среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Global warming on other planets

The Klima-Hysteriker want us to believe that man alone is to train the Global warming, and therefore they are talking about us a guilt complex. Yes they want our lives massively restrict, founded with the CO2 produced by man. What the Klima-Hysteriker hide is that on all other planets in our solar system also a warming takes place. Driving around the aliens also with cars around and produce this "diabolical" CO2? Of course not. Increased storm activity on the planet Jupiter shows also because has a temperature gradient of 10 degrees Kelvin in recent decades occurred. Just then a warming on Neptune's largest moon Triton. Also on Saturn's moon Enceladus, a strong warming measured and the south pole of Saturn has fallen by up to 5 degrees Kelvin heats. The same applies to Pluto, Mars, Venus us, everywhere were generally warming.

Logical way, there is only one reason for this warming, it is the sun, the key energy source for the planet. This shows a stronger Energieaustrahlung what is a normal cyclical process, and this is the only reason for the warming on all planets, and hence also of the earth. This is the main cause of Klima-Hysterikern but deliberately ignored and the man placed as the sole culprits. This is mainly to enforce the political programs only have one goal, our society according to their notions to change, the more restricted freedom, more taxes from us to ask and with the dissemination of lies, fear and terror. There is no reason a bad conscience, and we must of false prophets not be intimidated. The climate warms up anyway and that we can do nothing to change, because the sun is the main driving force for this is. In 15 years, the cycle again in the other direction. Do we want to bet, then come the same alarmist, and are the opposite, predict the next ice age.

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