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Scholl siblings and freedom of expression today

(For our English speaking friends, a translation at the end of this article)

I have a report of a student from a school in Duisburg, I like to show you want. It is known that in America the Anzweifeln and expressing a different opinion, which is the official story about the 11th September, already too harsh consequences, as reprimand from the school, the loss of their jobs and even the threat and intimidation by the FBI, up to the arrest. Who the expiration of 9 / 11 different looks and even the government in connection brings, as a madman, and even as a terrorist. " We think it was in America can only happen by Bush, but we can also see it in Germany. Here is the report of student Dominic, 18, 13 Class in Duisburg:

"It was a beautiful Monday morning, and with the usual motivation, I went to school for my first two classes, social sciences (advanced course), too. Our teachers received us on course room and asked us einzufinden in the video room, where we watch a movie. Currently, we have the theme "Globalization" and have already used by all kinds of angles lit up to the point of national security. On this issue, we looked then as a documentation of mirror TV with the title "The day shocked the world." This documentation shows most of the "history" on 11.9.2001, it gives an impression in the lives of the bombers and illuminated their career by studying up 11 September 2001. Much has been said about the perpetrators reported and described how they are prepared and what motives they had and how they relate to the day of days - prepared, from martial arts training to flight hours. While I have little of the film rather insignificant discrepancies noticed that the whole credibility took part. At the end of this documentation, the teacher asked us how we had seen the day and how the act seemed to us, and in our opinion about the movie. I reported myself with a broad grin, as I mentioned a lot of research on the subject and have made me happy in my errungenes knowledge among the people and to ensure a good grade to get. So I started at the small abnormalities of the documentation after (there were four to five pieces) only once to make a presence and then to explain. Then my teacher looked at me (which I normally a very good relationship, as a spokesman course, and also as a friend) skeptical and pointed me in that that this is merely for "conspiracy theories" and do not belong on the topic have to do. Then I replied that this was just my opinion on the film and on the subject and with the addition of "tell us just shit eh ... 'I ended quietly my teaching post. The teacher asked me if I could repeat again and I repeated my slightly higher rate in German. Now the teacher leaned back and asked me to explain, then I began most of my knowledge about 9 / 11 show. As I repeatedly said, what bullshit the official story is that the ordinary people on the mass media to hear / got, I was in the middle of my talk to leave the class, because the teacher was I would criticize him, I will be teaching materials bad made. Towards the end of the hour, the teacher out to me and asked me whether I wrote this "tosh" I have a few minutes ago told since my seriously. Woraufhin I affirmed and declared that America only verarscht us and said also that my lecture no attack on his person should be. He looked at me a little confused, and then sent me with the words "na times what women look .... This says "to my school. Total surprised why I now had to school, so I ran into her office. She asked me also express my view on the topic to explain what I did then. With a mixture of horror and amazement, they sent me for a short time from their office. So I stood outside and thought to myself in the 5 minutes my goodness, what's going on here, because willste times nen pfundigen contribution to make, and what comes with rum? The take up almost in detention here ... "She asked me again and I was allowed inside then told me that I have a school for 2 days, would, because I teaching of the teacher in question, and anti-American Hetzparolen would spread, the partially right wing. At that moment I thought I pretty much something like "WTF ????" And went home. "

Thanks for the report. It is frightening what a setting for the teachers at German schools, because I can imagine Duisburg is not an exception. With this punishment and defamation of a student's only his opinion says that these so-called educators show what they really are, only disseminators of disinformation, lies and propaganda, a U.S. fascist regime. It is not anti-American anyway when this criminal Bush administration criticized those war criminals must be criticized because they do not represent the virtues of peace, freedom and tolerance which the founding fathers of the United States stated in the Constitution.

When Dominik because of his expression convicted, then yes, the Scholl siblings, but where so many schools in their names, even to condemn it because the official propaganda of the Nazis in the University of Munich with their handouts were questioned.

In Wikipedia says: "Both were known as members of the White Rose, a student group in Munich, during the Second World War in the resistance against National Socialism was active, especially in the dissemination of leaflets against the war and dictatorship under Adolf Hitler.

This sibling pair Scholl was on 18 In February 1943 utilizes the
Leaflets at the University of Munich whose caretaker Jacob Schmid surprised and denounced to the Gestapo. Already, 22 In February 1943, by the People's Court under the direction of Roland Freisler to death by the guillotine and sentenced the same day in Munich-Stadelheim executed. My grave is located in the local cemetery at Perlacher Forest (No. 73-1-18/19 tomb).

Hans and Sophie Scholl force in the post-war era to the present as a significant symbol to create a humanistic values-oriented resistance to the totalitarian Nazi regime in Germany. "

On the one side, the Scholl siblings as role models for the pupils resistance and freedom of expression be made, but if a pupil of the law guaranteed by the Basic Law exerts then, it will be disciplined by the school. What a hypocrisy!

Then we look at but the questioning over 9 / 11 that I have made here. 90% of you have been of the opinion that 9 / 11 is not expired us how the US government tells it. This is a clear statement. The student Dominik has also right when he TV-Bericht and the 9 / 11 story with a different view of doubts. So think but the most intelligent people in the world.

As you studied as a teacher and allegedly selbstdenkender the lies entirely uncritical of the U.S. government, a regime faschistisches is still weiterbreiten may, but is bloodcurdling. As a good teacher if he or she is a debate with facts and not by Dominik as a right-wing slander.

I am of the opinion that these teachers and headmistress of the school immediately removed, because they obviously as teachers and as a representative of a democratic State, especially with this past, totally inappropriate and do not educate students and no longer allowed to serve as a model . What do you think?
Here the English translation of Dominik's expirience:

"It was a nice motivated Monday morning and as usual I went to school for my first two hour lesson in social sciences (advanced classes). Out teacher met us in the class room and asked us to go to the video room, where we were to view a film. At the moment we are working on the subject of globalization and we have looked at it from all points of view, except for national security. For this part we watched a documentary from Spiegel TV with the title "The day that the world shook. " This documentary shows mostly the "run" to September 11, 2001, and it gives an impression of the lives of the perpetrators and shines a light on it from starting their studies up till September 11, 2001. There much talk was how the attackers prepared themselves, what motives they had, and how they trained in martial arts and by taking flying lessons. During the film I noticed a few minor discrepancies, which took the credibility out of the whole thing. At the end the documentary of our teacher asked us how we experienced that day and how the attack made an impression on us, plus what we thought of the film. I responded with a wide grin, because I had researched the subject a lot and I was happy to pass my knowledge on to my class mates, hoping to get good grades. I started by presenting the 4 or 5 oddities of the documentary one after the other to make them present again and elaborated on them. After that my teacher (with whom I normally have a good relationship as class speaker and as a friend) looked at me sceptically and he rebuffed me, that just where all these "conspiracy theories" and they do not belong here. I responded, that this was my opinion regarding the film and the subject and with an undertone I said "they are only telling us bullshit anyway" with which I quietly closed my contribution to the lesson. The teacher asked me if I could repeat that again and I spoke my sentence in somewhat higher German. The teacher leaned back and asked me to explain, then I started to illustrate most part of my knowledge about 9 / 11. Because I emphasized what bullshit is the official story, which the normal folks are hearing via the mass media, I was asked to leave the class room, because the teacher thought I was criticizing him, by making his teaching material look bad. At the end of the lesson the teacher came out of the room and asked me, if I was serious about this "garbage" I was talking about a few minutes ago. I responded with yes and explained that America is only pulling our leg and I explained that my talk was not intended as an attack on his person. He looked at me confused and then he sent me to the headmistress with the words "let's have a look what Mrs.… says about this." Completely wondering why I had to go to the head of the school I entered her office. She asked me to explain my opinion on the subject, which I did. With a mixture of shock and astonishment, she sent me out of the office for a few minutes. I stood outside and thought in those five minutes "my goodness, what is going on, I just wanted to make a good contribution and what is the result ? They are just about to arrest me ... "She asked me to come back in and I had to hear, that I will be suspended from the school for two days, because I asked questions about the teaching methods of the teacher, plus because I what spreading anti-American slogans, which partially where neo-Nazi. At this moment I thought something like "what the f ...? ? ? "and went home."

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