среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

E-Voting-largest threat to democracy!

As a teacher with 30 years of experience in computer science, I can only alert you and the great danger out with any sort of electronic connected. With such a method disappears every vote in a machine, a "black hole", and no one can verify whether the number will be displayed really true. The electronic voting has no paper receipt and therefore did not follow the evidence and can be re-scored. To go secret and democratic elections before the dogs. The voters must know. With the election computers and elections via SMS and the Internet, we have no choice: it wins, who are the best computer to manipulate understands. Whoever claims that this new type of method is safe, has no idea of what is technically possible distortion, or will the people have deliberately stupid, and is itself the manipulator. The United States is already there, and that has a very bad experience with e-voting, because many votes by software error, technical malfunctions or by criminal acts were falsified. There is a big movement in the new nation, the return to good practices with ballot. Why make the same mistake here? Quote of the dictator Stalin: "Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. " In this case it is the programmer of choice of the computer decides everything. E-voting is the greatest threat to democracy and should never even be introduced, and the aforementioned advantages of the proponents for simplicity, cost savings, or to reach the youth, is no relation to the disadvantages. The traditional election with ballots is the safest method. Furthermore, the voters should have such a system change, with the advantages and disadvantages, only enlightened times, and take a vote. A silent and clandestine introduction of e-voting should all Democrats ears.

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