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Who benefits from the crash?

It is important to understand that the crash of the financial market, an asset transfer from the poor and the middle class to the ruling elite. So an asset redeployment happened not so easy, it is also not the result of incompetence and lack of foresight. Quite the contrary, it is made aware and well planned. In the center of the asset transfer is a criminal corruption at the highest level of economic and political system. In retrospect we can on the "Savings and Loan" debacle back, which in its time of greatest theft in the history of the world. Only today is the size of the assets which the American people and the whole world is unimaginable stolen. It is the S & L scandal look like a simple battles Sparschweins.

We hear constantly in the press by banks and hedge funds which losses from the Sub-Prime-Hypotheken have suffered. It is surprising that these reports take the losses resulting from a "natural" market downturn or a credit verengenden cycle. What is not reported is the incredible profits generated beforehand what and who they were retracted. It is the world's large-scale banks with their Derivativ-Konstrukten, outside any control and supervision, and their managers in recent years have made obscene profits. Even the aufgeklärtesten financial analysts these days describe the actual financial "coup d'etat" as an unintentional consequence of "market forces".

Indeed, the spectacular mortgage bubble of the leaders of the global financial system intentional, planned and constructed. They have "leverage" from a "real" dollar, 100 virtual and thus made a complete house of cards, which with the reality has nothing to do, and now collapse. As the Internet and telecom bubble burst and Enron went bankrupt, people around the world their jobs and lost their entire savings. Nevertheless, the economy remained "brisk" because the financial architect of the artificially created mortgage bubble "western" life-stick, which is based increasingly larger debt, as a continuation of well over portable conditions financed. Thus, America continues to consume and the remains of the world for producing them.

The financial analysts and the media want to delude ourselves constantly, the Dow Jones index would be up recently at a record high, and now there is a "necessary" correction. Indeed, the value of the Dow significantly lower than in 2000, when it attaches with real values. The dollar has a lot of value lost since 2000 and it has taken a huge inflation. Although the Dow has risen in nominal terms, are actually all investors what their assets in Dow values have created, much poorer now than in 2000. When the Dow in euros converts, it has 30% in the last 7 years, lost their value. If it converts into milk, then buys the Dow 35% less milk. He buys 40% less wheat and corn, 50% less gold, silver 55% less, 70% less oil, 80% less copper, 90% less uranium ... and the list is endless.

When the Dow Jones index of the price of any article of today, as in the 2000 survey, whether it be real estate, cars, consumer goods, education, insurance, no matter what, then you have a real loss suffered. Thus, if Wall Street said it had an increase of over 15% in the seven years to 14,000 points, we must not fall into the trap groping and believe. It is as if a magician us with a motion diversion, so we do not remember what it with the other hand.

In all these years, the value of money and assets in shares which were significantly fallen and it is much poorer. The money migrated from the common people on the street in the pockets of the elite. All of the savings of workers for the care and retirement, the funds, shares and other securities, have been regularly by the Aasgeiern ransacked. We have all been stolen.

The United States slither into an economic collapse and drag the whole world into the abyss. The train, consisting of fraud, theft and fraudulent deception by the national and global financial system is at the derailment. Many believe it is an accident, by the incompetence of the institutions and by the stupid consumers caused. It is this financial disaster of personal and public indebtedness, aware of the financial system has been achieved, so unimaginable profits. The middle class is extinct on the banks because they can bleed, because they are debt "obscenely profitable."

The people were in a debt nightmare reingelockt with cheap money with the prospect of endlessly rising property market would save them if necessary. Now that the market is collapsing and they need to squander their values, they stand with less than nothing since. This event was specially laid for them, precisely calculated and concocted diabolic. People were encouraged to make debt, although it was clear that a refund would be impossible. And the taxpayers should by now to iron out rescue operations. Is it a super fraud mesh, first to build the case, can the people reintappen, earns so stupid and silly and at the end the people will pay the bill.

The whole is not incompetence, it is a coup by the financial elite, based on corruption and greed, which is the main reason for the financial disaster is responsible. Every few decades organize the real owners of a world economic crisis to the assets of the people to steal. That was in the 20s and 30s so widerhold regularly. The rich came out of this crisis even richer out. Now is the time so far. They knew the day of reckoning would come, but they wanted so long as it is the beat bellies full, and then long to be away when it pops.

Just as the perpetrator behind the Savings and Loan trickery on the way up have benefited, as on the way down, the Raubtierkapitalisten of Subprime-Katastrophe on both sides win. Thus, the biggest investment banks for some time secretly set up a consortium in which it created the LCDX Index of it is not only against the current market loss protects, but also full of bundles of money promises when it goes downhill. What is a saying that the bank always wins!

"Allow me the money of a nation and control issue, then it does not matter to me who makes the laws." Mayer Amschel Bauer, founder of the Rothschild dynasty

We must know that the Federal Reserve Bank, directly translates the Federal Reserve Bank (Central Bank) of the United States, neither the "Bund" is still any "reserves". It is just as little as Federal Federal Express. It is a private institution where the shareholders are unknown. Nobody knows who the Central Bank of the United States. It is an obscure group of major banks and individuals are really all threads in their hands. Like most central banks in the world, it creates money out of thin air through the reserve system, which is covered by absolutely nothing.

The USA is already in the 70s from the gold recovery for the dollar out. Since the dollar is just worthless paper which its value from a faith and an illusion. The air is a whole number, a gigantic fraud, because there are only numbers in a computer system. If a central bank one billion in the money market reinpumpt, then any person a one and 9 zeros in the screen and the money is Schwups like magic exists, just like that.

"I fear the man on the street does not want to hear that banks actually create the money ... and the debt which the control of the nation and determine the policy of the government and keep the fate of the people in their hands." Reginald McKenna, chairman of the Midlands Bank of England from 1919 to 1943

Equal applies to the money which is a bank's borrowers' awards. " Only amateurs think it is somewhere a lot of money in the safe, which was filled by payer, and this money will be awarded. That is a naive fairy tales. In fact, with a credit simply the sum of nothing from the account. The loan agreement and the security for the loan, the money produced. That means, as a loan, the money really first created, money would disappear if all debts to be repaid. Such a thing must not happen, so must the debt ever higher. Furthermore, the money for the interest also come from somewhere.

The creation of money out of the air with the related interest and compound interest works only for a constantly expanding, inflationary monetary system. The engineers of the "global casinos" must always new, even more absurd, yet spekulativere constructs itself strikeout to Roulettkugel keep on rolling. Only we all know, nothing can be infinitely greater. The resources of the world are finite. Sometime this facade is no longer viable and then collapses the whole. We are now perhaps in such a situation, the end of maximum expansion, the downfall of the empire debt will be held.

"Someone who thinks expotentielles growth can in a limited world always go further, is either a madman or an economist ...." Kenneth Boulding, Economist

The policy of the Federal Reserve Bank and other central banks is to bring about crises around the capital to reorganize the elite. And they have done it. Almost four million Americans have lost their jobs through relocation abroad. The country has a debt of three trillion dollars, and foreign investors are 4.5 trillion dollars in assets. While the Fed its economic strategy executed, the Bush government, the military in the world to a global war for conquest of resources. They are the two wheels on the same axis.

The goal is to take control of the global economic system, in which the remaining energy resources in Eurasia and the Middle East over and the one potential rival to the U.S.-led economic model, either by persuasion or by extortion, under the direction of the U.S. Fed. Both parties of the Congress committed itself to the principle of global and permanent hegemony by the United States. There is no difference. The world has a stupid slaves for America to serve basta!

All central banks in the world now have the insane sum of 325'000'000'000 US dollars within a few days injected into the financial system. That is all our money now to rescue the criminal fraudsters available. The chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke has with this financial injection directly with the dollar rate to a hyper-inflation controlled. In this he has done, he is the supporters of Dick Cheney entgegengekommen, a completely crazy after fleeing Front strategy, and a war with Iran, in the illusion so that they can from the military defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan and from the Todesagonie the dollar flee.

The current crisis is likely the whole extent of fraud, corruption and self-service leak out, what most people find incomprehensible. Every day we hear reports about hidden losses, false accounting, inflated valuations, claims not included in the balance sheets, valuation differences, uncontrolled off-shore subsidiaries, phantom profits, insider trading, Ausplünderungen of company shortly before the bankruptcy by the owners and management, to the detriment of employees, suppliers and the tax payers, etc.

This financial Armageddon, a world of wars, chaos, lawlessness, hunger, thirst, homelessness, nations and people, nothing more to lose and everything to survive. This situation, with masses of troublemakers and immigrants is an unacceptable threat to the security and so do the introduction of martial law is necessary, with large amounts of people in prisoner camps. The people in the "first world" to be confronted with unfamiliar things, such as legal, financial and security restrictions, starting locks and captivity.

The people that the dangers in the future and do not underestimate precaution taken without a penny alone. It is then on themselves and be creative. Assets such as gold or other tauschbaren items are very important. In addition to the skills needed for self and others are useful and survival. In short, the party is over and when they read those words, then they are one of the few people who know what that means.

"If you continue to be the slaves of the banks want, and for your own enslavement want to pay, then let the banks continue to create money and credit control." Sir Josiah Stamp, director of the Bank of England, 1928 to 1941

There is only one solution which is sustainable, the privilege of the money supply to determine money out of nowhere to create interest and to require the banks must be removed. The perverse system whereby debt is equal to mean money and the interest versklavende system must be abolished. Then, the constraints of increasingly stopped and we can in symbiosis with our planet and to live in peace with each other.

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