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Bin Laden has long been dead

One dead will continue on "life" in order to have a villain, which is needed for the never-ending "war on terrorism" to justify.

Osama Bin Laden died at 16 Around December 2001 in Afghanistan, probably in the kidney and liver problems that plagued him for years. He had hepatitis C and had therefore regularly to the hospital for dialysis is carried out. His last photo on 6 In December 2001 shows a strong aged, ravaged by serious illness man According to CIA experts needed Bin Laden then all three days of dialysis, and they said: "It is clear that something is very difficult when you constantly from place to place and must flee then, as they should be a portable device with power in their hideout in the mountains operate. " For comparison, a photo from better and healthier days.

There are many proofs and evidence, which indicate that Bin Laden has long since dead. First, a report published about his funeral on 26 December 2001 in an Egyptian newspaper. Here is the translation:
"Al-Wafd, Wednesday, December 26, 2001 Vol 15 No. 4633, news of the death of Bin Laden and 10 days before the funeral. Islamabad-Pakistan. A prominent official of the Afghan Taliban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the al-Qaeda organization announced. He said that Bin Laden suffered from serious complications in the lungs and died of natural causes a peaceful death. The official, which consisted of anonymity, said the newspaper "The Observer of Pakistan that he himself was present at the funeral and his face prior to burial in Tora Bora Before 10 days has seen. He says 30 of his al-Qaeda fighters were at the funeral in the process, and members of his family and some friends Taliban. In the farewell ceremony to the last rest were rifles in the air shot. The official said it would be difficult to the exact location of the tomb to be found because, according to tradition Wahhabitischer no gravestone marked this. He stressed that it would be unlikely that American soldiers have ever left a trail of Bin Laden would find. "

The Bin Laden was seriously ill and a constant dialysis treatment and needed to show various reports on hospital stays during his last year of life. So let himself Bin Laden from May 4 July 2001 with American Hospital in Dubai with life-saving measures and with a dialysis unit. (Guardian) During this treatment, he was from the local CIA-Chef at the hospital bed and visited one really friendly. Finally, Bin Laden was a CIA agent in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan and was under the code name "Tim Osman." Precisely one day before the 11th September 2001, Bin Laden to a military hospital in Rawalpindi Pakistan for a dialysis treatment. Pakistani soldiers guarded Bin Laden and replace the usual staff at the station with confidence (CBS).

Is it not interesting that calculated on the day when the largest terrorist attack against America took place has Bin Laden in custody of the Pakistani military was fit and in the week before and after the attacks, the intelligence chief of the Pakistani ISI Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed stayed in Washington and talks in the Pentagon with the National Security Council, then CIA Director Tenet, with people from the White House and with Marc Grossman, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, led. (Karachi news), this means that all parties knew where Bin Laden was, and if the Americans really think Bin Laden would have been Uhrheber of the attacks, then he would be defenseless, and they had him on the hospital bed immediately arrested. But it was nothing like. They let him again after his treatment go back to Afghanistan, where he died a few weeks later. This behavior proves for every normal thinking people, Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9 / 11 to do so and it further proves that they have it to the world public opinion as an organizer of terrorist attacks and surface in the media until today as a scapegoat. The whole is a huge lie.

On 17 September 2001, the TV station Al-Jazeera a message from Bin Laden in which he said he had with the attack of 11 September has nothing to do: "The United States government has continually accused me behind every attack against them. I want to assure the world that I did this last attack not planned, it looks as if it was made by other people for personal reasons, is scheduled. I live in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and follow the rules of the rulers there. The current Governing allows me not to execute such operations. " (CNN)

Another proof that Bin Laden nothing with 9 / 11 has to do is the message that Bin Laden has rented the plane, which the members of his family just a few days after the attacks in New York on 19 September 2001, in the whole of America collected and flown out of country. Although it is a total ban on all aircraft engines in the United States at that time had been expressly approved by the White House this flight. None of the family members of Bin Laden or the other's Saudi citizenship was questioned before the flight, checked and certainly not interrogated. The government claimed that 17 of the 19 alleged bombers coming from Saudi Arabia and as such it exactly want to leave the country and even to the Bin Laden family, they may disappear on high privilege of Bush with the plane leaving. (PDO).

On 12 September 2001 said the Ambassador of the Taliban in Afghanistan for Bin Laden: "If evidence presented to us, then we will consider this. About extradition, we must then talk. " (The Hindu) A few days later, the ambassador said: "Our position is that if America has proof, we are ready Bin Laden to court to hand this evidence." (CBS) Such evidence but were never provided by the U.S. government.

On 23 September 2001, the then American Colin Powell in a very specific tone that the government would soon be documents of the security forces post, which Schult of Bin Laden would prove. (Seattle) This evidence is but in the whole six years after the attacks and was never presented to the world is waiting until today are still out.

That is also the reason why the FBI did not because of the 11st September at the Fandungsliste. On why he did not demand because of 9 / 11, the FBI came to be looked for the answer: "We have no evidence that Bin Laden with 11 September has something to do. " See my article here. But they have no evidence, not only for its perpetrators, they also know that he is dead, why should they be looking for him.

Furthermore, it can not be that the biggest secret in the world, the CIA, NSA, etc., with all her resources and a huge budget of over 50 billion dollars per year and all the other friendly intelligence agencies in the world, and the whole American military with hundreds of thousands of soldiers every square meter of Afghanistan and have searched the whole spy whom a bounty of 25 million dollars has promised, since legendary 6 years are unable to find Bin Laden. It is not a total failure, or so the President would have long since been the intelligence and military leaders have fired because of incompetence and the services actually dissolve, and it is not because Bin Laden is so klever and well hidden, but they find him not simply because he is already dead for a long time and they know it.

As a little joke on the edge, $ 25 million may sound like a lot for Bin Laden, but for the transfer of baseball player Alex Rodriguez man paid $ 252 million in 2001.

The whole is only a theater and a drama to the world public to maintain an artificial villain. If he is officially declared dead, it breaks the whole house of cards and the reason for the "war on terror". You have no enemy more so they can fight for them to do anything, like wars, the citizens of the freedoms, the police state to introduce them huge budget guarantees and the whole arms companies a golden nose deserve it. The wars and the security measures are the largest business it is, in other words, the "terrorist" never stop, never be peace, they must accept the faith in this phantom for as long as possible to run.

Is it not also significant that President Bush in a press conference on 13th March 2002 to demand from journalists concerning Bin Laden said: "I do not know where he is. I do not spend much time with. To be honest, I have no interest in it ", so the search for him is not interested in him. (WH) It's also clear why, on a dead he has no idea and the real aim was also the attack on Iraq prepare this criminal war of aggression invented reasons (SPIN) to the American people to sell, although he himself admittedly, that neither Saddam Hussein with the 11th September had something to do, yet there is a link between Saddam and Bin Laden were. (BBC) Bin Laden and his alleged terrorist network Al-Qaeda will always be a suitable opportunity of Bush, Blair and the whole European politicians and the war sicherheitsgeil are fetched, if they have the people in fear and terror meet, if they a piece of us want to take away freedom. There is neither Bin Laden nor al-Qaeda.

Here are statements from people who also confirm that Bin Laden is dead:

The Pakistani President Musharraf: "I think Bin Laden is probably dead, because he was not continuously for his kidney disease could be treated." (CNN)

The Afghan President Karzai: "Osama Bin Laden is probably dead, but the former Taliban chief Mullah Omar is still living." (CNN)

The head of the anti-terrorist department at the FBI, Dale Watson, "I think Bin Laden is probably dead." (BBC)

The editorial director of the London Arab News Magazine says: "We have the last will of Bin Laden published, which was written in late 2001 and it shows he is already dead or dying." (CNN)

The Israeli secret service says: "We do not see Bin Laden as a threat, and he is not on our list" (Janes), and further "Bin Laden is probably in the military attack by the Americans in December 2001 in Afghanistan died. The emergence of new messages and images are likely Fabrizierungen. "

The CIA has on 3 In July 2006, according to New York Times announced that it has disbanded the department, which in the search for Bin Laden was charged. The mission of the unit with the name "Alec station" was finished last year and the new agent in the anti-terrorist tasks assigned to fight.

Wrong Bin Laden video:
There are in the last years of the video appeared to show Bin Laden, but all are of experts has been unmasked as forgeries. You have no expert to immediately compared to see here is an actor imitating the Bin Laden. These videos always appear just when the American public from important decision. So, three days before the presidential elections on 30 In October 2004 as a video. (BBC) Who has most of the fake Bin Laden terror embassy in the elections and the voters profitier in fear promoted? Bush of course, he was elected!

Links We see the real Bin Laden and right the wrong, in the videos shown since 2002. The difference is so obvious that it needs no further comment.

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