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Kissinger in Istanbul to the Bilderberg Conference

Report of the Turkish Daily News 1st June 2007

While the invited guests super-geheimen Bilderberg conference in Istanbul and arrive at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel check, the former U.S. Foreign Minister Henry Kissinger urged the international community with the United States to co-operate to the civil war in Iraq to end. This in a speech organized by the Turkish bank Akbank Gross yesterday.

In his speech, entitled "Global Development and Turkey: Lessons from the past, understanding the future," Kissinger, the neighboring states of Iraq, together with the members of the UN Security Council and Egypt, Pakistan and India called an "international framework for peace the civil war in Iraq, to allow Iraq the opportunity his own future to determine. "

An immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, the crisis in the neighboring countries to spread to India, with its large Islamic population, claimed Kissinger. Turkey is in a position to make an important contribution to the above and to achieve this, he added, "The fact that Turkey is a part of the European system, has an extremely strategic importance."

In noting that the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the past been ignored, says Kissinger "The important issue now is North Korea and Iran to halt development of nuclear weapons, instead of waiting that the United States provides a victim."

Bilderberg confidential:

While Kissinger said, were the preparations for the Bilderberg conference at the Ritz-Carlton on, with increased security for the area. The police have metal grilles as barriers to the hotel to make sure no one comes closer and ran a group of policemen is before Beşiktaş İnönü Stadium posted near the hotel.

The report then goes further ... ...

This report confirmed the following facts:
Kissinger is in Istanbul and he and many others are part of the Bilderberg conference at the Ritz-Carlton under great security. The Americans sit in Iraq in the Scheisse and ask the neighbors for help, but they do not want to get out. Turkey is a strategic vision of a part of Europe, so it must be in the EU. Iran must not develop nuclear technology if the United States attacked the country (provide victims).

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