среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

BBC reported together in advance of fall

On 11 September 2001 knew and reported the BBC and CNN 30 minutes in advance that the building WTC7 fell together, although at that time still stand. Were they clairvoyant Rather? Here the video with a live report by the BBC reporter, 11 September reported that the WTC7 collapsed, 30 minutes BEFORE it actually collapsed. You see the building in the background, even while they are still talking. The burning question now is who has the BBC this message, that the building collapsed, although it until 30 minutes later? Who had insider information about a disaster that did not yet taken place and has fed the news agencies that? CNN also received the same information and reported on the fall collection in advance.

Youtube video

If a person has a bank robbery in advance and then speaks actually happens this case, then the police would be keen to arrest that person and intensive interview. Yes that person would certainly closest to the circle of suspects includes, for how else can this person in advance of the crime know something, unless he's accomplice. Therefore, the question for the BBC fully entitled to whoever gave you the message, the WTC7 building has collapsed, although it still stood and only 30 minutes later zusammenkrachte really? As a good journalist should be this important question and investigate source, because then we would have to hand the track to find out who the real culprits behind the attack of 9 / 11 put. Only this would have the knowledge in advance had the building supports. The BBC replied tersely that it would be only one error in the reimbursement Reports happens. That should be one believe?

Obviously, an accident happens in the script, and the news agencies were too early. The BBC and CNN have not checked this message, but one to 1 on the transmitter sent, although the building behind the reporters still standing and they should remember it. Oh, how embarrassing! That would be as if the weatherman says, "the sun is shining" through the studio window and see the audience is raining and Hagelt. Is he still credible? As one can see how the quality of reporting. It proves, the established big media are only disseminators of propaganda and misinformation from the "top". Everything is controlled and the people are stupid.

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