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Economic killer or how to a country I

Many believe George W. Bush was the problem, but he is not alone. It is actually much deeper than just who governs, which party the president is or who the majority in Congress. It is the group of people who lead the major corporations and the politicians are, they are the real problem. You could call them plutocrats, the richest all the power in their hands, but the correct term for this group or better as they exercise control means in English or German Corpocracy Group dictators with its Group dictatorship, a form of government which exclusively by, of and for multinational corporations will be made. Therefore, in which only one other person in the government chooses, changes nothing. You have to go even deeper.

If you look at the history of the world, you have to conclude that America since 2 WK has built an empire and when it sees exactly then America the first truly global empire. It is the first in the history of the world and it is the first which is not justified by military conquest, at least for the most part, created. It was conquered by the economy, just taken by so-called economic killer. A killer is on Neudeutsch a contract killer. So, when I speak of Wirtschaftskillern, then it describes an economic adviser to the job as a murderer in a country will be sent. Want to kill a man, although at the end often does happen, but to the country's economy on course to the client. Another description of this would Economic Hit Men or economic contract killers. The military is in the background as a threat since, and is ready, willing for the case when the economy Killer fail. But the empire was mainly economic. What also unique in the history of the world, the first world empire has no emperor. This was replaced by dictators Group, a small group of the world's largest corporations manage. These control the US government and all major world governments. They are the replacement for the emperor, and they control everything, no matter whether Democrats or Republicans in the White House, or what other parties in the parliament to govern. They always have all the power and control. Certainly, some things can change depending on the party, but as far as the structure of the empire, it grows unchanged no matter who is at the helm.

How do the economic Killer? Most of the first country in the 3rd World showing what interesting resources, the large corporations which want to have happy, like oil, for example. Then for the country a huge loan arranged by organizations such as the World Bank. But this is not a loan to the country, but to the large corporations and so they build gigantic infrastructure projects, such as power plants, ports, roads, highways, industrial parks, all the things that only the rich had benefited from the country, where the group dictators cooperate. There is the poor little. The country then has a huge debt mountain in the neck, so big that it can never repay. Then come the economic killer and say the government, you can your debt and interest not paid, so you need something to separate, as raw materials, sovereignty and freedom. You have your oil for our companies to sell cheap, or you need in the next UN vote important for us to choose or have their troops to support anywhere in the world to send etc. So, the American empire. Sometimes, this method failed, not often, but if it happened then came the jackals, the contract killer of the CIA, the military, Special Forces and many other secret operations US-Dienste into the game and took over the job. The jackals topple governments, as recently in 2002, the attempt Hugo Chavez in Venezuela going to be, or they assassinate the president of a country, for example Roldos Aguilera 1981 in Ecuador and Omar Torrijos in the same year in Panama. Only if the jackals it is not, then the U.S. military, and done the dirty work. That happened with Noriega in Panama, or with Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The early 70s were the OPEC countries is very outraged about how the West and the United States, the aggressive policy of Israel against the Palestinians and the Arab neighbors unreservedly supported. So OPEC oil as a means of pressure to create a policy change in the West. We recall the empty highways, the car-free Sundays, and the long queues at the petrol stations. The West was scared by the oil shortage would enter a recession. Therefore won the American Finance Ministry's economic killer and says to them, we can no longer accept that OPEC us to ransom. My boys have to think of something to you, create a plan so that this never happens again. The economic killer knew this plan had the most important member of OPEC, Saudi Arabia, included because it had more oil than all the others. And they knew that the Saudi royal family is corrupt and incorruptible. So they made a contract with them. The Saudis have had all revenue from the oil back into the US economy pumps and American government bonds purchased. The interest from these bonds were used to billions of dollars to the large corporations to pay for huge infrastructure projects, such as petrochemical plants, desalination plants, ports, pipelines and even entire cities were gestapft out of the ground, and then of course followed by all other icon of the US the economy, like McDonalds what the American Way of Life. The Saudis also agreed to the oil price in a reasonable for the oil companies to keep bandwidth. And most importantly, the sensation of view, they committed themselves forever its oil only against U.S. dollar for sale and is not in any other currency.

This all happened at the beginning of the 70'ies years, especially after the decoupling of the dollar from the gold standard, because the United States was actually bankrupt because of the race to the moon, Vietnam War and because of the arms race with the Soviet Union. The United States had its debt no longer pay and the promise of gold dollar against individuals no longer abide. Therefore, Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. The United States was suddenly in this situation, who would after the decoupling of gold a dollar in the world economy? A big problem for the United States. But with the new agreement with Saudi Arabia was the dollar to Ölstandart virtually tied. You could only buy oil in which one dollar. This was, of course, very important for the American economy, because they were thus the only country which got the oil for free. Because the United States had only US dollars notes on paper, but all the other countries of the world had something to produce and export to earn dollars to pay for their oil. What a deal to get oil for free! This was obviously a brilliant move and incredible economic Killer and much to the advantage for the US economy and for the Group dictators. In return, the United States' only 'promise to the Saudi royal family forever in power to hold and protect. It was an incredible contract, the business of the century, it was of historic significance, and very far-reaching. And it has kept to this day.

Of course, there were disadvantages of this century treaty. These were what the CIA calls Blowbacks unwanted consequences. How, for example, the whole influence of the US and western culture on the economy and the Saudi company was by all Muslims all over the world as aggression against Islam understood. They saw how the country Saudi Arabia, which as the guardian of Islamic tradition and the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, of decadent, immoral, Gotteslästernder western culture undermines and destroys. They were really very angry and angepisst so. It later emerged the radical Islamism and there were all representatives of this ideology was born, like Bin Laden, which will be the fight against the West as a counter-reaction-runners and all the known problems we have today cause. But the group dictators were overjoyed with the outcome and the economic killer had in their eyes a great job.

So the group decided dictators something similar would also accept Saddam Hussein. Now you know, Saddam was a long, very long time CIA agent, as a student. The President of Iraq, Qassim Abdul Qasim, 1958 to 1963, was very "revolutionary" idea that the Iraqi oil should Irakischem good people. As for us normal and reasonable sound, but was an effrontery for the Group dictators and they heard the not happy. He rose higher taxes from the oil companies and threatened them with nationalization. With these additional revenues were actually a lot of new projects in Iraq permits, as a health system, pensions and a good school system, it was the people really good. The group's dictators but decided Qasim has gone. The CIA sent an assassination command in Iraq, and they pierced the car of Qasim with bullets in the streets of Baghdad, but they are misguided him. The head of this gang murder was wounded and fled to Syria. His name was Saddam Hussein. He was agent and contract killer for the CIA. After his failure, the CIA sent another team, and they supported the Baathists in the overthrow of Qasim in February 1963, in which more than 5,000 communists and Qasim followers were killed. They made Saddam's relatives to the president and Saddam became vice president and the national security. He was a son and pupil of the CIA and under the control of Group dictators. When he later became president, he sold everything, tanks, combat aircraft, weapons of all kinds, factories, refineries, nuclear and poison gas, and they support him in the war against Iran. They decided that Saddam would have the same contract as with the Saudis to accept the so successful. Because the group wanted to dictators all over the Middle East and control the oil there, because it mainly to Europe, Japan and China. And when the group dictators controlled this source, then controlled the largest potential competitors and rivals in the world. It was very important to do so.

There were economic killers into Iraq, and Saddam used. But he has not given. He was probably her boy, but he has not played the game. Had he made it, he would still be president. But he has refused, because it is essentially a nationalist and patriot. Also, the jackals sent to him on Monday. But they managed it is not because his security was good. He had many doubles. You have to know the standard method such as the CIA assassinated President, in which one of the bodyguards of this commitment. Finally, nobody else so close to the target person ran with a gun in his hand. But in the case of Saddam, he was their boy, he knew the CIA methods, so he was prepared, he knew he had to protect itself. One of these methods was by doubles, and by the use loyal near relatives in the neighborhood. Only when the Bodyguard not know whom you are protected and thus the double murder, that is the most stupid what they can do. The life expectancy of the person, his whole family would be very short. They could not handle it and therefore was triggered Plan C, and the U.S. military deployment came in 1991 with the first Iraq war. But also because it has not fully done. They have him in power left because the group dictators such strong leader like that are what the people and the neighboring states can keep under control. They thought that if we only punish him and destroy his army, he will have to sign the contract. Also, the economic killer back on him in the 90gern and made him the offer. But they managed it again to convince him not. Also, the military had to intervene again and this is the reason for the war in 2003. What I have not mentioned here are the reasons you made the world public opinion has presented to the two wars "officially" be justified. This is a totally different story. Had Saddam accepted the treaty, just as the Saudis, with oil prices loyalty, selling only against US dollars, he would still live and govern. It would have given him everything and built. Now the stuff but also built under a different regime. These are the real reasons for the entire war. If it is exactly the Iraq takes a classic example of what happens when the economy's killer and the jackals fail in their work. Then, the military and invade the dirty work.

The group's dictators have the real power on the world from around the world to establish empire (globalization), and determine what the governments and therefore the politicians as puppets do or to lose. To its consolidated worldwide dictatorship enforce them stand next to a lot of money, three resources available. The first is the economic killer try with the temptations one (sugar bread) and threats on the other side (whip), or the governments in power on line to bring them their land, in principle, betray and exploit. If that does not work, the jackals sent to the government or the leader said Monday. And if all this is still not working, the whole gigantic military machinery available and then, the country simply flat. As the group dictators can stay and how to compel a change, I will be in a later essay describing:
Economic Killer II: The change in South America
It is indeed possible and I want to get this positive Vorrauschau end.

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