среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

More mercenaries in Iraq as U.S. soldiers

The number of private mercenaries and employees on the payroll in the USA, is higher than the number of U.S. troops in Iraq. Just as the global corporations fool, and the Bush government of the war outsourced to subcontractors. More than 180,000 civilians, Americans and Iraqis are working in Iraq for the US government. In comparison, there are troops after the recent increase 160,000 soldiers and several thousand U.S. government officials in Iraq.

The total number of private contractors is much higher than previously reported and it is how the Bush government focus on private companies to use the occupation of Iraq to be implemented. "The numbers are high," says a professor Peter Singer of the Brookings Institute on the military subcontractor wrote. "It shows better than anything else that we have too few troops in Iraq are gone. This is not a coalition of the willing, it is the coalition of the bought. "The number consists of 21,000 Americans, 43,000 foreigners and Iraqis 118'000 all of the American government paid.

This fits the message that so far about 1,000 private contractors in Iraq were killed. More 13,000 of them have been wounded. The official number of U.S. soldiers fallen so far amounts to 3'577 in Iraq and 342 in Afghanistan.

According to leaked reports, but the actual number of American soldiers killed much higher. There will be over 20,000 dead and 60,000 injured. The reason for the difference in numbers lies in the way the U.S. military captured the dead. In the official statistics will favor only the soldiers in the field in fighting die. All of the soldiers seriously injured and later during the transportation, emergency, in the hospital or after weeks in the dying Rehabilitationsspitälern are not counted. And anyway, only U.S. citizen counted.

It is so, the US army is about 1 / 3 from foreigners, mainly from Latin America, which is the US Citizenship and money on the service promises and thereby attracts. Only when these non-Americans to die in combat, they will simply verschart in Iraq and they are not in favor statistics. Who should they miss? An incredible act of hidden. Ever, President Bush gave the command, that the dead U.S. soldiers under penalty nothing can be reported. There must be no photographs or film footage of the corpses, coffins and the funerals are not made. It is obvious that the American people have the terrible consequences of the war criminal should not see.

Incidentally, what is not reported is the fact that since the war began in 2003 about 10,000 U.S. soldiers deserted!

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