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The next Bilderberg Conference

In a few days, 31 May-3 In June this year, the meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Istanbul. At this meeting again selected group bosses, politicians, military and security leaders and the media charge their commands from the elite, the secret government in the world, and then pick up at home to implement requirements. Known were already longer the date and location of the conference, so that the devils their free calendar and book the flight. But what the participants until a week earlier communicated get to where exactly it will take place. This Turkish colleagues have figured out and it is now known, the Bilderberg Conference will be held in Hotel Riz-Carlton Istanbul. The entire hotel complex is exclusively reserved for Bilderberg. Try it once a room for the above-mentioned time here to book and they will see it's not all occupied. A strong indication that it is the right place this private event, but what of the CIA and local security forces at the expense of taxpayers with enormous effort will be hermetically sealed off.

Although the full list of participants for the 2007 Bilderberg meetings leaked, such as kings Beatrix, Etienne Davignon and Henry Kissinger (Führungskommitee), and Jose M. Barroso, President of the European Commission, Franco Bernabé, Vice Rothschild Bank of Europe, Nicolas Beytout, chief editor of Le Figaro, Hubert Burda, publisher, Philippe Camus, EADS CEO, George A. David, chief Coca-Cola, Agnelli scion Lapo Elkann, Fiat vice chief, Timothy F. Geithner, President Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Paul A. Gigot, editor, The Wall Street Journal, chief E. Graham The Washington Post, Jaap G. de Hoop Scheffer, Secretary General of NATO, Josef Joffe, chief Die Zeit, John Kerr of Kinlochard, Deputy Chief Royal Dutch Shell, Jean-Claude Trichet , head of the European Central Bank, David Rockefeller (Globalist and chief architect of the New World Order), Juergen E. Schrempp, former head of DaimlerChrysler AG and architect of the World AG, Robert B. Zoellick, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States, Klaus Zumwinkel, head of Deutsche Post AG and many more .... It will be interesting to whether persons who have brought disgrace, like John Brown, head of BP, and Paul Wolfowitz, head of the World Bank will be. The images Bergs have no problem, the biggest criminals in the world in their ranks, as long as they commit acts in the dark. Are they leaked out, and in the spotlight, then it dropped like a hot potato, like the head of the Hollinger media, Lord Conrad Black happens. But what is most surprising is the participation of Mahmood Sariolghalam, professor of foreign policy at the University of Tehran. What makes a Iranians at a meeting of the world's elite government and NATO? We will know after the conference.

Latest News 30.5. Zoellick is a new World Bank head of Bush has been (Yahoo)

What Bilderberg will discuss and decide? Of course, the main topic, such as the globalization and the New World Order can be helped, and then the debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan, and probably the accession of Turkey to the EU, because the host country. Furthermore, the successor to Blair, Gordon Brown again pointed out at last in Gross Britain adopt the euro.

But what is most urgently so from the perspective of the elite, the energy problems of the world, oil, gas, non-renewable energy will soon be exhausted. On the one hand, reduced the offer steadily through the drying up of sources, but the demand is increasing rapidly in countries like India and China, even as we in the West want to live. What is quite certain that the oil price situation is massively in the amount of drift, which is a guarantee of wars and conflicts will be if all the remaining resources by all means under the nail breaks. The end of oil means the end of the world financial system, which is the Bilderberg media such as The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times announced. The images Berger therefore have an oil price for August 7 of up to $ 150 predicted. Yes, we remember all day at the gas station as expensive gasoline.

No wonder that Jose Barroso, a few months ago at the unveiling of the new European energy policy, the "new industrial revolution" has announced. Around the world in a new industrial revolution that will bring us told, we must have the primary energy by 30% and reduce we must focus on alternative energy sources like windmills change. That sounds innocuous and do everything the unsuspecting ears and Weltrettern, an idealized dream world which is totally unrealistic wish. The consequence of these "alternative" policy is but really, you have the need to drastically reduce energy, we need huge cuts in our lives stalk accept the basis of the world economy is so damaged and there is a new world recession. This means, as then in the 20s, a capital transfer from the bottom to the top. It is the objective of the elite, if the mass of poor people again, they can no longer driving, flying, in the supermarket and they do not consume more. All of this saves the important commodity of oil, which is much too bad is for private consumption to evaporates, but urgent for the economy and more importantly for the military is needed. Without oil does the military machine any more. Therefore, we reserve the tale of the CO2 as a climate killer told. We will be prepared with a bad conscience to consume less oil, we restrict the individual transport up virtually in the Stone Age return so more for the elite left. Therefore, the policy of world population drastically reduced so that more resources. The elite has realized that the world's population has returned to the stand back from approximately 2 billion, as against the Major. Is it not so ridiculous that tells us we should abandon the car and onto a bike change at the same time happens in China and India, exactly the opposite, they give the bike and all want a car. Yes, there are in China per day over 20,000 newly registered cars (WO).

The United States will be compelled to Russia and China to confront for the total control of the remaining Öl-Ressourcen, which are mainly in the Middle East. Therefore an early war against Iran, the last hope of the United States is a big part of the Energiekuchens secure. Although France, Russia, Japan and China is very much in Iran have invested and thus the United States have to understand that there is a line which should not be transgressed, and an attack on Iran is totally unacceptable, the American regime a desperate maneuvers corner from which it according to his own faith only by an offensive forward and not a retreat out. It looks very much like an extension of the conflict in the Middle East, so the abel a large armada of US-Schiffen off the coast of Iran. The raid of Lebanon by Israel last summer was almost like a trial run (in the pants went) to Syria and Iran to provoke. Certainly, the United States wants all rich either through blackmail and coercion to get their side, as in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates and Libya successfully practiced or if that does not work, by knall hard military power with aggressive wars, bombs, soldiers and occupation of the country as in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Bilderberg-controlled media tell us naturally have any fairy tale about how angry these countries are, and threats, and then there is the farce of the "war against terrorism" actually a war against our freedoms. The conflict in Sudan is just a hidden oil between the United States and China, which is sold with lies. The question is how will the other world powers to deal with? Will they stand idly or America? Russia and China have enough money in the war chest to defend them. It goes on all sides for survival and we are highly poker. What Bilderberg to all those listed above topics will decide, we will then randomly or by the acts which will follow. Officially, they tell us nothing sure, as always, because everything takes place under the exclusion of the public in secret.

We as a society have arrived at a crossroads. Everywhere on the planet, the joints apart. The way we decide now is compelling, the future of mankind. As the former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said: "The world is very different from how one governs itself and the only imagine what the behind the scenes can recognize who that is." It is not up to a higher power to prevent back in a dark Middle Ages to go, but it is our responsibility alone. We decide whether we are in a global police state as slaves, one of the undemocratic elite governs the permanent wars, or as a free people in separate democracies want to live in peace. It is up to our actions now. We are forewarned. We must wake up to the politicians, the corporate bosses and the media to account, their sinister machinations and secret plans for the world reveal, in which we ask the right questions and the truth than answers.

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