суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

"Bin Laden" at APEC summit

Sydney is a bürgerrechtsfreie zone and the whole downtown is transformed into a cage, with Drahtzäunen tanks and roadblocks. Residents can no longer work, to go shopping or her favorite restaurant and pub visitors, including tourists, it is not allowed to snap photos. The extreme security measures in a police state recall are in force, just because George W. Bush for the APEC summit, the Asian-Pacific Economic Forum has come.

Nevertheless, it "Bin Laden" managed through all security barriers and get through to the hotel where Bush lives advance.

Since looked Security checks of Politgipfels old, as members of an Australian comedy troupe is a daring string permitted. They had that in a motorcade with three big cars and two motorcycles and a Canadian flag through the security checks of the summit can go without to be stopped. Listen to the hotel where U.S. President George W. Bush is accommodated, the column stopped by the police. And since then climbed into a white Gewant and a long beard "Osama Bin Laden."

The gag the Australian authorities should be embarrassing, because for the summit so far sharpest security measures have been implemented. The police then took the Force. "There is no particular reason why we have chosen Canadian flag. We have simply chosen a country, the police probably not too much under the microscope would take, "said Comedy Actor Chris Taylor. "Furthermore, it should be a country that is not more than three vehicles in his escort had, in contrast to the 20 catapults dirt, Bush brought along."

Bush and many Australian politicians were in the Komedy-Sendung "The Chaser's War on Everything" has often verarscht. Here the video on the fun:

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