the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, the Military Intelligence, the Securities Supervisory Authority and the state command of Mayor Gulliani its anti-terrorist headquarters.
- 8:00-Pakistan ISI intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed breakfast in the Capitol with the chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Senator Bob Graham (D) and Representative Porter Goss, a 10-year-old veteran CIA.
- 8:00 - The U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld holds a breakfast in the Pentagon, along with Senator John Mica and other senators, as well as Chief of the Army Thomas White, and other chairmen of all weapons. It Rumsfeld said of the round: "The U.S. military since the fall of the Berlin Wall in the 90gern been greatly reduced. In the next two, four or six months ... is an event in the world happen which will be so shocking that people are again reminded how important it is a strong healthy Defense Ministry, which is the peace and stability on the world ensures. "
- 8:00-WTC owner Larry Silverstein should actually in his office in the 88th Floor begin its work, but he has a "can not" date doctor during his skin and is therefore not in the office.
- 8:00 - The Israeli Prime Minister comes into the studio at the BBC in London for a TV interview that he has a prepared text in which he later read out.
- 8:00 - Father Bush has with his wife in the White House overnight. He was in Washington for the annual shareholders' meeting of the Carlyl Group, a company that specializes in arms companies to invest. One of the co and business partner of Bush is Shafig Bin Laden, the brother of Osama Bin Laden.
- 8:10-President Bush travels to Booker Elementery School in Sarasota Florida for a public appearance, with the children on reading disabilities and how reading can improve mood.
- 8:13 - The last radio message routine flight between 11 and the ground control will be held, then we hear nothing more from the cockpit and the engine obeyed instructions not more. All attempts on emergency pilots fail to reach and shortly thereafter the transponder sends no signal. The machine leaves the prescribed course. None of the pilots of the four hijacked machines that day followed the emergency procedures and switches immediately to the kidnapping of a prescribed distress.
- 8:21-Boston flight monitoring determines that Flight 11 is hijacked.
- 8:24-Boston radar observed as flight 11, a 100 degree change of course and, after flying south. They reported the abduction of 11 flights to all other flight controls, the FAA and all within the normal jurisdiction.
- 8:28 - The FAA headquarters, a conference call with the radar stations from Boston, New York and Cleveland to discuss the situation.
- 8:30-Gerard Arpey chief of the American Airlines is about the kidnapping of Flight 11.
- 8:30 - The coordinator between FAA and the military responsible for the hijackings, Security Director Mike Canavan, weilt in Puerto Rico and is not reachable. He has no deputies appointed during his absence.
- 8:30-Captain Charles Leidig assumes the responsibility to the NMCC, National Military Command Center, the Pentagon, the headquarters responsible for all the attacks and the situation all weapons for a coordinated response to temporarily Brigadier General Montague Winfield. This has explicitly on the day asked him to this day. This was an inexperienced newcomer to the entire military crisis management of hijackings of 11 September.
- 8:30 - The joint FBI / CIA Anti-Terror Task Force for exactly such a case has not been established in Washington, but was to practice maneuvers to California. This was at the CIA and the FBI reached no one to take measures to prevent the abduction action.
- 8:30-Another major military maneuvers employed staff, which has been running days. It is a large-scale exercise "Global Guardian" by the U.S. Strategic Command (Stratcom), in cooperation with the U.S. Space Command and NORAD.
- 8:30 - The offices of the company March & McLennan, Lewis Paul "Jerry" Bremer are in 95th And 96 Floor of the WTC1, the exact floors where Flight 11 later unceremoniously. Bremer is the person who Bush as the first administrator of occupied Iraq until June 2004. And Bremer was previously the right-hand man of Henry Kissinger. Only everything coincidence?
- 8:30-From the 150 employees of Fuji Bank, only 20 appear on this day to work. The bank occupies the floors 79 to 82 in WTC 2, exactly the floors which was later taken by Flight 175. If they were forewarned? It is also interesting that in two floors of the towers, in which the nose of the aircraft einschlugen, were both computer rooms, packed with electronics and Notstrombatterien in which no one worked. There the goods tracking device?
- 8:34-Boston air traffic control, the Otis Air National Guard Base in Cape Cod to Boston, because there are two interceptor. Five minutes later, they are in the air without with NORAD before this committee. They do not know what the real enemy targets or simulated, because the whole maneuver the run.
- 8:37-11, flying in the air space of New York. The air traffic control asked the pilots of Flight 175 on this road to respect and avoid, but without informing him that hijacked Flight 11. A minute later, Flight 175 himself kidnapped.
- 8:38 Boston-Although NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) of a real abduction notified, the military said its radar screens before it is a simulation, because of the many maneuvers taking place.
- 8:39-11 flying over the Indian Point nuclear power plant, about 30 miles north of New York City. An attack that had everything in a radius of 50 miles contaminated and 7% of the population of the United States, 20 million people at risk and would be a "better" goal.
- 8:42-93 aircraft launched from Newark International Airport in the direction of San Francisco without having to be, though already two planes hijacked.
- - 8:43 NORAD is also informs flight 175 is probably been kidnapped.
- 8:45-Boston Radar Control, which Flight 11 and 175 monitors, receives an anonymous telephone bomb threat was even more chaos in radar personnel caused. Later, in Cleveland Radar Center an anonymous bomb threat, the Flight 93 monitor.
- 8:46 - The caretaker of the WTC is in the basement of the North Tower, and experienced a huge explosion IN ITSELF before the first airplane flight 11 above unceremoniously. William Rodriguez has been working for 20 years on the World Trade Center and is responsible for the cleaning of the entire staircase of the towers. He speaks with his head straight for the B-1 basement when he witnessed the following: "I heard this massive explosion under me, in the Basement B-2 or 3 The floor vibrated. We were all highly hurled to the ceiling fell on us and then started in the office at all to scream. A few seconds later there was another explosion very far above what the building from side to side let fluctuate. Later we learned that this was the impact of Flight 11 in the 93rd Floor. A man came into the cellar rennend office and cried ... Explosion! Explosion! ... His skin hanging in shreds down. I can see the difference whether an explosion from above or from below, and I am quite sure, first, there was a bottom of the cellar and the later blast from the top of the aircraft impact. "

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - The first impact" I will list everything from the first impact happened.

We see, it was also obvious foreknowledge about what happen in the morning. The radar surveillance was by the many maneuvers, and the bomb threats totally confused and had lost the overview. The eastern United States was represented by the withdrawal of the interceptor to maneuvers defenseless. What a coincidence. Bin Laden has either the information received that day would be the best for an attack, or it was intentionally wegbefohlen all machines. Who could this lead? Only the insiders knew everything.

The most amazing statement of an eyewitness is that of William Rodriguez, in which he says that there was an explosion in the basement BEFORE Fluzeugeinschlag and large damage in the basement. Thus, the presumption according to the foundation of the building was targeted by a blast at a collapse prepared.

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